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March 31, 2013

Recently in Pictures

Hoppy Easter weekend :)
Hoppy Easter! ;)
(Like this rabbit? You can find her in store at your local Target.)

I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend and happy Easter to those that observe. I returned from my one week vacation to a barrage of issues at work. It was a stressful week so I was glad when my friend invited me to my first yoga class. It wasn't an advanced session but I certainly struggled to keep up (especially with this challenge pose). I want to say that I was the only yoga newbie and now I feel a little achy all over- in a good way of course. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight!

Here is a brief recap of this week and last in pictures. I love food but who doesn't? :)

Today's lunch: #tofu #padseeew
Lunch: Pad see ew is one of my favorite Thai dishes

I spy... the cutest bottle of #bbcream at my sister's.
I love all things cute and my sister's BB cream was no exception.

Hello Kitty gardening tools anyone? These little pots caught my eye. They are on the smaller side (about the size of a mug).
Hello Kitty gardening section at a Target while in PA.
I caved and purchased one when I came back.

Okdol bibimbap
Okdol bibimbap. A generous helping of bulgogi never hurt anyone.

Yogorino (pistachio and walnuts)
Trying Yogorino for the first time
Verdict: It's pretty awesome if you prefer froyo that isn't tart.

Yogorino (fudge, sprinkles and crushed waffle cones)
More Yogorino... look at those sprinkles! :D

Came back from vacation to this sweet care package from @trang_. Thanks dear!  I can't wait to use them all!
I was bummed when my vacation was over but came home to this care package from a lovely friend. <3


March 26, 2013

Review: J.Crew Scalloped Dress

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P
J.Crew scalloped dress (item 22340) in 00 petite
From left-right: pale citrus, bright poppy, navy
Update 2/21/15: Please refer to the bottom of this post for a quick review of the J.Crew Factory version of the scalloped trim dress.

As stated in my previous post, I ordered the scalloped dress to try on in all three colors because J.Crew does not carry petite sizes in store. Shortly thereafter they ran a 30% off promotion for card members and I received a price adjustment for the difference.  The dress is currently sold out online but you might find the website re-stocked with returns because I know of a few people that will be returning this dress due to poor fit. In fact, I plan on returning all three dresses when I get a chance to go to my local store this weekend.

I tried on the regular size when I first spotted it in stores in the beginning of March (thanks to Annie's post for planting the seed of want). Unfortunately, the regular 00 fit like a sack on me.  I took rough measurements in the fitting room and the regular 00 measured approximately 16" in the chest and 33" long. I was excited the moment I learned that the dress was available in petites. I equivocated between ordering 0 versus 00 petites but I'm glad I went with the smaller size.

The measurements of the 00P are as follows:

16" chest
14 1/2" waist
17" hip
31" length

The shorter length and slightly smaller cut throughout makes the petite version a fit better than the regular 00 but it was still not keeper. The chest darts are slightly too low and strange on me but it looked okay on my dress form (she is 33" in the bust and I am 32"). I also found that the pale citrus ran a tiny bit smaller than the bright poppy and navy so it fit the best out of all three colors. I did not like the fact that the dress is unlined and after sitting on the dress for about a week my excitement wore off. In full disclosure, I pulled a shopaholic move and sent and tried on the dresses while at my parents' house last week.

Here are the fit pictures for reference:

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in pale citrus
J.Crew scalloped dress in pale citrus

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00p in pale citrus J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in pale citrus

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in bright poppy
J.Crew scalloped dress in bright poppy

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in bright poppy

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in bright poppy J.Crew scalloped dress, 00p in bright poppy

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in navy
J.Crew scalloped dress in navy

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00P in navy

J.Crew scalloped dress, 00p in navy J.Crew scalloped dress, 00p in navy

My other scalloped picks include this dress by Pim + Larkin and this dress by Rachel Roy. Pim + Larkin also offers a cute scalloped top, skirt and tweed blazer.

Did you order the J.Crew scalloped dress and was it a keeper?


