Confessions of a Shopaholic

I’d like to preface this blog post by saying that this is not a book review although I do love the book and the movie.

Below is a list of my confessions and things I’ve realized about my shopping habits in no particular order. There is no purpose to this post and it’s not a promise that I’ll change my habits. I wrote this as a self-reflection and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be preaching to the choir.

1. The boxes are everywhere

How many of you receive so many packages that you can’t keep up with breaking down the boxes and recycling? I’m totally guilty of this.

My personal favorite is when I tell myself that said boxes are for ‘future’ closet sales.

2. Putting things away and staying organized

I try things on. Lots of things for my blog posts, for work and going out. Sometimes I get really lazy and I don’t put things away.

It starts by putting my things here and there and before I know it my things overtake every room in our condo.

Recognizing that I have all of this stuff really hits home whenever I’m forced to put away my things for visitors because I have an image to maintain of being neat and organized.

3. Forgetting something that you ‘loved’

I buy a lot of new things I LOVE. Then I discover things that I LOVED and I’m always reminded that I have perfectly nice clothes that are already in my closet.

How many things are in your closet with the tags still attached? Trying shopping your closet and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

4. Forgetting what you bought

This goes hand in hand with #3.

Sometimes I order so much that I have to keep a list to remind myself of what’s coming, when it’s coming and where I’ve sent it.

5. Your mailman/delivery person knows you by name

I have one concierge in our building that gets annoyed with getting my packages for me after I get home from work. At work the mail room guy makes snide comments. I’m very sensitive and don’t want to bother one or the other overly much so I alternate between sending packages to our place, at work and occasionally to my parents. My packages have been known to precede my arrival when I see my folks.

6. Not enough hangers

I’m sure it’s transparent from my Pinterest board that I buy a lot of things for myself but I used to buy a lot of stuff for my fiance. I bought him so many shirts (mostly from Banana Republic) that we went out and purchased three (or maybe it was four) 35 pack boxes of slimline hangers from Costco. I mean how much stuff can one person buy? He told me that he doesn’t need anything but out of habit I occasionally still ask him if he wants anything when I receive the latest BR promo code.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about my side of the closet…

7. Justifying your purchases

I always wanted [insert item on your wish list].

Try thinking about a purchase before your wish list just turns into a rolling shopping list or moving target.

8. Shopping when you’re bored

Ever go shopping for lack of anything better to do? Do you catch yourself considering an article of clothing you don’t really love because it’s on sale? Put it back.

9. Shopping after a difficult day

The biggest disservice that you can do to your wallet is to go shopping after a trying day. Try talking to a friend or family member instead or go do something you enjoy to take your mind off.

Buying something ‘nice’ because you deserve it usually results in huge credit card bills and the high wears off pretty quickly leaving you with buyer’s remorse and/or time consuming returns.

10. Shopping withdrawal

Some people go on a shopping hiatus. However, have you ever noticed that when you deprive yourself you end up being even more miserable followed by binge shopping?

Just remember- it’s perfectly okay to go window shopping and not buy anything. You CAN control what you buy and don’t buy. All the money you could save from not shopping can be used towards more important things like saving up for retirement.

11. Closet sales

I mentioned this in #1. Sadly this was the reason why I started my blog.

Think about how much time it takes to post a picture (or pictures), write a description, engage with a serious buyer, pack and ship, go to the post office and wait in line. It’s really time consuming right?

Now think about how much you originally paid for that item you’re trying to sell. Is it really worth all the effort?

Closet sales are full of things you maybe shouldn’t have purchased in the first place. If you really loved something you wouldn’t be turning around and trying to sell it.

12. Hiding purchases from your loved ones

This goes hand in hand with #4 for me.

I’ve caught myself sending packages to work or my parents’ place because I wanted something ‘new’ but I know my husband would be disappointed if he knew that I bought yet another thing.

I kid myself when I tell myself he won’t notice. Men are not 100% oblivious.

13. You need to use that promo code or the sale is too good to pass up!

Really? It’s okay if you don’t use the promo code. Share it with a friend.

That amazing sale isn’t worth checking out if you don’t need anything from [insert your favorite store here].

