Review: LOFT New Arrivals

LOFT is offering 50% off select full-priced items and an additional 50% off sale items. No code required. See my picks from this post earlier today. Ann Taylor is offering 30% off full-priced styles with code STYLE and Banana Republic is offering 40% off with code BRHAPPY (ends tonight). Spring and summer clothes are my favorite so I am coveting a lot of pieces and waiting for a better sale to pull the trigger.

LOFT Bold Stripe pocket blouse, size XXSP

LOFT Bold Stripe pocket blouse, size XXSP
Banana Republic Indigo Denim Legging (25/0 short*)

Last year I bought a similar striped shirt from LOFT and it’s been one of my favorite shirts year round. Unfortunately I snagged the polyester material in the front and while it wasn’t noticeable it still bothered me so I was very happy when they came out with an updated version this year with a high low shirttail hem. After seeing that size XXSP ran large on StylishPetite here I decided to give it a try myself and I was relieved that it fit me perfectly. I usually dislike button tab sleeves but this one stays up and doesn’t slip and unfold. This year’s version in size XXSP (RIGHT in the below flat lay) fits the similar to last year’s size XSP (LEFT) and as a bonus the polyester fabric is less sheer.

Obsessed with this year's @loftgirl bold #stripe pocket blouse (RIGHT). 👯 The hi-lo shirttail hem is very cute and the poly material is slightly thicker compared to last year's version which was very sheer (size XSP on LEFT). I found that it runs

Last year’s size XSP (LEFT) and this year’s version in size XXSP (RIGHT).

LOFT Marled Knit Bateau Sweater, size SP

LOFT Marled Knit Bateau Sweater, size SP

Update 2/16: I loved this marled knit bateau sweater so much I got it in two colors online since my local store didn’t have this item on sale. Strangely enough the regular version was 50% off but the sales associate wouldn’t give me the discount on the petites version even though I showed her it was on sale online.

Lou & Grey marled cowl tunic, size XXS

Lou & Grey Marled Cowl Tunic, size XXS regular

Tory Burch Sullivan boots (review here)

It’s difficult to capture the true color of this Lou & Grey marled cowl tunic sweater but it’s definitely light blue and white. In direct sunlight the color is as shown in this outfit on the LEFT side of the picture with my coat on since I was standing near a window. It’s washed well (I wash my clothes in cold and air dry) but given the tiny loops in the fabric it reminds me a bit of a washcloth. As another reviewer noted the little loops may be prone to snagging but so far I’ve been safe from velcro and other snag prone objects.

👀 😃 = when I get a long awaited 📦 from @loft that was delayed due to the weather. I tried on @louandgrey essential leggings and the grey marled cowl tunic (size XXS pictured here). Love [insert kangaroo emoji here] pockets. Hate six mo

Lou & Grey Marled Cowl Tunic, size XXS regular
Lou & Grey Essential leggings, size XS

LOFT crystal leaf necklace

LOFT crystal leaf necklace (sold out, now available via Nordstrom)

LOFT Shadow Animal Spot Printblocked Shell

I purchased this crystal leaf statement necklace after seeing it on this LOFT store’s Instagram feed. I liked the grey stones which will match a lot of my outfits. It comes with a two inch extender to accommodate different necklines. I’m wearing it at the longest length above and below. Note that the hinges can become locked so you may have to fidget with it a bit to untangle the jeweled sections and get it to lay flat. I prefer my delicate pearl pendant for every day wear so I haven’t bought a statement necklace in a long time but this one doesn’t have that metallic smell that some costume jewelry have (e.g. Forever 21 jewelry).

This @loft tweed #stripe tennis #dress is currently 40% off. Runs large since I'm wearing size 00P (review and measurements can be found in my post from 2/12). Also please check out my sales picks #ontheblog. 👯 #linkinprofile

LOFT Tweed Stripe Tennis Dress, size 00P
 LOFT crystal leaf necklace
J.Crew Sloane Patent Pumps (old, similar here)
Louis Vuitton Marais BB in Monogram Empreinte, color Noir

I find that it’s really helpful to follow some of the local LOFT stores’ Instagram feeds. You get a sneak peek of when new arrivals hit the stores and helpful styling tips. For example, I really love how the LOFT at the Mall of Louisiana styled this tweed stripe tennis dress here. I took this dress in petites but it runs really big and fits wide and boxy. Here are the measurements* of size 00P:

16″ chest pit to pit
17″ waist
19″ across the bottom where the flounce begins
32″ total length

*All measurements taken with the garment laid flat.

