Kinder Bueno

I came across a stash of Kinder Buenos during checkout today at the Market on the Square

Don’t they look a bit like large Kit Kats? 

The Kinder Bueno has a creamy hazelnut filling just like the Happy Hippos I found in March. However, they’re not too sweet because the wafers are covered with milk chocolate. I like how they were double packaged to ensure freshness and crunchiness. I’ll probably order more via Amazon because they were pricey in store that I only bought one pack to try. I prefer the Kinder Bueno to  the hazelnut flavored Hippos (where I
ate half and did not want to finish the rest). If you want to try the
Hippos I recommend the chocolate flavor over the hazelnut cream.

I leave you with some food for thought (a great post from a beautiful blogger who shares her love for food and all things yummy). Her post made me feel like less of a horrible person for eating chocolate so late at night although I did share the other stick with the boyfriend. I chased down my late night chocolate indulgence with some fresh cut orange slices so maybe this balances out the bad. 🙂
Note: The Market on the Square also stocked up on the Happy Hippos in case you’re local and want to try them.


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