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LOFT Marled Knit Bateau Sweater, size SP

LOFT Marled Knit Bateau Sweater, dusty grey, size SP
LOFT cami (from last year; I ordered this shirttail cami recently and can’t wait to receive it)
Old Navy Rockstar Legging Jeans
Stuart Weitzman Justmine boots (eBay find)

LOFT is offering 50% off sweaters and jeans (excludes sale styles and Lou & Grey items). Also, get an additional 40% off sale styles. No code required.

I loved this marled knit bateau sweater so much I ordered it in two colors online. Strangely enough my local store didn’t have this sweater on sale last week in petites while the regular version was 50% off. Shop all of my sales picks here:

It’s been super cold and crappy here in the Boston area so I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my hoodies are cardigans over my layers. I’m eagerly counting down the days until spring!

Today's layered #ootd. Note: the @louandgrey shawl jacket did wash well after all and the blue version is now 50% off. 👯 // 👉 Sign up once at and LIKE this photo to receive an email with product details. (Scarf from @

Banana Republic Lisa Scarf

Forever 21 stripe lace-paneled top, size S (oversized, relax fit)
Longchamp Balzane hobo bag (old)

Yesterday's #cozy #neutral layers. 😊 // 👉 Sign up once at and LIKE this photo to receive an email with direct links to the @forever21 #stripe shirt and @toryburch boots. #liketkit #F21x

J.Crew Funnelneck Sweatshirt Cardigan (old)
Forever 21 stripe lace-paneled top, size S (oversized, relax fit)
H&M scalloped cami (old)
Tory Burch Sullivan boots (review here)

Twinning with @lofty.closet in this @loft #polkadot stitchy #sweater. 👯 #liketkit #loveLOFT #liveloveloft #loftgirl #bfftrends #cozy

LOFT crystal leaf necklace (now available via Nordstrom
LOFT Polka Dot Stitchy Sweater, size XS regular
LOFT Open Hoodie, size SP (see fit comparison of XS regular vs. XS petite here)

Last weekend I made a big change and cut my hair short. I have hyperthyroidism so I shed a lot and my long hair was getting really thin and wispy. I tried to get a long bob (lob) a few years ago but after a failed attempt and with our wedding this past September I opted to grow out my hair. Prior to my appointment I had some time to kill so I amused myself at Zara and Anthropologie and came home with the following new things.

New #hair 💇 and trying on my new @zara cape top (item no. 7385/001). FYI. The small buttons in back are a tad tricky. // 👉 Sign up once at and LIKE this photo to receive an email with product details to these @bananar

Zara Cape Top (item no. 7385/001), size XS

Banana Republic Indigo Denim Legging (25/0 short*)

*27″ measured inseam even though website lists 28″
Louis Vuitton Marais BB in Monogram Empreinte, color Noir
 J.Crew Sloane Cap Toe Pumps (old, (similar here)

I love white and peplum so this Zara cape top came home with me to mull over some more. I really like the asymmetrical peplum hem. I’m not sure if it’s practical for how I normally dress but it would be a great top for going out in the summer. Note: The small buttons and button holes in the back can make it very difficult to button up on your own unless you’re very flexible. I can clasp my fingers together behind my back. 😉

This @zara bird print #dress is a perfect for a summer wedding (item no. 2202/543). Wearing size S. FYI. The back is a lower U shape. @zara_daily #zara #zaratrf #LVoe #maraisbb #louisvuitton #haircut #lookbook #salondefi

Zara Printed Dress (item no. 2202/54), size S
J.Crew Sloane patent pumps (old review, similar here)

The bird print and bow ties detail of the sleeves of this dress caught my attention on the racks. Size S is a bit loose on me but size XS was too short. Hopefully my mom can do a quick hack to easily fix the fit of this dress for me the next time I visit home. The back has a lower U shape but it should still cover your bra. I plan on wearing this dress to a wedding later this year.

Yesterday's random purchase. 🐱 #Cat trinket dish from @anthropologie. See a closeup of it on my snapchat account. 👻 // 👉 Sign up once at and LIKE this photo to receive an email with product details. w

Anthropologie Domesticated Trinket Dish (cat)

I went to Anthropologie to look for this trinket dish after using the store finder. The spindly legs crack me up and I love the polka dot print inside.

