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May 08, 2013

The Perfect Summer Espadrilles

Andre Assous Josie mid wedge sandal in Taupe

Adrienne Vittadini Vee wedge sandal in beige

Last year I found a pair of sandals and espadrilles that I wore non-stop all spring and summer (see the review here). Unfortunately I wore the espadrilles to death and I didn't buy a back up pair so I found myself in the same dilemna as last year searching for the perfect shoe to fulfill all my spring/summer footwear needs.

This year my search began early in January when I came across Andre Assous who is supposedly the king of espadrilles. In hindsight I was probably overzealous because I ordered the Erika mid-heel espadrilles in both taupe and black because they were on sale (see my review here). As an update to my last review I didn't like the shorter heel height but I sat on them for far too long so I couldn't return them.

Note: If you're interested in Erika and you're a size 7 please email me at I'm hoping to pass on both of these to other happy feet and I noticed they're full price everywhere else. I wore out the taupe color once but the black pair is new and unworn.

I still couldn't stop thinking about my favorite pair of espadrilles from last year so you can imagine my glee when I came across the Adrienne Vittadini Vee wedge sandals a few weeks ago. Vee runs about a half size bigger but if you have wider feet then I'd say it runs true to size. I do not recommend Vee and below is a short list of my dislikes:
  • Color: When I unboxed Vee I wasn't a huge fan of the silver metallic color. The color was misleading because it was supposed to be beige as indicated on the product details online. 
  • Comfort: I tried them on around the house and they seemed to be the same fit as last year's version. However, I spoke too soon on Instagram and learned my lesson the hard way when I wore them out a full day and ended up with four blisters (two on each foot). The front cross strap design cut and pinched into the wrong places on my feet. For some strange reason my left pinky toe also kept falling out of the gap between the straps but this issue didn't happen with my right foot.

Here are a few pictures of what Vee looks like on me:

Adrienne Vittadini Vee Wedge Sandal

Adrienne Vittadini Vee Wedge Sandal

Adrienne Vittadini Vee Wedge Sandal

Note: If you're interested in Vee and you're a size 7 please email me at I've only worn them out once.

Of course I was really disappointed that yet another pair of shoes didn't work out so I searched online yet again when I came across the Andre Assous Josie espadrilles. Third time's a charm because these are a winner in both comfort and style. Below is a laundry list of reasons why I like and would recommend Josie.

  • Color: The taupe color is a neutral color that elongates the legs. It's also a lighter shade of taupe the the color of the straps on Erika.
  • Heel height: The heel is 0.5" higher than the Erika mid-heel espadrilles. Josie's wedge heel measures 3.25" while Erika was 2.75". I personally prefer heels that are at least 3".
  • Comfort:  The front straps are comfortable instead of binding. I didn't end up with deep lines from the straps after wearing them for a full day. The back strap doesn't dig in and it managers to keep your heel in place. Unlike my experience with Vee, my pinky toes did not fall through the side of the front straps where they cross over.
  • Sizing: They run true to size.
  • Sole: The sole is leather but managers to be non-slip which is a plus in my book. I appreciate not slipping and falling on my behind.
  • Weight: Josie is light as air. Some espadrilles can be very heavy causing your heel to come out when you walk.
  • Style: I really like the way this shoes hugs my feet and it's just the right heel height to create a lengthening effect.
  • Made in Spain. It's always nice to find a good spring/summer shoe that's not made in China

Here are a few pictures of what Josie looks like on me:

Andre Assous Women's Josie Mid Wedge Sandal

Andre Assous Women's Josie Mid Wedge Sandal

Andre Assous Women's Josie Mid Wedge Sandal

If you have any spring and summer shoe recommendations please share.


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