14. I want what she has

It looks so good on [insert name(s) here].  Grabby hands. Sometimes jealousy ensues. Okay I get it because we all get a little green with envy when someone has the latest thing.

The key thing to note when making any purchase is that it should be something YOU want and need and not what other people have.

Think of all the times when something looks so good online. Now think of when you saw said item in real life and you had to pat yourself on the back for not jumping the gun and buying it right away. You deserve more pats on the back.

Practice self-control. Step away from the computer.

15. Returns

Time is money. Gas prices are ridiculous. Enough said.

Returns are a double-edged sword. You return one thing in store and end up walking out with two new things.

Save yourself an unnecessary trip to the mall and further temptation.



  1. KC
    March 5, 2013 / 5:14 am

    can I just say WELL SAID??! i've discovered that since i started blogging that i tend to shop more than i did before, and i've only been blogging since beginning of this year! i love reading other people's blogs and get inspired, but i try to keep in mind that just because someone wore something on a blog doesn't mean that they actually kept it, and getting the same exact thing to style the same exact way isn't exactly being "creative" from a blogger standpoint. this post has helped me to reaffirm my goal this year of "shopping in my closet." True inspiration comes not from getting the exact same thing as someone else, but being able to create a similar look with what you have, and adding your own spin on it :)L&F,

  2. Jess L
    March 5, 2013 / 5:40 am

    Thanks KC. That means a lot. I also noticed that I started shopping heavily due to blogging as well but it's been very helpful to have a buddy that doesn't say 'yes' to everything. How you say no or offer advice is equally important and shows a sign of respect so that constructive criticism doesn't befall deaf ears. Before I started blogging I loved reading blogs for inspiration as well but oftentimes I found that I ended up wanting more and not being satisfied with what I have. It's all too easy to want the aspirational lifestyle and the beautiful things that come with.I now love catching up on my favorite blogs once in a while but I don't stress out if I've missed out on the latest cute top if I missed a post here or there. Fashion is fleeting and style is eternal. Apologies for rehashing a cliche quote but it seemed to be a fitting response. 🙂

  3. Always Maylee
    March 5, 2013 / 4:17 pm

    I LOVE that book. Although I have to say I was slightly disappointed in the movie… anyway I digress. We run out of hangers all the time. And I always go to my husband's closet and steal his, haha. But I do have to say.. I like going shopping after a trying day, it helps get my mind off of things when I don't feel like talking. But, the good news is… I rarely ever have buyer's remorse! Even when I'm shopping for therapy, I always only buy things that I really love. :)xo, Yi-chiaAlways Maylee

  4. Jess L
    March 5, 2013 / 5:38 pm

    Agreed. The book is always better. :)I digress a lot too. We got two more boxes of 35 at Costco when they were on sale for $8 I think. Much cheaper than Bed Bath Beyond even combined with their 20% off coupons. I wish my clothes fit on those hangers but they're too big and the kids version were too small.That's good. Don't get me wrong- I love retail therapy as much as the next girl. Regardless of whether or not you get something it's fun to go through the motions of shopping even if you're only trying it on. I need to buy more things I love instead of thinks I like. Things I really love are few and far between. I go through my old posts or pins and I keep telling myself that I need to be more selective/picky.

  5. lisacng @
    March 5, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    Great self reflection, Jess! I think being critical with purchases, LOVING and wearing what you buy, and not buying for some 'future' use is a great way to go about life. For me, especially if the item is expensive or "investment" type stuff, I always put it into perspective. I'd rather have a $600 camera lens than a $600 bag.

  6. Always Maylee
    March 5, 2013 / 9:43 pm

    Or maybe the problem is… I just LOVE everything! :)xo, Yi-chia

  7. Blondie, Esq.
    March 6, 2013 / 12:08 am

    Well shoot, you've listed all of my shopping habits as well. My husband is so tired of boxes everywhere and stacks of clothes… but I'm glad I'm not alone. 🙂

  8. Stylish Petite
    March 6, 2013 / 2:25 am

    This is such a great post Jess! As you know, I can totally relate to this since we both love to shop 🙂 Moving forward, we have to stick to our initial plan!