@Jcrew Factory scalloped trim #dress and tuxedo camisole (both in size 00 regular). Currently 30% off. 👯 I would need the scalloped dress taken up at the straps for a better fit. See my most recent #snapchat for a #fittingroom update.  // :point_r

LEFT: J.Crew Factory Scalloped Trim Dress, 00 regular
RIGHT: J.Crew Factory Printed Tuxedo Camisole, 00 regular

On Wednesday my husband and I went to see Kingsman since we had to reschedule the showtime due to last Sunday’s storm. Our closest theater is next to a J.Crew Factory so I popped in and tried on this scalloped dress and polka dot top that I’ve been eying. Size 00 regular fit me decent but I would need to take the straps up about an inch for a better fit in the bust. Alternatively I’ll wait for the next sale to order the petite version to try on for size since alterations of any kind are a hassle. Click here to see a live fitting room clip I saved from my Snapchat (@whatjesswore).

Thanks for reading!


  1. what.jess.wore
    February 22, 2015 / 1:39 am

    Gosh I just love all the LOFT items you tried on! I'm afraid to go into the store for fear I'll want too much!

  2. what.jess.wore
    February 23, 2015 / 4:29 am

    hi Jess! hope you're surviving the harsh storms in MA. i cant imagine trudging through the cold there everyday…..snow is one thing but the cold blistering wind is another, as well as walking on ice…yikes! Here's to hoping that the groundhog predicted wrong and that spring would come sooner. Thank you much for emailing me the tofu recipe again. i will try it sometime soon since it is Lent….for the past 2 weeks, I've been in a tofu binge lately and been getting homestyle tofu at 2 differ Chinese restaurants. lol Cute finds as always, Jess. I just think everything looks good on you anyway. I hope you dont take this the wrong way (or think I am psycho) but you really should include your face in your pics. I only see your cute smile and seeing your whole face would be nice. And it would make it more personal, instead of just seeing clothes. 🙂 And you'll have something to look back 10 or so yrs from now.I noticed you mentioned you have hyperthyroidism. I guess you are taking medication for it. I do hope the meds are doing its job in controlling the symptoms well. The zara bird dress is so chic….i wouldnt know it was a bird til you mentioned it. How is the front fitting like — are there pintucks to frame the figure or is it just a loose, shift-dress kind of fit? So hard to tell from the pics even at the zara site. In the first pic, did you try on the sweater at the hanger behind you? i think it is called split hem sweater…..didnt you like it? Just wondering…the texture looks really interesting, like a basketweave. Is a cami a must for it? I talk so much….the price of not being able to instagram-comment you. here's to a more bearable warmer week. Happy Lunar new year!

  3. what.jess.wore
    February 24, 2015 / 3:55 am

    Thanks Lauren! LOFT kills me with all their constant sales.

  4. what.jess.wore
    February 24, 2015 / 4:10 am

    Thanks Madie! We only have less than a month until spring and I hope more bearable temperatures are headed our way. I hope you had a good weekend! My husband and I have been driving to work but traffic has been horrendous. Our public transportation was somewhat crippled as well so either way commuting has been more painful than usual.You're welcome and I hope you enjoy the recipe when you do try it. Please feel free to email me if you prefer especially since you don't have Instagram. Trust me having no social media is a smart thing. I used to be a lot more productive in all aspects of life. Sometimes it's good to put my phone face down and concentrate on the things I'm supposed to get done. I've had hyperthyroidism since 2004 and what I have is called Grave's disease. It's really not so bad when treated but I really hate the frequent blood tests and adjusting my medication. At one point I even considered doing away with my thyroid completely but my current dose is very low and it's been under control for a while now. Plus I heard mixed stories about ablating your thyroid so I backed out. I just learned of some unpleasant news (not life threatening though) this morning regarding my recent labs that requires me to see a specialist but all roads lead to me taking better care of myself. 🙂 The Zara bird print dress is just a loose shift dress. I'll send you two pics from the fitting room via email. With regards to the sweater on the hanger which I did not share I tried on size XS but I found the two triangle cuts in the front to be rather strange. The sweater also runs small in my opinion and I was just too lazy to grab another size so I crossed it off my wishlist. Plus that was the day I found the cute cropped sweater pictured at the top of this post. I LOVE that sweater so much and I got both the grey and light blue color in the mail today. Both are keepers. I think they may be okay without a cami underneath as long as you wear a nude bra. However, they're cropped so I like the cami for extra length and I've been into the layered look recently.Let me know if you have any other questions! Have a great week dear!

  5. what.jess.wore
    April 15, 2015 / 1:43 am

    Hi. The jcrew tuxedo camisole. For someone 5'9 but similar measurements to you. Would you say a 0 to 00?

  6. what.jess.wore
    April 15, 2015 / 2:40 am

    I would say size 0 or even 2 or else it may be too short on you since you have 6.5" inches on me. My shoulders are 14" across so I would add a size for each inch your shoulders are wider than mine.

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