@loft stitchy sweater + @louandgrey shawl jacket = #cozy status 💁 // #liketkit #loveLOFT #liveliveloft #loftgirl #loft #louandgrey #theAmpersand #bananarepublic #rainboots #oldnavy #polkadots #ootd

Lou & Grey Shawl Jacket, XXS regular (similar)
LOFT Polka Dot Stitchy Sweater, size XXS regular
Banana Republic rain boots (old)

I wore this Lou & Grey shawl jacket a few times as an additional layer over my sweaters and I finally washed it tonight. I was super nervous to pull it out of the washer but it looks good (I washed it in cold water) and I currently hung it up to dry. We have a front loading high efficiency washer in case that makes any difference. It doesn’t look misshapen unlike some of the online reviews I read and I’m hopeful it will dry without any shrinkage. Update 2/16: Lou & Grey shawl jacket washed well and I wore it out today (see my outfit here).

These two #cute scalloped #dresses (tried on 0P in both styles) from last year are back and available via @loft outlet! It was 40% off yesterday and the pink one on left was $89.99 so I assume the right one was probably the same (apologies but I forgot to

LOFT Outlet scalloped dresses, both in size 0P

If you missed these two scalloped dress from last year (see here and here) then you may want to pay a visit to your local LOFT outlet. Both dress are available in regular and petite sizes. Last weekend they were both 40% off and the ticket price was $89.99. I find that LOFT outlet tends to run one size bigger than regular LOFT. I also spotted yet another cute Eiffel Tower t-shirt below. There is a BOGO sale for these t-shirts almost every time I’ve stopped by. I believe the price tag was $34.99 so you can grab one of these cuties for yourself and a friend.

J'adore @loft. My sentiments exactly. 💕 Another #cute t-shirt from #LOFToutlet. #wellplayed 🙌

J’adore LOFT t-shirt from LOFT Outlet

Forever 21 Abstract Grid-Patterned Top, size XS

Forever 21 Abstract Grid-Patterned Top, Love 21 size XS

Banana Republic Indigo Denim Legging (25/0 short*)

*27″ measured inseam even though website lists 28″

J.Crew Sloane patent pumps (old review, similar here)

I decided to keep this Forever 21 abstract grid-patterned top and I just wanted to do a quick update and share that it washed well on cold and air dried. It didn’t shrink although the material looks shorter when wet. Due to the unfinished hem on the sleeves and neckline I washed it inside a delicates bag to prevent snagging and fraying.


Thanks for reading!


  1. what.jess.wore
    February 13, 2015 / 10:17 pm

    hello Jess! you always post the best thorough reviews….thank you! Your reviews are so helpful for those who dont have that store nearby them, or for those whose store doesnt carry that particular item. That loft marled tunic looks so soft and comfy….i've been watching and hoping it will go on a nice sale (w/free shipping, no min. purchase…maybe not)….hopefully i wont fall asleep on it cause it looks so soft as you said. lol I am digging the hi-low hem top too…i like it the hi-low trend on tops (vs. on some hi-low skirts which i find quite extreme). Oooh the loft tennis stripe dress is too cute….i wish i waited to get this. I got the Old navy stripe sleeveless waist drop dress last year and i dont even like sleeveless….lol. oh well. 🙁 And yes, I too am a fan of the 'loft girl' graphic tees. They were sold in regular loft stores over 1-2 yrs ago, but I dont know why i didnt purchase. $35 BOGO is quite a nice deal too for it at the outlet.Here's to a much needed restful long weekend for you Jess! Hope you are faring well in spite of those insane snowstorms in MA. I wonder where they plan to dump all that snow….i bet one cant even see the buildings when driving on the street!

  2. what.jess.wore
    February 14, 2015 / 6:15 am

    oh how did i miss this post! what a cute tops, Jess! I didnt even see these at the loft website until you posted it. Blind me…..speaking of which. I have a huge favor to ask….I accidentally deleted the ma po recipe that you kindly emailed to me. Can you please email it to me again? I know you took so much time to write it and i even feel bad asking. thank you so much again, Jess.

  3. what.jess.wore
    February 16, 2015 / 2:40 am

    Thanks Madie! 🙂 Glad to be of some help. I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you have tomorrow off.I'm hoping LOFT has a better sale soon too (maybe tomorrow for President's Day?). I haven't been in a regular LOFT in over a month I think and they've been trying to get rid of the out of season stock so I actually got the tennis stripe dress and necklace at full price along with some sale items. The striped top is my favorite and the marled tunic is cute as well. I'm hoping our subway is running tomorrow so I can go into the city on my day off for my rescheduled haircut and to do some browsing. Hopefully more window shopping than shopping. Thanks for letting me know about the graphic tees at their regular stores. I'm not much of a t-shirt girl but I really liked that one and need to go back and get it soon.There are really huge snow piles everywhere but in the city I saw them loading up trucks full of snow to dump into the water. 😉

  4. what.jess.wore
    February 19, 2015 / 8:39 am

    I love this polka dot shirt!

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