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April 27, 2013

Weekend Sale Alert & LOFT Review

Weekend Sale Alert:

25% off Saks Friends and Family with code FRNFAM2 through 4/28*
*If you shop at the Saks Boston store the offer is valid through 5/1 and 10% of proceeds will be donated to The One Fund.
40% off feverything at LOFT with code NOW40
21% off full priced items at Forever 21, in-store only
35% off Banana Republic online with code BR35TREAT through 4/27
25% off J.Crew with code SPRINGBEST (Cardmembers get 30% off with code CARDSTYLE) through 4/28

LOFT Review
LOFT Climbing Floral Print Drop Waist Dress
LOFT Pleated Mid Length Tank Dress
LOFT Striped Pleated Skirt Dress

I ordered these dresses last week during LOFT's 40% off promotion as well as this skort. I loved the print of the climbing floral dress, the pleated dress looked like a classic every occasion dress and I was stoked to see the striped dress offered in petites (it was originally offered in regular sizes only).

LOFT Climbing Floral Print Drop Waist Dress, sz 00P
LOFT Climbing Floral Print Drop Waist Dress, sz 00P

I shared a sneak peek of this dress the other day on Instagram. As much as I loved the print the bust darts were not very flattering on me. I'm not sure if it came through in either picture I posted but the darts stick out a bit on me probably because I don't quite fill it out.

The measurements* of size 00P are as follows:
16" bust
17" waist (at the drop waist)
31.5" total length

*Measurements taken with the garment laid flat.

LOFT pleated mid length tank dress, sz 00P
LOFT Pleated Mid Length Tank Dress, sz 00P
The dress pictured above has straps that were too short on me unlike the dress pictured below. This resulted in arm holes that were too tight on me. I'm afraid size 0P might be too roomy and too long so I am returning this dress but hesitant to re-order.

The measurements of size 00P are as follows:
15" bust
14" waist
4" straps (8" total length)
38 1/2" total length
LOFT Striped Pleated Skirt Dress, sz 00P
LOFT Striped Pleated Skirt Dress, sz 00P

This dress is very adorable and fit as pictured online but the stripes are more of a light canvas color instead of white. The material has a linen/burlap feel to it which is consistent with at least one reviewer's opinion online. I didn't love this dress on me so I will be returning.

The measurements of size 00P are as follows:
14 1/2" bust
13" waist
7" straps (14" total length)
32 1/2" total length

A few weeks ago I stopped into my local LOFT for some returns and of course I had to try on a few items as follows:

LOFT eyelet bodic sleeveless dress, 00P
LOFT Eyelet Bodice Sleeveless Dress, sz 00P
Michael Kors Holly flats from The Bargain District (old)
I tried on this dress in 00P and unfortunately I couldn't find 0P to try on for comparison. Unlike the other drop waist dress I reviewed above, this dress was tight in the arm holes and it was a bit short for my comfort. I thought it was a really cute style and there is a very sweet grosgrain bow detail on the zipper pull. Strangely enough this dress is see through on the top so you can see my nude bra underneath. I'm not sure if wearing a black bra would help resolve this issue.

LOFT embroidered flower pleated full skirt, 0P
H&M Scalloped top, sz 2
LOFT Embroidered Flower Pleated Full Skirt, 0P
Annie recommended this embroidered skirt a while back and I spotted it in store so I tried it on for size. 0P turned out to be a bit too big and it wasn't until I put back the skirt that I noticed a 00P in the stack. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to change again and try on the smaller size. It's a pretty white skirt for spring and summer and it's lined. I may consider getting this skirt during their next promotion.

Note: I found that this skirt wasn't see through when compared to the other white skirt pictured behind me in the photo above. That particular skirt ran big in 00P and LOFT sizing can be very inconsistent so you may need to try things on in a few sizes.


April 18, 2013

Review & OOTD: H&M Ruffled Blouse

H&M ruffled blouse (white)
Theory blazer (old, similar here)
H&M ruffled blouse (as seen on Jen here and here)
LOFT legging jeans
Louboutin Simple 100 pumps 
Elsa Peretti open heart bracelet
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
I love white and ruffles so I went to my nearest H&M as soon as I spotted this blouse on Jen at end of February. Unfortunately I forgot to do a review right away so I'm not sure if it's even still available. Please refer to the pictures below for the tag and further details if you want to try to track it down. It comes in both black and white (of course I got both colors) and it is made of 100% polyester. I found the blouses on the second floor of the Newbury St. store in the Modern collection.

