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July 10, 2012

Chasing My Shadow

I feel like I've been chasing my shadow lately. Actually I just had a rough time transitioning from the last day of the fiscal year into my "vacation." During the month of June I was constantly running to and from places, making to-do lists (that I never quite finished) and I even managed to run out the door with my dress on backwards.

Last week, I was on vacation visiting my family in PA. In the tradition of bringing something home, I bought my mom this cute solar powered toy.

It's so kawaii that I think I may need one for myself. Sadly, my very first Nohonhon died a very painful death in the back of my car. First, it contracted sun burn from the dangerous UV rays and then it was swiftly beheaded in an epic car detailing. I barely drive my car so I figure I don't need to clean it as often (I may need to rethink this theory).

One of the prettiest things I saw this time around was this beautiful doe. I saw her two days in a row in the nearby woods. The second day we sighted it I tried to pick it up and was promptly rejected. Things also took a downward spiral from this point forth. :(

By Sunday night I realized that I caught a cold. I had the chills despite the hot weather (100+ degrees Farenheit). Armed with some extra strength Tylenol to fight my newly acquired germs, nose friendly tissues, and warm socks I proceeded to make myself as publicly unacceptable as possible for the next few days (of course my family loves me no matter what I wear). I managed to fill up two trash cans with my tissues and acquired a pitiful raspy voice that had everyone feeling sorry for me.

A few days into my "cold",  I had an epiphany courtesy of mom and we realized that I was now suffering from allergies (even though it's no longer spring) and Benadryl quickly became my new best friend. I milked a lot of trips to this frozen yogurt place, my mom spoiled me and stocked up on my favorite ice cream (Mochi Mochi) and my sister shared what is now my new favorite green tea gelato. Since I was still not 100% by July 4th, my mom also spoiled me with some of my favorite foods for dinner:

I did manage to go to the mall (because a shopaholic's vacation is never complete without some shopping) and I got this mint H&M dress (kind of see through) and Longchamp Balzane bag (on sale at Bloomingdale's for 50% off):

I hope everyone had a good time getting wrinkly at the beach while I hugged my (thunder) buddy.

Here are some obligatory outfit pictures that I took from Instagram between my last post and this post:

Have a great week and stay cool!



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