Currently Obsessed: Maxi dresses (and Outlet Haul)

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LOFT Wallpaper Floral Maxi Dress, trying on size 00P

I’m officially obsessed with maxi dresses and I look forward to receiving my wallpaper floral maxi from the regular LOFT store this Friday (see it on Jen of Skirt The Rules here). I quickly tried it on last weekend so I would know which size to order. Coincidentally LOFT had 40% off dresses earlier this week so I ordered it and a few other dresses to try. See my picks here and here. I also bought the two maxis pictured below from LOFT outlet.


LEFT – Mosaic scribble print maxi (style no. 337811), size XXSP

RIGHT – Teal tie-waist maxi (style no. 337803), size 00P

The mosaic scribble print maxi has thin straps and crosses in
the back so you will need to either wear a strapless bra or a cardigan
over it to hide your bra straps. The teal maxi is a regret purchase since it’s unlined and I
noticed that it became very wrinkly after washing. When I checked the
fabric content I found out that it’s 100% rayon. I forgot how much I
dislike this material because it doesn’t wash well. I knew should have
listened to my friend and passed on it due to the material but I really
loved the color. She knew that it was the type of material where your
sweat stains would be apparent and as I was steaming out the wrinkles out I understood what she meant. Both maxis were $39.99 and an
additional 15% off purchases of $75.

LOFT factory blue vneck dress

LOFT Outlet Navy pleated detail v-neck dress (style no. 337820), size XSP

This navy dress also came in a cherry yellow color but it was only offered in the regular sizing.

LOFT Factory black romper

LOFT Outlet black romper (style no. 337829), size 0P

This romper is 100% polyester and unlined but it’s not see through. It reminds me of the romper I missed last year at the regular LOFT stores (as seen on Christine of Petite Hues here in the polka dot print). Unfortunately, the polka dot print was only available in regular sizing much to my disappointment.

Banana Republic Factory cognac toggle belt

Banana Republic Factory cognac toggle belt (style no. 137066-00-1), size M/L

Recently worn here

I happened upon this cognac belt at Banana Republic Factory by chance since it was our last stop. I love how it looks like saffiano leather, it’s made really well and looks more expensive than the $14 I paid for it. Note that it has a stretchy elastic band on the back so it’s very comfortable and not too tight.

Jack Rogers - Lauren sandals in bone/black

Jack Rogers Lauren sandals in bone/black

I tried these Jack Rogers sandals which were on sale at Saks OFF Fifth for $99. I also noticed a sign advertising an additional 30% off the lowest ticketed price which would have made them $70. I didn’t buy them this time around but I was really tempted to. They were really well made and looked cute on my feet but I wasn’t sure how versatile they would be. I also wasn’t familiar with this brand and wanted to do more research and price comparison.

Coach Factory Cora domed leather satchel in beige

Coach Factory  – Peyton Leather Cora Domed Satchel in brass/sand (style no. F25671)

I’ve been on a Coach Factory kick recently and I meant to only browse in store but I fell in love with this bag at first sight and couldn’t leave without it. It reminds me of the LV Alma bag in epi leather. I felt bad about my impulse purchase and I really was not supposed to buy another bag so I listed a few items for sale to help clear out my closet. Thanks to the lovely ladies that helped take those items off my hands! I plan on listing more items in the near future so please follow me @shopwhatjesswore on Instagram.

Coach Factory Floral keychain

Coach Factory – Flower Leather Key Fob (style no. F69956)

How cute is this flower key chain? I saw it during checkout and snagged two. One for me and one for my friend that wasn’t able to join us since she’s going through a very rough first trimester.



  1. Jasmine Jasmine
    June 13, 2014 / 6:56 pm

    Hi Jess, I also ordered the floral maxi dress and the striped linen dress. Very pleased with the purchase. one thing i keep wondering lol, why didn't you buy the maxi in store when they have your size (00p)? but order online instead.

  2. Jess L
    June 14, 2014 / 12:44 am

    Hi Jasmine, I'm so glad to hear you liked the floral maxi and striped linen dress. I just got both with a bunch of other items in the mail today and love everything. I can't wait to share pictures. That's actually a good question and to be perfectly honest I got a return warning issue mid-March which made me but from LOFT less and forced me to go in stores to try things on first. Their fit is off and my size is an online only size (regular XXS) which only exacerbated my need to return things that didn't work out due to fit or quality issues. I should be okay to buy and return normally by now but this maxi actually wasn't on sale the day I tried it on which was Sunday. I figured they would have a sale soon anyway and I was right. It was a short wait because on Monday (and I believe Tuesday) they were offering 40% off dresses. Sorry if this is too much information but I was very disappointed that I couldn't conveniently shop at LOFT (online) for the last 3 months. You know how much I love LOFT. lol

  3. Jen Dang @ Skirt The Rules
    June 16, 2014 / 1:03 am

    Loving the LOFT floral maxi on you! Hope you love it as much as I do!xo JenSkirt The Rules

  4. Jasmine Jasmine
    June 16, 2014 / 8:17 pm

    I love shopping at LOFT (& AT) as much as you do.I'm also petite and most of my items ordered from their website and many returns have made, of course. Their sizing is not consistent and i'm range from 0P -2P and XXSP – XSP. I think we are similar in sizes and I find your reviews really help. I too read about the return warning from s/o who complained on their Facebook and was worried (recently I went crazy and ordered every week omg). I tried to find more information and read one also says that was a pilot program and they already stopped it. Although some stores still practiced it and some don't. One lady commented that she couldn't return to her regular store but was able to make returns at another without any problems. Anyway, it's good that they lifted the return ban for you.

  5. Jess L
    June 17, 2014 / 3:17 am

    That's good to know that we're around the same size! 🙂 I rarely shop at AT because they tend to have a different fit and the quality isn't always that great for the higher prices they charge. I used to shop at LOFT way too much so while these last 3 months felt like a punishment of sorts at least it helped to curb my shopaholic ways. I admit to asking my mom to sign up for a LOFT card (or making returns using my fiance's ID). I heard and noticed they didn't ask for a license when she made a return on it but I'm relieved that I can return freely now without hassling others. I know I shouldn't get into my old habits again. I probably make a purchase every few weeks now when they do 40-50% off of what I like and it's forced me to go in stores to check something out first. That really helps to eliminate the amount I order/return because it was tiring making trips just to return what I shouldn't have ordered in the first place. Plus I have way too many clothes as it is.

  6. Jasmine Jasmine
    June 17, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    I will never ask my mom to do anything for me relating to shopping. I have no doubt that she will kill me lol. Btw, I just started checking out your instagram too but don't want to register for an acct yet so can't leave any comments ^_^

  7. Jess L
    June 18, 2014 / 2:30 am

    I see. 🙂 I've only asked her once. I ended up signing up for my own card because I decided it was about time I earned some rewards for all that I spend there. Thanks for checking out my instagram. You don't need an account to view it so that's a good thing. Anyone's account can be viewed online via and as long as their account is public.

  8. Stylish Petite
    July 8, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    Great reviews Jess! I'm so bummed about the BR belt! Are you still wanting it in a small? I'll check next time I go for you:)

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