H&M ruffled blouse (white)

I tried to pair the top with longer length blazers but I think it looks best with a shorter jacket. The only dislike I have about these blouse is the huge gap that shows your bra. I plan to sew a hidden snap button so that I don't have to wear a cami underneath.

H&M ruffled blouse (white) H&M ruffled blouse (black)

H&M ruffled blouse (tag)
Note: The item number on the receipt reads as follows
Woven Tops/Outerw.

Here is a similar alternative from Forever 21's Love 21 collection if you can't find the H&M version:

I won't assume that everyone has heard about the tragedy that occurred on Marathon Monday but this time around it felt especially personal since Boston has become my home. Please consider making a donation to The One Fund if you'd like to help those that have been affected.


April 12, 2013

Shrink Ray: Forever 21 Scalloped Mesh Top

Scalloped Mesh Top
Forever 21 Scalloped Mesh Top, size M after shrinking
(Also see this top on Fatima and Christine)
LOFT legging jeans
Tiffany & Co. jewelry
Louis Vuitton Montaigne PM

I originally saw this scalloped top on Fatima in December and I couldn't believe my luck when I came across a size medium a few weeks ago in store. I immediately snapped it up despite the loose fit. Call me silly but I was convinced that it was a return and the last one in store. However, once I got home I found that all sizes were still available online. I proceeded to order size small (and while I was at it I also enabled Annie) with every intention of returning the medium. Unfortunately, I managed to misplace or throw away my receipt for the medium top so I was stuck with it.

In the meantime, I received size small and it was still too big. The scalloped lace is so pretty and I really wanted to make it work. Since I was already in the hole with size medium I decided to try my hand at shrinking it. Luckily for me it worked out perfectly. You can see that the medium became smaller all around after shrinking when compared to size small:

Scalloped Mesh Top
Size medium (after shrinking) laid on top of size small.

Scalloped Mesh Top
Size medium before (left) and after (right) shrinking

Measurements* of size medium before shrinking:

Sleeves 5" wide
Sleeves 19.5" long
19" across bust
21" across bottom hem
24" total length

Measurements of size medium after shrinking:

Sleeves 4.5" wide
Sleeves 17.5" long
16.5" across bust
19" across bottom hem
23" total length

For those of you interested in size small, the measurements are as follows:

Sleeves 5" wide
Sleeves 19.5" long
18" across bust
21" across bottom hem
24" total length

See size small on Christine's post here.

*All measurements taken with the garment laid flat.

Forever 21 product measurements are usually accurate but in this case I found that the measurements of size small differ a bit from the measurements on their website.

I recommend this top because of the pretty scallop mesh material but it runs about 1-2 sizes too big. The cami/liner that it came with is very unflattering so you'll probably want to wear your own. You should keep watch of the top in the dryer if you plan to shrink it to size. I forgot about it so I can't tell you exactly how long I left it in the dryer (probably around 15-20 minutes on high heat) but by the time I remembered to take it out the top was completely dry.

April 08, 2013

A Chilly Weekend Update

04.06.13 Outfit
Crewcuts bow coat,  F21 infinity scarf, Aqua sweater, LOFT legging jeans
Bruno Magli Dalida flats, Louis Vuitton Montaigne PM, Swarovski Lucien bag charm

I originally headed out the door this weekend unprepared for the chilly spring weather wearing flats with cutouts a thin top, a light jacket and sans scarf. As soon as we returned home, and before heading out again, I changed into an old sweater and grabbed my trusty infinity scarf. It's supposed to be spring but many people are still wearing their winter gear (including gloves although I did a double take when I saw that).

To start off the weekend, my fiancé and I decided to try out the new Shake Shack that opened in Chestnut Hill. The line was out the door when we arrived but it was moving at a good pace. The line had managed to wrap around the corner of the building by the time we received our food and sat down to eat. We ordered one shack stack, two shack burgers, two orders of regular fries and a vanilla and strawberry shake. I think the first few bites of my burger were good but by the time I was finished I was very full because it seemed really oily. I enjoyed the crispy crinkle fries best followed by my vanilla shake and then the burger. It's worth trying at least once so you can make up your mind for yourself whether it's worth all of the hype. Needless to say, my curiosity about Shake Shack was finally satisfied.