  9. Lynn
    March 6, 2013 / 3:55 am

    Good post. Here are the characteristics of addiction per American Society of Addiction Medicine: Recognition is the first step to recovery.Addiction is characterized by:1. Inability to consistently Abstain;2. Impairment in Behavioral control;3. Craving; or increased “hunger” for drugs or rewarding experiences;4. Diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships; and5. A dysfunctional Emotional response.

  10. Jess L
    March 6, 2013 / 4:54 am

    If I loved everything I'd be in trouble. lol

  11. Jess L
    March 6, 2013 / 5:08 am

    Thanks Lisa! I'm learning to be more critical with purchases. I understand what you mean about holding back and saving for a future investment especially those that would actually benefit my family or loved ones. I came across a quote a little while back that put things in perspective. I forgot to pin it but I just added it to my favorite quotes. 🙂

  12. Jess L
    March 6, 2013 / 5:11 am

    To be honest, a talk with my fiance sparked my need to write this down for myself but I figured it would resonate with others.

  13. Jess L
    March 6, 2013 / 5:17 am

    Thanks Annie. Agreed. I know can always count on you to set me straight if I ask you about something and I've come to value your opinion a lot. <3

  14. Blondie, Esq.
    March 6, 2013 / 5:46 pm

    It definitely did. And you inspired me to get rid of all the brown boxes yesterday! Baby steps. 🙂

  15. Jess L
    March 6, 2013 / 6:00 pm

    Yay! Every step in the right direction counts.This morning I got two 40% off promotion codes for Banana Republic and instead of wasting my time deciding what to get (because I really don't need anything) I gave them away. 🙂

  16. Andrea Colicchio
    March 7, 2013 / 1:45 am

    Great post. The only thing my husband and I fight about is my shopping. I have had things shipped to my parents house, and literally tried to distract him once, as the delivery man was driving up the driveway with a banana republic package that was estimated to arrive the next day.. I try to convince him that "oh I got this shirt last year.." But he always knows when something's new!! Ugh. Following fashion blogs is bad for my wallet! Good luck, love you and stylish petites blog. Xo

  17. Andrea Colicchio
    March 7, 2013 / 2:20 am

    Well said. I once tried to distract my husband as the delivery guy drove up the driveway with a banana republic package that was estimated to arrive the next day! We literally only fight about my shopping. Following fashion blogs do not help! Love yours and Annie's stylish petite blogs. Glad I'm not the only one with an addiction! Xo. Tried to comment before but I don't think it worked. Delete it if there are dupes! Thanks again and good luck!

  18. Jess L
    March 7, 2013 / 4:14 am

    Thanks Andrea. We appreciate your support (cc: @StylishPetite:disqus)! <3We don't fight about my shopping habits but he does express his disappointment in me. I would have saved so much more money all these years if I didn't spend a lot of my money shopping willy nilly. In the past it's helped me to have a financial goal (e.g. I didn't want to pay a lot of interest so I paid off my car within six months and I actually made a lot less back then while also having more bills to pay). It's so easy to spend more when you make more but I need to start saving more aggressively. Money is so hard to make and so easy to spend if you don't give it a second thought.

  19. Andrea Colicchio
    March 8, 2013 / 12:37 am


  20. Manon Lescaut
    March 13, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    i don't buy more because of blogging (can't really call myself a blogger haha) – i blame myself, for ever discovering fashion blogs! #14 right here >.<Manon

  21. Jess L
    March 14, 2013 / 12:47 am

    Thanks Andrea. I think your first comment did work. It's directly below. 🙂

  22. Jess L
    March 14, 2013 / 12:52 am

    lol… Thanks Manon. #14 has been the source of more than a few returns for me. I've learned that I should really try it on in store because bloggers will post the most flattering view of an item but in real life it could be a total dud.

  23. Babyu21
    April 4, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    I am so happy to learn that I am not alone. I have to make my next housing decision based on closet size.

  24. Jess L
    April 5, 2013 / 2:32 am

    A good size closet or closets are nice to have. However, maybe you'll surprise yourself by the things you choose let go when you are in the process of moving. 🙂

  25. Anonymous
    April 9, 2013 / 12:25 pm

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