March 18, 2013

Home is where the heart is

City of Brotherly Love
Replica of the LOVE sign on UPenn campus :)
Coat: Zara (review here)
Scarf: J.Crew
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Bruno Magli (old)
Bag: Longchamp (similar here and here)

Budding spring
Signs of spring

UPenn is just full of gorgeous buildings and architecture

Sailormoon street art
Black haired Sailor Moon aka meatball head in Chinatown :)

Tea Talk
Tea Talk with friends
Greetings from Philly! I'm on vacation this week (minus today where I'll be working from home) visiting my family and catching up on some much needed rest.

Have a great week!


March 14, 2013

Review: LOFT Striped Dress and My First Year Blogging

LOFT striped dress (sz 00P) and Zara Coat with gathering on the shoulder (sz XS)
LOFT Striped dress with yellow grosgrain bow, sz 00P
Zara coat with gathering on the shoulder (Ref. 5274/043), sz XS (reviewed here)

Continuing my reviews from my outlet purchases this past weekend is this striped dress from LOFT. I'm a very quick shopper (most of the time) and I usually do a quick walk through of a store from front to back. Sometimes nothing will catch my eye and I'll leave as quickly as I entered the store and other times I'll see a few things that warrant closer inspection.

The cute yellow and striped bow on the waist of this dress totally caught my eye so of course I had to try it on. This dress has a looser a line skirt (21" at the bottom hem) so if you like your dresses to hug your curves then this dress is probably not your cup of tea. I also love the yellow piping that outlines the neckline and arm holes. Size 00P measures approximately 16" in the bust and 13 1/2" in the waist (measurements taken with the garment laying flat). The only thing that would make this dress even better for me is if it had pockets.

LOFT striped dress, sz 00P

LOFT striped dress tag
Here is the tag in case you want to call your local LOFT outlet to locate this item.

Again, I combined my purchase with my friend for additional savings so I got this for around $55.

LOFT striped dress
Here is the striped dress on my dress form (her measurements are 33" x 25" x 34")

I also stopped by Ann Taylor Factory to try on the signature polkadot shorts as reviewed by Annie (see her post here) but the stiffer/thicker fabric didn't lay very well on me. In my opinion, the polkadot version runs a bit smaller due to the material even though I tried on all of them in the same size. Both the chambray and white version of the signature shorts fit me as expected. I like the 4" inseam because it isn't too short. Size 0P has about a 13 1/2"-14" waist (depending on how you measure the tabbed waist) and 12" length.

#ATFactory signature shorts. Guess which one I took home for 50% off?

There was a 50% off promotion on everything in store so I got the white shorts for $22.50 and passed on the other two.

AT Factory white signature shorts, sz 0P

Blog Anniversary

I realized that today marks the one year anniversary of my blog and this will serve as my 100th post. As mentioned in this post, I originally started blogging in order to sell my gently worn/loved items (see my very first post here). While I sold only a few items via my blog (mostly J.Crew) I found that I blogged the most about what I bought rather than what I wore. I'm guilty of struggling to understand the purpose of my blog but my hope is to share more of my outfits this year and to live up to my blog's namesake.

It's a fact that I'm notorious for being non-committal about most things that I do for myself so I've surprised myself by committing to blogging this long. I've been blessed to make the online acquaintance of some very special lady friends through blogging. I'm equally grateful for the support of my lovely readers.

I've learned a lot from the blogging community this past year and sharing the things that I love has helped me in more ways than I can ever put to words.




March 10, 2013

Review: Theory Rikae Sheath Dress

Theory Rikae sheath dress, sz 0
Theory Rikae dress in grey/ivory (style no. C111609R), sz 0
J.Crew faux pearls (similar here and here)

I went to the outlets with my friend and her brother on Saturday and found this classic sheath dress at Theory. It was our first stop on our shopping trip and we looked around and tried on a few things but decided to walk out empty handed. I told her that we should both step away to make sure that we weren't buying something just because it's Theory but because we love it. In my opinion, their clothing drapes very well and it's easy to fall in love with the polished look. I fell in love with a silk white blouse with black piping but it was a hefty $189 so that was an easy decision despite how flattering it was.

Before we left for the day, she found that she was still thinking about the navy rain/trench coat so we went back to show her brother for a second opinion. They let us combine both of our items together to get the 15% off discount in the coupon book. My dress was $210 but with the discount it came down to $178 and change (the original retail price was $300). I know it's still pricey but I wear all of my Theory pieces for years and they are classic pieces that have stood the test of time.

