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February 28, 2013

New Dress Form & Zara Spring Haul

Zara Coat With Gathering On The Shoulder (Ref. 5274/043)
Gratuitous display of a new coat on my new dress form
Zara coat with gathering on the shoulder (Ref. 5274/043), sz XS
J.Crew Factory Multistrand Dotted Pearl Necklace (old)

It certainly took me long enough but I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the dress form that Annie recommended from PB Teen. It's actually the same one that she bought a while back so please check out her blog post as well in case I've missed any details. She was sweet enough to share a 15% off promotion code that she wasn't using and I had a $100 gift card so I only had to shell out an additional $80.

The dress form came in a huge box and it was carefully packaged inside. It arrived in three pieces so the assembly was very easy. You will need to secure the base to the body and the knob on top of the neck piece. No tools are required so I was able to put it together by myself (the box is huge so my fiance brought it upstairs during his lunch break but he wasn't there when I got home). Unlike Annie's experience I had no complaints about the condition of the one I received. The dress form has little gray marks on the white finish for a shabby chic feel. Overall I'm really excited that I have something nice that I can use to display my clothes.

A big package The unboxing My new dress form

Next up is my recent Zara haul. For some reason their spring and summer pieces really speak to me even though I don't shop at Zara much during the fall/winter.

Below are the items that are in my 'yes' pile:

(Thoughts and intervention are always welcome.)

Zara Coat With Gathering On The Shoulder (Ref. 5274/043)
Zara coat with gathering on the shoulder (Ref. 5274/043), sz XS

This coral coat has a slightly more feminine cut and fit than my crewcuts bow coat which is straight up and down since it's meant for a child. They're both similar in weight so it's light jacket perfect for spring/fall. The sleeves are 24" long which is a good sleeve length for me and the shoulders measure approximately 13 3/4". It wasn't as easy to measure the shoulders due to the gathering on the shoulders combined with the light shoulder pads.

Look 1 Zara Cotton Blazer (Ref. 2382/761)
Zara top with contrasting piping (Ref. 2507/041), sz XS (see another view here)
Zara cotton blazer (Ref. 2382/761), sz XS (see another view here)
When I first laid my eyes on this blazer in real life I couldn't help but notice how large the lapels were. However, once I tried it on I think it drapes rather nicely on the body. I also wasn't sure about the buttons which look like brushed stainless steel but they seem to work with the style. The sleeves measure 23 1/2" and the shoulders measure approximately 14". I had a slightly difficult time trying on the contrast black and white top (in the picture above on left) because the opening for your head is on the smaller side. It's white so if you get makeup on it then it's game over. I think it would have helped if there was a zipper in the back. I am definitely thinking about returning the top for this reason.

Zara combination jacket with zips (Ref. 2282/852)
Zara combination jacket with zips (Ref. 2282/852), sz XS (see another view here)
As seen on Anh of 9to5chic.com
I saw this tweed jacket online and totally had grabby hands for it. Then I saw it on Anh a few days ago and I definitely had to try it on in store. The sleeves on size XS measure 21 1/4" so they're bracelet length sleeves on me. This seems to be as intended/designed based on where the sleeves hit the model in the stock image. The shoulders measure approximately 13 1/2".

Here are the items I returned right away:

Look 3
Zara fantasy diamond top (Ref. 7521/724), sz XS
The beading on this top was very pretty but it was way too sheer. I think some people don't mind their bras (and belly buttons) peeking through but this top is definitely not within my comfort zone.

Zara floral lace top (Ref. 1639/050)
ZARA floral lace top (Ref. 1639/050), sz XS
I love lace so as soon as I saw this new arrival online I was a little click happy and received it in the mail the next day (I really love Zara's free shipping and prompt deliveries). The floral lace pattern is really adorable but unfortunately it was not a comfortable fit on me because it pulled at my arm/armpit when I moved around.
Zara boat neck striped sweater (Ref. 5747/164), sz  S

This striped sweater was too roomy so I took it right off. I should have known better and not ordered it to begin with.

Have a great weekend!

February 26, 2013

OOTD: Pearls and Polka Dots

Forever 21 Tie Back Polka Dot Tee, sz S
J.Crew Factory Multistrand Dotted Pearl Necklace (old)
LOFT denim leggings in rinse wash
Theory cardigan (old)
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

I know... way too much flash. I'm still learning how to use the camera so please bear with me.


