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This is an extremely long, picture heavy catch up post but I hope this will help similarly sized ladies when shopping at LOFT. For fit reference my current weight is 110 give or take a few pounds, my waist size is 28″ although most people don’t believe me when I tell them that and I’m 5’2 1/4″. (I’m hoping to slim down and become more toned for my wedding in 5 month.) In the meantime, LOFT has never fit me better than at my current weight/measurements because their vanity sizing is more forgiving if you have an “average” body type. I definitely had my share of fit issues with LOFT as well as other mass retailers when I had a more slender build. Now my fit issues have more with their inconsistent sizing. Numeric sizing can be arbitrary so I like to try on various sizes to assess the fit. For my current build I typically take size XXS/00 regular or XSP/0 petite at LOFT.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with my backlog of fitting room reviews and/or purchases since my last post in December.


Colorblock Modern Print Peplum Tee

LOFT Modern print peplum tee

Size: XXS
Measurements: 35″ chest, 32.5″ waist, 23″ length
Fit: Loose fit. Fits 1 size bigger.
Purchased and love. It’s one of my favorite new tops because it’s so feminine and flirty. Like the floral version below this is a very sheer top. The hem is unfinished and I hope that won’t be an issue after washing.

Floral Print Modern Peplum Tee

LOFT Floral print modern peplum tee

Size: XXSP
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Loose fit otherwise XXSP usually doesn’t fit me. The sleeves were a tad tight on me. I also tried on XSP before and it’s very comparable to regular XXS.
Did not purchase but would recommend. Note that it’s very sheer. It’s the same fit as the colorblock version of the same top (I would consider this a blouse as opposed to a ‘tee’).

Crochet Bib Cotton Top

LOFT Crochet bib cotton top

Size: XXS
Measurements: 36″ chest, 39″ circumference along the bottom hem,  24.5″ total length
Fit: Runs 2 sizes bigger. Boxy fit.
Purchased and love. However, I wish I had tried on the petites sizing first. Note that it’s very sheer even though you can’t tell from the above picture.

Floral Print Henley Tank

LOFT Floral print henley tank

Size: XXS
Measurements: 32″ chest post-alteration (my mom took about half an inch in only at the armhole so it was likely 33″ chest pre-alteration), 20″ along the bottom hem, 24″ total length
Fit: This tank has a boxy fit in both regular and petite sizing. I got a regular XXS for the longer length and I had to have my mom take in the sizes by about half an inch on each side for a more flattering silhouette.
Purchased and love. It’s lined and not see through. I highly recommend it since it’s easy to dress up or down. This is the same exact floral print as the dress but this top has a bluish shade due to the navy lining while the fabric used for the dress has a whiter cast to it.

Mini Ring Print Ruffled Yoke Top

LOFT Mini Ring Print Ruffled Yoke Top

Size: SP
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Loose and flowy. True to size.
Did not purchase. This is a very pretty, feminine top but it’s sheer so if you don’t mind needing to layer with a cami then I would recommend it.

Laser Cut Ruffle Shell

LOFT Laser cut ruffle shell

Size: XSP (see size XXSP on Annie here)
Measurements: 35″ chest, 36″ waist, 38″ along the bottom hem circumference, 23″total length
Fit: True to size to one size larger.
Purchased in both colors and love. For once the petite size and length fits me exactly as desired. Its not too boxy and short on me so I didn’t have to go looking for a regular size XXS.

Scallop Cotton Eyelet Tee

LOFT Scallop cotton eyelet tee

Size: XSP
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size
Still considering. I tried on this new arrival in stores expecting it to be super boxy and short but I think XSP sort of works on me. I’m curious to know how XXS will fit but I haven’t ordered it yet. Note that the back is a different, stretchy material compared to the front.

Floral Stripe Cotton Tee

Size: XS
Measurements: 35″ chest, 32″ waist, 36″ circumference along the bottom hem, 25″ total length
Fit: True to size to one size smaller.
Purchased and love.

Scallop Stripe Tee

LOFT Scallop stripe tee

Size: XXS
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size.
Purchased and returned. The boxy fit did not do me any favors so I returned both. I did prefer the black and white striped version over the oatmeal version.

Chambray Shirt

LOFT Chambray shirt

Size: XXS
Measurements: 36″ chest, 38″ along the bottom hem circumference, 25″ total length, 24.5″ length sleeves.
Fit: True to size as I believe it’s supposed to be a slightly loose fit.
Purchased and love.

