LOFT Ventana Shirt, size XSP

Hi, I'm Jess.

I live and work in the greater Boston area with my instagram husband who helps me out with my photos. I'm a huge fan of LOFT so if you're also LOFT obsessed then I'm your girl!

I started sharing LOFT fitting room reviews after I received the dreaded 90 day return ban twice (hangs head in shame) back in 2013. At the time I mainly shopped online and I would return a lot of products that did not work out. It's frustrating to shop online and order the right size off the bat due to vanity sizing and inconsistent sizing.

 LOFT Striped Off The Shoulder Top, size XXSP

To date, LOFT still has not changed their return policy for scanning IDs with legitimate returns in order to deter excessive returns. Note: they are more likely to scan in-store purchases and returns versus online purchases and returns. While I was disappointed and discouraged by the temporary return ban (it was a long 3 months each time!) I still genuinely love their clothing. I turned my negative experience into a positive one by sharing my fitting room reviews online. All opinions are my own and I try my best to keep it honest and welcome other opinions via comments.

I now frequent my local stores more often and I know many of the associates by name. I also had the honor and pleasure of doing a Instagram takeover for LOFT-- hooray for my 24 hours of insta-fame!

 LOFT Shell Flounce Sweater, size XS regular (c/o)

Fitting room reviews are a huge part of my online shopping process and they are as much for my own benefit as well as my loyal followers who also have a difficult time deciding between sizes. Occasionally I share gems from other brands but I do a majority of my shopping at LOFT and Ann Taylor because they fit me best. I enjoy sharing my favorite finds and a good sale. My personal style is simple (less is more) and comfy casual.

I'm striving to be more selective about the things I buy and keep and I periodically cull my closet to keep it manageable. Check out my Poshmark to shop my closet. In fact I recently sold the below dress to a similar sized follower of mine on Poshmark.

 Ann Taylor Striped Fluted Poplin Sleeve Shirtdress, size XXSP

I would love it if you followed me via the social channels below. I'm most active on Instagram and I always share the latest change in sales promotions via my Instagram stories for the most avid shoppers.

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