• Dessert at Blue Asia Cafe – You should try their Eight Treasures shaved ice. In my opinion, they have the best bubble tea around town. The boba is always perfectly chewy. I wish I knew how to make their pudding.
  • Soft tofu jigae and beef bulgogi at Kaju Tofu (newly opened).
  • Hot pot buffet (in Boston Chinatown) – I’ve never eaten so much meat in one sitting!
  • Frozen yogurt at Mixx – I prefer the self-service model when eating ice cream and frozen yogurt. They have fun, fresh toppings. The Thai iced tea flavor is my favorite flavor because it isn’t too tart (when compared to Pinkberry).
  • Toasted Ravioli’s at Donohue’s – ‘Toasted to perfection’ with just the right amount of crunch. The ricotta cheese inside is heavenly.
  • Johnny Rockets – We stopped by Johnny Rockets after shopping for a replacement for the bracelet I lost on Monday. I love ketchup smiley faces.
  • Discovering Max Brenner – I’ve passed this restaurant so many times but I finally tried it out with a friend last night. I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered and their B.A.L.T is amazing! I’m a huge fan of anything with generous helpings of avocado. I had serious food envy watching dishes come out to the tables all around me.
  • Homemade sponge cake for a friend’s birthday – My friend’s mom is a great cook and she isn’t afraid to experiment in the kitchen.
  • Having breakfast for dinner and trying out an easy new recipe for egg cups.
  • Pretty purple flowers – I love the displays at Chestnut Hill Mall. If you hate crowds then you should try this mall since it generally has less foot traffic. The Banana Republic Women’s store is my favorite place to shop because it has a good petite’s selection. This mall also has the only Bloomingdale’s in Massachusetts (the Bloomingdale’s Outlet in Wrentham doesn’t count).
Shaved ice @ Blue Asia Cafe
Kaju Tofu in Allston
Kaju Tofu menu
All-you-can-eat Hot Pot Buffet
Bubble tea with boba & pudding
Frozen yogurt @ Mixx
Toasted ravioli @ Donohue’s
Johnny Rockets
Choco pop hot chocolate
Homemade sponge cake
Baked egg cups
Flowers @ Chestnut Hill Mall

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