Scalloped Neck Cotton Sweater

Scalloped Neck Cotton Sweater

Size: SP
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size to one size smaller
Did not purchase. I loved the look of this sweater but I had to pass since the holes it requires layering with a cami.

Lou & Grey Waterfall Cardigan

LOFT Lou & Grey waterfall cardigan

Size: XXS (fitting room picture is XS regular)
Measurements: 25″ sleeves, 10.25″ upper arm circumference
Fit: True to size to 1 size larger.
Purchased and love. I love the way it drapes. You may want to size down so that the draping doesn’t look like too much material.

Lou & Grey Lace-Trim Sweatshirt

Picture: n/a
Size: XXS
Measurements: 36″ chest, 34.5″ waist, 34.5″ along the circumference of the bottom hem, 23.5″ sleeves
Fit: Very boxy fit
Purchased and love. I like the trim detail because it makes an otherwise boring sweatshirt unique. I push up the sleeves to detract from the overall boxy fit.

Lou & Grey Mariner Stripe tunic

LOFT Lou & Grey striped mariner tunic

Size: XS
Measurements: 36″ chest, 36″ waist, 37″ circumference along the bottom hem, 25″ total length, 24″ length sleeves
Fit: True to size
Purchased and love despite oversize fit. It’s made of a thick, substantial material that has held up really well despite multiple wears and washings. I definitely reached for it a lot this winter and in turn it kept me nice and cozy.

Scallop Ruffle Sweater

LOFT Scallop ruffle sweater

Size: XXS
Measurements: 32″ chest, 30″ waist, 24″ along the bottom hem, 24.25″ length sleeves (this is after multiple washes on cold cycle and only hang drying)
Fit: True to size to one size smaller.
Purchased and love. It’s a sheer sweater perfect for spring but I already wore it a lot this winter to the point where I managed to snag it on something. Luckily my mom was able to mend it so you can’t really tell.

Floral Lace Shell

LOFT Floral lace tee

Size: XSP
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Boxy fit. Fits loose and 1-2 sizes too big.
Did not purchase. Needs slimming from the sides but it would be a beautiful tank under blazers or worn alone.

Leaf Print Pleated Front Shell

Picture: n/a
Size: XSP
Measurements: 36″ chest , 35″ waist, 39″ circumference along the bottom hem, 23″ total length
Fit: Runs 2 size bigger. Boxy fit.
Purchased but regret. I fell out of love with this top because I prefer a slimmer fit. I also think I should have tried on the petites sizing to compare before committing to my purchase.

Dot Print Ruffle Front Shell

LOFT Dot print ruffle front shell

Size: XSP
Measurements: 35″ chest, 33″ waist, 38″ circumference along the bottom hem, 24″ total length
Fit: 1 size bigger. Loose fit and slightly boxy.
Purchased and love. I bought this top at Annie‘s recommendation and ended up getting it in both colors. I found the opening for the head a little narrow to take on and off so I had my tailor sew a keyhole opening in the back.

Scallop Trim button down shirt

LOFT Scallop trim button up blouse

Size: XXS
Measurements: n/a
Fit: 1 size bigger. Loose, flowy fit.
Purchased and returned. Too see through and layering it with a cami ruined the look for me. It looked so cute under a blazer though.


Eyelet Stripe Dress

LOFT Eyelet Stripe dress

Size: 0 regular
Measurements: 32″ chest, 28″ waist. Note that the straps were 14.75″ before my mom shortened them (luckily I remembered to measure them). Post alterations the straps are 13.25″ and the total length of the dress is now 33″. The dress was likely 34″ total length pre-alteration.
Fit: I liked the length of size 0 regular, but the chest fits me a little loose as pictured.
Purchased and would recommend. I made the mistake of not waiting to order/try on the correct size (I think I need a 00 regular) because I bought the size 0 and my mom kindly took the time to shorten the straps for me. The eyelet detail is gorgeous and the color is a pretty mauve color in real life.