I love pearls and polka dots and posted this outfit on Instagram yesterday. It's a plus that the back of the t-shirt also has a grosgrain bow. :)


February 25, 2013

Double Chartreuse

Crewcuts wool-cashmere bow coat, sz 12 (similar here)
Banana Republic grosgrain button cardigan (similar here)
Forever 21 Scalloped Lace Chiffon Top (pretty alternative)
Zara skirt (similar here)
Frenchi Dot tights (similar here)
Louboutin Simple 100 pumps
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet (available online in yellow gold)



I originally posted this outfit in the beginning of February on a day when it was warm enough to get away with wearing a light coat (as reviewed in this post). As stated in my previous post, I finally got a wireless remote for our camera and the difference between my iPhone pictures and these pictures are unbelievable. iPhone pictures are so much more forgiving in my opinion despite the lower quality.
When I was reviewing these pictures I felt the need to crop my head out go curl my eyelashes (or learn how to apply eyeliner and eye shadow) and buy some lipstick to make my lips stand out. I'm a complete makeup newbie. :( YouTube tutorials here I come! My bangs finally grew out so I think I need another haircut to clean up the layers. Spring is less than a month away so I really need to hit the gym to get toned too.

Have a great week!



February 21, 2013

Bird it's cold... Is it spring yet?

Swan River {Photo courtesy of my little sister}
Birds on ice {Photo courtesy of my little sister}
Lately the chilly days have me daydreaming about moving to a warmer climate and eating shaved ice all day long. I keep checking the extended forecast even though I know it's about as reliable as asking me for directions (I have no sense of direction). In the meantime I'm content to add some basic spring/summer pieces to my wardrobe. Think warm thoughts!

Banana Republic Bold stripe top (Petite Small) & Gap 1969 legging skimmer jean (00 R)
Banana Republic bold strip top, in petite small (glad I sized up)
Gap 1969 legging skimmer jean, in san clemente blue, 00 regular

Gap 1969 legging skimmer jean - I ordered these in the regular length so that I could wear them in my normal inseam instead of ankle length as intended. San Clemente blue is a brighter wash even though the true color didn't come through in the poor lighting on my iPhone picture. There are currently two disparate reviews online to help you make up your mind about this wash (I am returning). One reviewer described the color as 'electric blue'. I also ordered a darker wash which had no stretch. Even though I thought they were the same style and size I couldn't zip up the darker pair which I liked more due to the subtle distressing. I would definitely size up if you get the darker, distressed pair.

Banana Republic Fran pleated skirt, 0 Petite
Banana Republic Fran pleated skirt, in 0 Petite
Banana Republic Fran pleated skirt - I need more skirts in my wardrobe since I've been wearing my trusty black Zara skirts to death. My wardrobe is in dire need of some color and the red is gorgeous but the pleats are a little strange because they don't go all the way around. What do you think? Is it a keeper?

Banana Republic Fran pleated skirt, 0 Petite

Old Navy Mixed Eyelet Dress in 0 P
Old Navy Mixed-Eyelet Dress, in 0 petite
Target Merona Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille
Old Navy Mixed-Eyelet Dress - I'm a sucker for eyelet prints and lately I have a thing for yellow. Unfortunately I think that 0 petite may be better suited on someone more petite than I am. It now comes in a total of 6 other colors (when I ordered it I think it only came in 3 colors). I'm thinking of sizing up and/or trying it out in some of the other colors.

I ordered a polka dot sheath dress in regular XS in the hopes that it would be petite friendly but alas that was not the case. It looked like a loose sack on me. I also ordered the jean jacket from Gap in petite XS but it was too big as well as boxy fit on me.
Target Merona Marguerte Espadrille
Target Merona Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille, in neutral size 7
Target Merona Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille - Yesterday I went to Target with my coworkers during our lunch break and came across these adorable wedges. It was helpful to try them on before purchasing since I wasn't sure if Target shoes ran true to size. I remember seeing these featured on Long Live Classy's Instagram made a visual bookmark and I'm so glad I did. They are comfy and I like them better than the neutral espadrilles I scored on sale in this post. The higher wedge heel is more flattering and leg lengthening. I hope the rubber soles don't come apart like some other espadrilles I've owned.

In other news, I received my wireless remote for our DSLR. Thanks to Annie for her helpful tips! Hopefully I'll be motivated to take nicer pictures going forward instead of subjecting you all to my horrible, dimly lit, grainy iPhone pictures and crowded hallway full of shoes. I'll save those for my Instagram account. :)

February 18, 2013

Long Weekend Update

Tulips from my love. Can't wait until they open up some more. :)
Tulips from my love

My fiance was still in Taiwan on Valentines Day but he is such a sweetheart and sent me a bouquet of tulips. I love tulips. Unfortunately, they appeared very limp and droopy from traveling without water but a lovely follower informed me about a trick to put a penny (copper) in the water. They actually looked a lot better the next morning after I trimmed the stems and added water as instructed but it was the penny trick that really helped to perk them up. The stems also felt firmer the next time I checked on them. (See the after penny effect here.) He also brought back a little Hello Kitty and some pineapple cakes.  I last went back to Taiwan in 2010 and I got a cute Alice Hello Kitty which is my all time favorite.

