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April 18, 2013

Review & OOTD: H&M Ruffled Blouse

H&M ruffled blouse (white)
Theory blazer (old, similar here)
H&M ruffled blouse (as seen on Jen here and here)
LOFT legging jeans
Louboutin Simple 100 pumps 
Elsa Peretti open heart bracelet
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
I love white and ruffles so I went to my nearest H&M as soon as I spotted this blouse on Jen at end of February. Unfortunately I forgot to do a review right away so I'm not sure if it's even still available. Please refer to the pictures below for the tag and further details if you want to try to track it down. It comes in both black and white (of course I got both colors) and it is made of 100% polyester. I found the blouses on the second floor of the Newbury St. store in the Modern collection.

H&M ruffled blouse (white)

I tried to pair the top with longer length blazers but I think it looks best with a shorter jacket. The only dislike I have about these blouse is the huge gap that shows your bra. I plan to sew a hidden snap button so that I don't have to wear a cami underneath.

H&M ruffled blouse (white) H&M ruffled blouse (black)

H&M ruffled blouse (tag)
Note: The item number on the receipt reads as follows
Woven Tops/Outerw.

Here is a similar alternative from Forever 21's Love 21 collection if you can't find the H&M version:

I won't assume that everyone has heard about the tragedy that occurred on Marathon Monday but this time around it felt especially personal since Boston has become my home. Please consider making a donation to The One Fund if you'd like to help those that have been affected.



  1. lol when I saw the F21 shirt, I thought of your H&M one.. except it was only half done lol I think I might've seen this blouse actually last month but didn't like the slit. Idk why I didn't think of installing a hidden snap button.. silly me. Will go to my local H&M tomorrow to check it out! Thanks for sharing the info & the piggy eraser Jess! :)

  2. Such a pretty blouse, I like the ruffles/drapery. Does it wrinkle easily? I think it looks great with that blazer.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Thanks Christine. You literally sent me the link to the F21 version right around when I published this post and it's funny that we both thought the same. I hope you can find the blouse today.

  4. Thanks so much, Yi-chia! I don't think it wrinkles too bad and it still looks cute by end of day.

  5. Love the blouse! I like the H&M version better than the F21 as F21 might not look as formal with the one sided ruffle. Everything looks very put together. I'm going to H&M to return a skirt so I'll see if they still have it! How do you like your Louboutins?

    Reaches the Sky...

  6. Ally Allen7:46 PM

    Your outfit looks great, new follower over here!

    Also, STAY SAFE! Sounds so scary over there right now. Hope everything ends soon.

    Ally @

  7. You are lucky that you can pull off the longer length on this top. I love it with the blazer!

    The H&M one is way cuter than the F21 version. I wonder why they wouldn't do the other side. It looks so strange. Hope you are staying safe! <3

  8. Thanks Allison! I like the H&M version more too and I hope you find it. I've had my black pair of Louboutins since 2010/2011 and they are still in great condition since I decided to get a vibram sole on the bottom. I also purchased a nude pair of simple 85s last summer but they still haven't stretched out so I may have to let them go. I like the look and height of the simple 100s better.

  9. Thanks so much, Annie! <3 They should have made it a tad shorter so that you can rock it too. If only it came in more fun colors (but I think black and white are enough).

  10. I love your top!! I'm a sucker for draped ruffle tops in the sheer cream fabrics. Especially love that this one has a high neckline but is collar-less. It's so effortlessly chic and pairs great with any blazer :)

  11. Thanks so much Ally! I was so relieved when they caught him last night. :)

  12. Thanks Erica! I was psyched to find it in stores in both colors.

  13. the whole outfit looks amazing on you! hope you're doing ok. :)


  14. Thanks so much Yvonne. I am okay compared to those that were affected by last week's bombings. :( We went to visit yesterday and it was even more moving to see the makeshift memorials around the area they fenced off.

  15. sergio castaño peña6:29 AM

    really love those kind of shirts! this really suits you!!

    so so cool!


  16. Jessica8:48 PM

    Love this top. It is romantic and feminine, but made more business like with the blazer.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  17. Jessica Lyons11:35 PM

    I just joined your blog! Looking forward to more OOTDs!
    -Jessica Lyons

  18. Thanks Trang! Feel free to come and raid my closet. <3

  19. Nguyễn Trang10:31 PM

    Heheh That would be the first thing I do when I come down there hehe <3

  20. Can I call in on raiding Jess's closet too? :)

  21. Sure Christine! Three's company. hehe



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