Embroidered Scallop Yoke Dress

LOFT Embroidered scallop yoke dress

Size: 00
Measurements: 32″, 39″ circumference along the bottom hem, 32.5″ total length
Fit: Regular sizing runs 1-2 sizes too small and is a petite friendly length. I’m not sure that this length will work for non-petites. Also, I originally tried on 0 regular but ordered regular 00 (pictured here) for a better fit.
Purchased but changed my mind. This is a beautiful dress and the embroidered scallop details are lovely in real life. However, I don’t think I’ll wear this dress more than once or twice so I’m leaning towards returning it next weekend/soon.

Flutter Sleeve Dress

LOFT Flutter sleeve dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size.
Did not purchase. The fabric had a nice weight and it is not see through except for the cutouts. Personally the petite length is a bit short for my comfort and the placement of the cutout isn’t ideal unless you’re a few inches shorter (5′). If you sit down you may run the risk of having it hike up higher on your thigh. I also found the arm holes a tad big/lower cut (depending on how you wear your bra it may peek through on the sides).

Slubbed Jacquard Flare Dress

LOFT Slubbed jacquard flare dress

Size: 00
Measurements: 32″ chest, 26″ waist (material provides some stretch), 35″ total length.
Fit: The regular 00 is petite friendly (fits like 0P) but it’s a little low cut.
Purchased but it’s a regret purchase. I may try to resell this or if I do keep it I would need to take up the straps a little in order to wear it. The pleats are very pretty when steamed but the dress arrived in the mail as a crumpled/wrinkled mess.

Zig Zag Tiered Dress

LOFT Zig zag tiered dress

Size: XSP
Measurements: 31.5″ chest, 30″ waist (material provides stretch too), 33.5″ total length
Fit: True to size (if the style is meant to be flowy) to 1 size larger. Some may prefer to size down. The petite length may be friendly for non-petites.
Purchased although I originally passed. I blame my mom for enabling this purchase. 😉 The tiered stripes are very unique and fun.

Sketched Floral Print Grosgrain Waist Dress

LOFT Sketch floral print grosgrain waist dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: 35″ chest, 26″ waist (the grosgrain waist is stretchy comfortably another inch or so), 33″ total length
Fit: True to size.
Purchased but this was a regret purchase. This dress doesn’t do much for my figure and I fell in love with the pretty floral print. If I wear it I’ll probably throw a jean jacket over it but otherwise I may look to resell it. Note that the dress is lightly lined but not see through. I like that the grosgrain detail has a hidden stretchy waist because I usually have issues fitting comfortably into their other dresses of a similar style after a big meal.

Geo Cotton Eyelet Skirt Dress

LOFT Geo cotton eyelet skirt dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs true to size for a LOFT 0P.
Did not purchase but would recommend. I agree with other online reviewers that the eyelet details are very high quality but I have a smaller chest so I could see my bra through the see through eyelet v-neck detail.

Lace Pleated Shirt Dress

LOFT Lace pleated shirt dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs true to size for a LOFT 0P.
Did not purchase. This is a very vintage, flapper piece and I would totally recommend it but I can’t see myself wearing this. I probably would have jumped on this dress if it was offered in white/ivory but I’m partial to all things white.

Lace Trim Tank Dress

LOFT Lace trim tank dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs a little snug for a LOFT 0P and it was very short.
Did not purchase. The tank portion of the dress did my small chest no favors. There were some loose threads hanging off the lace hem. It’s possible that the zipper can get caught and snag the lace detail portion of the skirt.

Floral Lace Dress (2015 version here)

Picture: n/a. See it on Vicky here.
Size: 00P
Measurements: 26″ waist (measurements from Vicky)
Fit: Runs about 1 size too big
Did not purchase and still considering. I haven’t been able to find my size to try on because this dress is completely sold out at my local stores. The white lace is beautiful in real life but the inside lining is a pinkish nude which can bother some people. I personally tried on regular 0 but my small chest wouldn’t begin to fill it out so I know I wouldn’t the regular 00 either. Luckily Vicky provided me with the measurements of size 00P which is the size I believe I require.

Eyelet Sundress

Picture: n/a. I forgot to take a fitting room picture.
Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs about 1 size too big. Size 0P fits like a 2P and it was loose in the waist and chest on me. It hit a few inches above my knees.
Did not purchase but would recommend. This is a very pretty dress if it suits your coloring. Note that the lining is nude.

Scalloped Colorblock Shift Dress

LOFT Scallop colorblock shift dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size. Shapeless fit since it’s a shift dress
Did not purchase.