Tried @shakeshack for the first time today.

I was drawn into the dark side by the 40% off promotion at Ann Taylor soon after I said that I was trying not to give in to all of the sales last weekend. Maxi dresses are mostly misses (see my favorite maxi dress purchased last summer here) but I ordered this striped maxi in XXS Petite. I loved how classic it appeared in the stock image and it looked about the same on me but somehow the wow factor wasn't there so I promptly returned it Friday night. It's an online exclusive so the sales associates were cooing and holding it up to admire.

Here's one of the few pictures I snapped when I quickly tried it on during my lunch break:

Petite Striped Maxi Dress, size XXSP
Ann Taylor Petite Striped Maxi Dress, sz XXS Petite

I'm not sure why they did this but the straps and the bandeau piece that covers the bust are separate as opposed to sewn together. I don't see any of the online reviews that mentioned this so I'm not sure if it was an anomaly with the one I received. However, the design didn't seem to affect the fit and it stayed up as intended while I had it on. The length was perfect on me (I'm 5'2 1/4") and hit right around my ankles.

Today I quickly popped into J.Crew and noticed these pretties. I passed but have noted them for later due to no current promotions on regular price items.

J.Crew Flared silk-cotton faille short
J.Crew Flared silk-cotton faille short
I was too lazy to try on the shorts after eating a big brunch but they seemed really sweet on the mannequin.

J.Crew bracelets
Pretty enamel and crystal bracelets at J.Crew ($32.50 each)
Sorry for the blurry pic (was in a rush)

I'm not sure if these bracelets are new arrivals but I can't find them online and of course I forgot to take a picture of the tag. They also came in a fourth blush pink color which was my favorite of the bunch. Note for those with smaller wrists- they are bigger than this bracelet from last summer. My guess is that these measure about 7".

H&M scalloped top from the Conscious collection

I purchased the above scalloped top in size 2 from the H&M Conscious collection in both white and lime green. I thought they would be so pretty tucked in (see it on Laura here and here). I also got this cream jacket (as seen on Annie) in size 6 because my arms are on the longish side and the sleeves on size 4 were still too short. I certainly have more than my fair share of white and cream blazers so it will need to go back despite the affordable price point. I also think the sleeves are a bit wide/baggy from the side view due to sizing up.

H&M cream blazer (sz 6)
H&M cream blazer, sz 6


April 03, 2013

Review: Banana Republic Striped Ponte Dress

Theory white blazer (tailored to 3/4 sleeves), similar here
Banana Republic Striped Ponte Full-Skirt dress, size 0P
(Thanks to Annie for enabling, see size 00P on her here)
Belt from an old F21 dress
Target Merona Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas Espadrille

I ordered this striped dress last week for 40% off and I also used my $20 in BR Rewards. I always assumed that we lose the rewards in the event of a return but Annie assured me that there is nothing to worry about. She had the same concern and confirmed that the rewards eventually get credited back to our accounts. First world problems. :)

Here is the dress on my dress form:

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Full-Skirt Dress, sz 0P Banana Republic Striped Ponte Full-Skirt Dress, sz 0P

I actually struggled to put the dress on her and zip it up because she has a 33" bust but it fits me perfectly (I am one inch smaller at 32").

The measurements of the 0 petite are as follows:

15" bust
13 1/4" waist
35" total length

Without further ado, here is the dress on me:
Banana Republic Striped Ponte Full-Skirt Dress, 0 petite

It hits right above the knee on me making it perfect for work. I really love the way the box pleats fall on the skirt and the fact that it has pockets. There is a exposed zipper on back but the dress is so cute that I don't mind. It's made of a comfortable, stretchy ponte material that drapes well and is not very wrinkle prone. (Any wrinkles seen above are due to the harsh lighting and they are not apparent to the naked eye in real life.)

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Full-Skirt Dress, sz 0P

Pairing with Banana Republic Striped Ponte Dress

Banana Republic has been running a 40% off one item promotion every Wednesday (including today) for the past few weeks. I'm not sure how long they'll keep this up but it's a decent discount if something catches your fancy. This dress is a total keeper for me and I definitely recommend trying it on for size when you get the chance.



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