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November 11, 2012

My picks from the Banana Republic Friends & Family Event

I purchased a few items for myself (and two shirts for my fiance) at the recent Friends & Family event at Banana Republic (50% off 5 things). One of the perks of being a Luxe cardholder is that you get more opportunities to spend your money at Banana Republic. I say this lovingly though because I really like how Banana Republic fits on me and my significant other. :)

Annie found some really good picks too. She scored this pretty sheath dress that's I've been lusting over online. Unfortunately it was not at the store I stopped by for me to try on and I can't decide if I should order it online for 35% off.

Banana Republic Lace-front sweater, Bella silk square scarf, Abby flats
The whole outfit together:
Lace-front sweater
Bella silk square scarf
Abby flats
Banana Republic Lace-front sweater, sz PS (product no. 195927)
Lace-front sweater, size Petite S (product no. 195927)
I usually wear PXS but it was tiny so I went up a size.
Banana Republic Bella Silk Square Scarf in Tan (product no. 232951)
Bella Silk Square Scarf in tan (product no. 232951)
See it here on me in navy
Banana Republic Abby flat, sz 7 (product no. 230422)
Abby flats, size 7 (product no. 230422)
Possibly the comfiest flats. They feel like slippers.
See it here on me in black and flame red.
I ended up returning the red pair because I prefer neutrals.



  1. Sheila1:23 AM

    Lovely picks Jess!! I unfortunately decided not to partake in the F&F event... I am trying to be good. :( lol! But I do love the benefits of being a Luxe cardholder! Free shipping all the time is the best! ;)

    xo - Sheila

  2. Thanks so much Sheila! I love free shipping too! FYI. I know why your comments are not showing up. The mobile template is not compatible with Disqus. lol

  3. Jennifer Villamor1:55 AM

    I like your top. I hope you don't mind if I tag you in the liebster award.

    Thank you.

  4. Great picks Jess! Will def have to check out that lace top...I've been trying to stay away from anymore lace items :D I hope you find that dress!

  5. Thanks Annie! It'll be my winter version of our favorite F21 lace top. hehe

    It looks amazing on you! I attempted to squeeze into a size P00 of one of the dresses you tried on and there was so much extra material that bunched in a strange way at the hips. Very odd. I'm definitely a P0 at BR. lol

  6. Thanks Jennifer! :)

    I'll see if I get around to answering the questions in it. However, it reminds me of a blog version of a chain mail. hehe

  7. My fave is the lace top! Any other colors?

  8. Thanks Lisa! It also came in black... :) If you need this in petites they appear to be sold out online (or maybe it was never available) but I saw it in store in the petites section.

  9. Thanks girl! Is the material thick or thin? See through?



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