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For those of you that enjoy eye candy, I’ve got an entire backlog of OOTDs to share with you below. I’ve been nurturing my Instagram account while giving minimal attention to my blog. Okay that isn’t true (I’ve been keeping an eye on my blog) but I’ve been very busy with work and enjoying the summer.
















Quick blog-related update: I recently created a Pinterest specific board for my outfit of the days. (You might also be interested in my shopping hits and misses.)

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Random observation: When I reviewed my OOTD posts, it appears that one of the bags that I carry a lot is an old favorite that I rediscovered. I’d been looking around for a new bag for some time but I’m so glad that this one is so versatile and classic. I purchased the Gucci Abbey tote in 2007 and it was the ‘It bag’ for me in college so it’s only fitting that it was the first ‘luxury’ bag I purchased with my own money. I take really good care of my things so there is minimal wear/stains 5 years later and I think it still suits my own personal style. 🙂

#Rediscovering an old favorite: #Closeup of #Gucci Abbey tote. Purchased in 2007.


  1. Lisa
    August 5, 2012 / 10:53 pm

    i love your outfits jess!!!! you're always so effortlessly chic!! i wish i could be more like you haha.. i especially love when you mix stripes and polka dots 🙂 are you referring to my blog shop?? that's actually a really good idea 🙂 i will put that on my to do list!

    • what.jess.wore
      August 6, 2012 / 12:44 am

      Thanks so much Lisa! It means a lot coming from you since you have your own luxe sense of style and a killer closet (and oh the shoes, bags and jewelry)… My closet is like a war zone (have way too much stuff and need to de-clutter). I'm still stuck on the 'I think I'd wear that' but never do mode. We considered re-doing our closet but at this point it's not the space that's the problem.I'm in the process of divorcing my shop from my blog. It shouldn't be too bad since I only have 6 things that I need to move there out of all the things I listed originally.

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