Scallop Bodice Dress

LOFT Scallop bodice dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: True to size.
Did not purchase but would recommend.  See the dress on Annie here and Jenny here. I would prefer the dress in another color and didn’t like the bust darts on me. I wish the hem was scallops too.

Seamed skirt dress

LOFT navy seamed skirt dress

Size: 0P
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs 2 sizes too big
Did not purchase. It looked beautiful on the mannequin but it was so big I don’t think 00P would have fit me quite right either.


Scallop Hem Skirt

LOFT Scallop trim button down shirt and Scallop hem skirt

Size: 00
Measurements: 28″ waist, 18.5″ length
Fit: Runs 1-2 sizes larger so I would recommend sizing down.
Purchased but returned. The skirt hung off my waist and didn’t do me any favors for my straight figure.I think the skirt and the material it’s made out of would look best on a more curvy figure.

Super Skinny Moto Jeans in Shadow Grey

Picture: Pictured above with the floral lace shell
Size: 00/25 regular
Measurements: n/a
Fit: Runs 1 size larger. Inseam is 30″
Did not purchase but still considering. LOFT petites jeans tend to be too short on me so I think need this in size 0/26 and I like it worn cuffed/folded. I like the slimmer taper of the legs compared to the straight fit. The shade of grey is very versatile.


Cropped Denim Jacket in Refined Blue Wash

@loftgirl jean jacket in XSP and cute soft tshirt in regular XS.

Size: XSP
Measurements: n/a (will update measurements here when I get my new jacket in the mail)
Fit: Runs true to size to 1 size bigger.
Purchased and love. I love the jacket in the refined blue wash. I also tried on the white version but it was very stiff and boxy and didn’t hang quite the same. Note that I had an issue with a defective button falling off since it was my first time trying to wear it this weekend but the nice associates took care of me and sent me a fresh, new jacket.


Multicolored Striped scarf

LOFT Multicolored stripe scarf

Size: OS, oversize scarf 
Purchased. This is a delicate scarf that is prone to snagging if you’re not careful but I love the colors for spring and summer and I hope it lasts me at least two seasons.

Stretch Grosgrain Bow Belt

LOFT Stretch grosgrain bow belt

Size: XS/S
Measurements: 26″ unstretched
Purchased and regret. I don’t wear belts much if at all so I definitely had bow goggles on when I committed to this purchase. To top it off the tags fell off between trying it on and checkout so I couldn’t return it even if I wanted to. I’ll see if I can pair it with any of my dresses and if not I’ll try to resell it at some point.

Note: Some items may be out of stock online due to my blogging hiatus but I’ve come across some of these items combing through the sales racks. To track down an item it’s best to note the style number and head to your local LOFT where they can check the inventory in other stores.

All opinions stated here are my own.



  1. Jess L
    April 15, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    My pleasure, Annie! I rely heavily on pictures to decide if I want to keep something or not because a picture never lies and we're usually our own worst critic. 🙂 If I struggle to take a 'good' picture of something then that's another sign that the fit is off in some way I can't quite put to words. It also helps if I don't buy something right away and given time I find that if I forget about the item then I don't miss it at all (until I see the photos again and recall how difficult it was to angle it to look decent). I didn't get the flutter sleeve dress because it's not something I'd wear more than once and I have too many things like that in my closet. Selling on Poshmark is rather cathartic because all I see is a closet full of clothes that don't fit me anymore as well as a lot of regret purchases. As you know, I bought a few items from there but ended up withdrawing all my earnings because I realized that if someone else doesn't want something then I should try to resist making the same mistake too.

  2. Ahmed mohammed
    April 20, 2014 / 1:16 pm

    Nice . .

  3. Jen K. of
    April 21, 2014 / 4:58 am

    Thanks for sharing all these pics!! So helpful when I check out the mall this week now that lent is over for me. ;)

  4. Jess L
    April 21, 2014 / 1:14 pm

    You're welcome, Jen! You're so good to give up shopping for lent. I haven't placed any new online orders at LOFT since I wrote this post. I hope I stay strong but they come out with cute new arrivals all the time.

  5. Jess L
    April 21, 2014 / 1:15 pm

    Mine too! 🙂 Thanks!

  6. what.jess.wore
    August 27, 2014 / 1:28 am

    Love the color! What is the name of the enamel color?

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