He's back! With presents. :D

My little sister and mom visited me in town this past weekend. They were supposed to come up last weekend but I'm so glad they didn't because of Nemo. We ate out a lot in the span of two days frequenting some of my favorite places which coincidentally  included some restaurants on my sister's list. I would have taken them to Lazziz in Watertown but it recently came to my attention that they are no longer in business. I was very disappointed when I found out because it was my favorite Indian restaurant. If any locals know why please share the reason. I'm dying to know.

We also went through my closet and I was able to give my sister a lot of my clothes that were much too big (she is 5'7" which is about 5" taller than I am). This made me realize that I really need to do a better job of buying clothes that actually fit since I'm not motivated to alter clothes to fit myself. I leave alterations to the professionals. Yes, I realize that I already failed with a recent find below. I find that if I struggle to take a flattering picture then I probably should return it. A picture never lies. :)

We didn't do much shopping but we were browsing the sale section of Forever 21 when I found the following items on sale for an additional 50% off.

Forever 21 Layered Chiffon maxi, sz XS Forever 21 Layered Chiffon maxi & Essential wool-blend pocket cardigan
Layered chiffon maxi, sz XS (sold out online, find in stores)
Essential wool-blend pocket cardigan, sz S (sold out online, find in stores)

When I tried on this dress I thought it looked awful on me with the bottom layer so I got home and cut it off. It was only $7.50 after the sale/discount so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I messed up. Here is the before and after. The lining underneath doesn't look like a material that will fray after wash so I didn't bother to sew the hem after I cut it. I also thought the front of the dress didn't look good with the side ruffles and extra material so I ended up wearing it backwards with a yellow cardigan. I hiked up the elasticized waist so that it would hit higher above my knees. I'm still not satisfied with the fit of the dress and it's a final sale item so I'm glad it wasn't a costly error in judgement.

Lastly, I was browsing after I returned something for store credit when I came across this navy utility jacket. A warning for those that are interested in this jacket- it's very thin which is consistent with the reviews and the sleeves (I'm wearing size XS) are a tad long on me at 25 1/4" but they can be rolled up and the waist can also be cinched in. I like it as an alternative to the Zara version I purchased last summer. Light jackets are perfect for chilly summer nights here in New England and I was able to wear mine into mid fall due to unseasonably warm temperatures.

Forever 21 Essential Drawstring Jacket
Forever 21 Essential Drawstring Jacket, sz XS
Forever 21 Tie-back Polka Dot Tee, sz S
Forever 21 Retro Floral Scarf
Forever 21 Retro Floral Scarf (sold out online, find in stores)

Have a great week!

February 08, 2013

Review: Forever 21 Heart Georgette Shirt

Forever 21 Georgette Heart Shirt, sz XS
Essential Georgette Heart Shirt

Earlier this week I returned my entire Forever 21 order as well as the polka dot dress from this post. Who am I kidding? I have no patience to do any alterations myself so I need to be better about finding items that fit. Armed with my store credits I decided to poke around since I was already in store.

A few items caught my eye. This heart print blouse was one of them. I think it's a cute alternative to the J.Crew version. It's from the Essentials line so it was offered in size XS which fit me really well- it wasn't overly wide for once. XS measures 17" across the chest but fits more like 16" across because the button placket comes in an additional inch. Note: measurement taken with the garment laying flat.

Forever 21 Georgette Heart Shirt, sz XS

Forever 21 Georgette Heart Shirt, sz XS

Another item I scored was this cute gray and white striped sweater with pretty pointelle details. The smallest size in store was a medium but I'm glad I tried it on because it fits fine. I wore it yesterday, washed it today and I am pleased to say that it washes well. It didn't pill with one wear which is a plus (some items are so shoddy it pills on first wear). Note: I washed it cold cycle and air dry.

Forever 21 Striped Pointelle Sweater, sz M
Striped Pointelle Sweater

Lastly, I found this basic white blazer in size S (also comes in cobalt blue). I was drawn to the the clean lines and I'm partial to white clothing but after critically reviewing a bunch of the pictures I can see that it's a little too big in the chest. If you're more blessed than I am up there then this blazer may be for you. :) Unfortunately, I'll return need to return it the next time I get chance to stop in store.

Forever 21 Satin Open Front Jacket, sz S
Satin Open Front Jacket

I hope everyone in the Northeast is safe and warm while we wait for Nemo to blow over. I'm afraid to see the aftermath tomorrow when we all try to dig out.

Also, happy Lunar New Year to everyone that celebrates. My fiance is in Taiwan celebrating with his family and I wish I could have joined them.

Have a great weekend!



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