As much as I love Theory I could never in good conscience pay full price for it especially after discovering the outlet location. I used to live closer to the outlets and my love for Theory was very bad for my wallet. I was definitely out of control during one of my previous visits. Now I only go to the outlets a few times a year.

Theory Rikae sheath dress, sz 0
Size 0 measures approximately 16" in the bust, 14" in the waist, 16" in the hips
(Measurements taken with the garment laying flat)

Theory Rikae sheath dress, sz 0 (pockets)
Love that it has pockets

Theory Rikae sheath dress (sz 0) & Zara Combination Jacket with zips (sz XS)
Paired with: Zara combination jacket with zips (reviewed here also seen here)

March 06, 2013

White Out


Anyone that knows me knows that I love white bottoms, tops, dresses, cardigans, coats, blazers and handbags. If an article of clothing is white then I'm that much more likely to give it a shot. I love how crisp and clean it looks and I especially love to wear white as a base. Anyway, I digress but my point is that I was so excited when the white pencil skirt (gifted from Annie) arrived in the mail that I wanted to try it on for size.

Since I like white so much of course I ended up pairing it with a white polka dot blouse. Unfortunately, the blouse is a bit wide so it didn't look very neat tucked in to the skirt. I proceeded to throw on a few of my newly acquired blazers and coats and I was quite pleased with all three looks. Now I'm really looking forward to spring when I can wear white without worrying about dirty rain/snow water splattering on my outfits. I'm also looking forward to the extra hour of sunlight so losing an hour of sleep is totally worth it. Thank you daylight savings time!

Outfit 1 (side view here):
UO polka dot blouse and BR white pencil skirt (both gifted by Annie)
See the blouse on Annie here

Tinley Road Bleeker Blazer, sz XS (reviewed here)

Outfit 2
Outfit 2:
Zara combination jacket with zips (Ref. 2282/852), sz XS (reviewed here)
J.Crew Factory Multistrand Dotted Pearl Necklace (old)
Outfit 3
Outfit 3:
Zara coat with gathering on the shoulder (Ref. 5274/043), sz XS (reviewed here)


March 05, 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic

Image source:

I'd like to preface this blog post by saying that this is not a book review although I do love the book.

Below is a list of my confessions and things I've realized about my shopping habits in no particular order of course. There is no purpose to this post and it's not a promise that I'll change my habits. It was purely an outlet for me to do some reflection and I figured it wouldn't hurt to share. Who knows? Maybe I'll be preaching to the choir.

1. The boxes are everywhere

How many of you receive so many packages that you can't keep up with breaking down the boxes and recycling? I'm totally guilty of this.

My personal favorite is when I tell myself that said boxes are for 'future' blog sales. And I really shouldn't blame Banana Republic's 40% off one item promotions for all the boxes stacked in one corner.

2. Putting things away and staying organized

I try things on. Lots of things for my blog posts, for work and going out. Sometimes I get really lazy and I don't put things away.

It starts by putting my things here and there and before I know it my stuff consumes the every room.

Recognizing that I have all of this stuff really hits home whenever I'm forced to put away my things for visitors because I have an image to maintain of being neat and organized.

3. Forgetting something that you 'loved'

I buy a lot of new things I LOVE. Then I discover things that I LOVED and I'm always reminded that I have perfectly nice clothes that are already in my closet.

Also, how many things are in your closet with the tags still on them? Shop your closet and you'll be surprised at what you find.

4. Forgetting what you bought

This goes hand in hand with #3.

Sometimes I order so much that I have to keep a list to remind myself of what's coming, when it's coming and where I've sent it.

5. Your mailman/delivery person knows you by name

I have one concierge employee that I swear gets so annoyed with getting my packages for me after I get home from work. At work one of the fellows that gives me my packages in the office makes snide comments. I'm very sensitive and don't want to bother one or the other overly much. Therefore, I alternate between sending packages to our home, at work and occasionally to my parents. My packages have been known to precede my arrival.

6. Not enough hangers

I'm sure it's transparent from my Pinterest board that I buy a lot of things for myself but I used to buy a lot of stuff for my fiance. I bought him so many shirts (mostly from Banana Republic) that we went out and purchased three or maybe it was four 35 pack boxes of slimline hangers from Costco. I mean how much stuff can one person buy? He told me that he doesn't need anything but out of habit I occasionally still ask him if he wants anything when I receive the latest promo code.

