Kinder Happy Hippo Chocolates

Hazelnut 5 pack ($6 at Market on the Square)
Hazelnut flavor comes with white chocolate sprinkles
Cocoa 50 pack from Amazon (shipment arrived in 2 days!)

I came across these adorable snacks a few weeks ago in the Market on the Square where you can find all sorts of imported snacks and goodies. (FYI- they were sold out as of last week in store). I also remember seeing them in a post on Cocobella Ballerina‘s blog when she moved to Germany.

Every time I go back to PA to visit my family I try to bring back something cute to share (the last time I visited I brought back a cute standing fish rice scoop that I found at Black Ink). We all agreed the hazelnut flavor was too sweet so I ordered a 50 pack of the coca flavor (10 packs, 5 pieces each) on Amazon to share with the rest of the family and friends. I personally prefer the cocoa flavor. These remind me of Ferrero Rocher chocolates only bigger and hippo shaped.

Give them a try… your stomach will thank you. 🙂


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