And we haven't even begun to talk about my side of the closet...

7. Justifying your purchases

I always wanted [insert item on your wishlist].

Try thinking about a purchase before your wishlist just turns into a rolling shopping list or moving target.

I thought wishlists were supposed to be for things that other people gift you.

8. Shopping when you're bored

Ever go shopping for lack of anything better to do? Do you catch yourself considering an article of clothing you don't really love because it's on sale? Put it back.

9. Shopping after a difficult day

The biggest disservice that you can do to your wallet is to go shopping after a trying day. Try talking to a friend or family member instead or go do something you enjoy to take your mind off.

Buying something 'nice' because you deserve it usually results in huge credit card bills and the high wears off pretty quickly leaving you with buyer's remorse and/or time consuming returns.

10. Shopping withdrawal

Some people go on a shopping hiatus. However, have you ever noticed that when you deprive yourself you end up being even more miserable followed by binge shopping?

Just remember- it's perfectly okay to go window shopping and not buy anything. You CAN control what you buy and don't buy. All the money you could save from not shopping can be used for better things.

11. Blog sales

I mentioned this in #1. Sadly this was the reason why I started my blog.

Think about how much time it takes to post a picture (or pictures), write a description, engage with a serious buyer, pack and ship, go to the post office and wait in line. It's really time consuming right?

Now think about how much you originally paid for that item you're trying to sell. Is it really worth all the effort?

Blog sales are full of things you shouldn't have purchased in the first place. If you really loved something you wouldn't be turning around and trying to sell it.

12. Hiding purchases from your loved ones

This goes hand in hand with #4 for me.

I've caught myself sending packages to work or my parents' house because I wanted something 'new' but I know he would be disappointed if he knew that I bought yet another thing.

I kid myself when I tell myself he won't notice. Men are not 100% oblivious.

13. You need to use that promo code or the sale is too good to pass up!

Really? It's okay if you don't use the promo code. Share it with a friend.

That amazing sale isn't worth checking out if you don't need anything from [insert your favorite store here].

14. I want what she has

It looks so good on [insert name(s) here].  Grabby hands. Sometimes jealousy ensues. Okay I get it because we all get a little green with envy when someone has the latest thing.

The key thing to note when making any purchase is that it should be something YOU want and not what other people have.

Think of all the times when something looks so good online. Now think of when you saw said item in real life and you had to pat yourself on the back for not jumping the gun and buying it right away. You deserve more pats on the back.

Practice self-control. Step away from the computer.

15. Returns

Time is money. Gas prices are ridiculous. Enough said.

Returns are a double-edged sword. You return one thing and end up with two new things.

Save yourself an unnecessary trip to the mall and further temptation.


March 04, 2013

Seeing Red

Theory white blazer tailored to 3/4 sleeves (old, similar here)
J.Crew Naomi top (old)
J.Crew Factory Multistrand Dotted Pearl Necklace (old)
Banana Republic Fran pleated skirt, in 0 Petite
Louboutin Nude Simple 85 (I recommend the Simple 100 due to better comfort/fit)
Gucci Abbey tote (modeled version from 2007)

Forever 21 top, size S (old, it was recommended by Annie)
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM

Theory button up (old)
Target Merona Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille, in neutral size 7

I decided to keep this red skirt from Banana Republic despite the fact that the pleats don't go all the way around the back (see my previous post here). Afterwards I looked through my closet and noticed that I have a serious lack of red. In fact my only other red article of clothing is this sweater.

I discovered the skirt has pockets which is a plus. They are sewn shut but you can cut the thread to free open the pockets. The skirt is unlined but it's not see through due to the color. In 0 petite the waist measures approximately 13 1/4" (it sits loosely on my waist) and it's 19" long so it hits above the knee (for reference I'm 5' 2 1/4"). In the spring/summer my waist naturally usually goes back down to 25" so hopefully it won't be too big and it will lay better on me.

While making my decision I came up with a few outfits with other items in my closet to ensure that it's versatile. However, I was extremely frustrated that I kept on putting together red and white outfits as shown above. Save for the first look, I actually don't think I'd wear the other looks out but these pictures show the different sides of the skirt for anyone else that may be on the fence about it.


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