Banana Republic Finds & Premium Denim Review

Quick Update: A lovely follower informed me that the Stuart Weitzman over the knee wedge boots are back in stock! Currently sizes 5-10 in stock. See my review here.

#Outfit planning with a few of my recent purchases (see previous posts for sizing). Note: The @loft grey crystal leaf necklace is currently available and 40% off (cc: @anneclee88). #liketkit #bananarepublic #thenewBR #fla

Banana Republic Textured Swing Pullover, size XS regular
LOFT Outlet Lace Sleeve & Hem Tee (style no. 358252; similar here and here), size S regular
LOFT crystal leaf necklace (now available via Nordstrom
Club Monaco Dace Scarf (sold out)
Banana Republic Indigo Denim Leggings, size 0/25 short

Banana Republic is having a sale for 40% off select items. I’ve been eying the Tilia bootie since trying them on at the beginning of the season and I would have loved them in both colors but black is sold out online in my size. I purchased some new skinny jeans online and I figured I would do a quick review in this post.

When I went to pick up a pair I had hemmed for free (a very nice BR Luxe perk) I bought this white textured swing pullover in size S but I ended up exchanging it for size XS for a better fit. Below is how size XS looks on me. This sweater washed well in the cold cycle and air dried.

Last #ootd for the month. #liketkit #thenewBR #bananarepublic #sweater #loft #statementnecklace #loftoutlet #lace #tee #BR #skinnyjeans #darkdenim #toryburch #tallboots

Tory Burch Sullivan boots (review here)

New #jeans from @bananarepublic. Look for an updated review soon. LEFT: Indigo skinny jean in 0/25 petite (28.5" inseam) and RIGHT: Indigo denim legging in 0/25 short (27" inseam). Initial thoughts: The skinny jeans have a smoother look but requires hemmi

LEFT: Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Jean, size 0/25 petite
RIGHT: Banana Republic Indigo Denim Leggings, size 0/25 short

I’ve favored my trusty Old Navy Rockstar super skinny jeans for a few years now but I was intrigued by the introduction of the new BR premium denim. I ordered the indigo skinny jean and indigo denim leggings to try around the end of January. As pictured above on left, the skinny jeans feel like Spanx, sucking in and lifting up in all the right spots. This pair had a 28.5″ inseam when I checked measurements for the pair I received. I have the extra length cuffed above but I don’t like too much scrunching at the end of my jeans so I decided to get it hemmed for free via my local store. I love how the thighs and legs are slim throughout as one of my problems with many skinny jeans are baggy thighs and knees and too wide openings at the ankles. If you have thinner calves you may like this pair but if you have larger calves then you may have a problem pulling them on due to the lack of stretch. Most importantly this pair maintains its shape throughout the day and they didn’t bleed onto my hands or clothing. 

Below is a picture of how the skinny jeans look after hemming. The ankles are still small enough for my preference since the opening that smallest at the bottom was sacrificed for the sake of hemming.

Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Jean, size 0/25 short (hemmed)

Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Jean, size 0/25 petite after hemming
J.Crew Sloane Patent Pumps (old, similar here)

Moving onto the pair on the right, the indigo denim leggings are stretchier and therefore more comfortable than the skinny jeans. Beware that this wash bleeds on your hands until the third or fourth wash. I’ve washed this pair about six times now and it’s maintained it’s dark pigmentation but it still bleeds a bit onto my lighter articles of clothing. For example, it bled onto my white textured swing pullover but it came out in the wash.  (Note: I wash my clothes on cold and air dry them to prevent shrinking. If you experience color transfer/bleeding never wash the item on hot water or it may set in the color.) The jeans have also bled on my sandy grey heather colored LOFT open hoodie but that also came out in the wash as well. Per my measurements the 0/25 short had a 27″ inseam for the pair I received so it required no hemming or cuffing unlike the skinny jeans. They also maintain their shape very nicely and they’ve been the pair of jeans I’ve worn the most on rotation. 

Banana Republic is having a Friends and Family event next week (March 12-15) per a mailer I received with one time codes. If the promotion works on denim then I plan to stock up on more jeans. I wish retailers offered more white jean options but I recently came across DSTLD jeans and re-ordered the low rise skinny ankles in size 24 waist. I had ordered size 25 and 26 but I find this brand and style to run larger. Size 25 had fit me except for the baggy ankle issue. If size 24 works out I’ll do an updated review.

Banana Republic Textured Stripe Pullover, size XSP

Banana Republic Textured Stripe Boatneck Pullover, size XSP

Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Jean, size 0/25 petite after hemming

I also got this textured stripe boatneck pullover after trying it on in stores. I saw it on a sales associate and just had to try it on. Unfortunately I think this sweater became a tad tighter after I washed it last week despite washing it on cold and drying it flat. It’s still the same length but I prefer the looser fit. If it goes on further discount I may buy another and dry clean in order to maintain the relaxed fit.

I wanted this perforated mesh wrap so I was delighted to find it on sale in stores. It’s very soft, long and warm since you can wrap it around a few times without being too bulky.

I love the texture of this @bananarepublic perforated mesh wrap (got it on sale in stores). 💁 #liketkit #thenewBR #bananarepublic #loveLOFT #liveloveloft #loftgirl #bfftrends #wiw #loveit #instagoo

Banana Republic Perforated Mesh Wrap

Lastly, I also tried on this pretty draped sleeveless blouse which I passed on it in stores but I can’t stop thinking about it. I love the flowy fit but the vneck is deep so I would need a hidden snap button put in to avoid flashing my bra. I don’t like to wear a cami if I don’t have to for sheerer tops that I plan to use for layering purposes. In my opinion the cami outline ruins the otherwise clean, polished aesthetic.

Banana Republic Draped Sleeveless Blouse, size XS

Banana Republic Draped Sleeveless Blouse, size XS regular
Banana Republic Indigo Denim Leggings, size 0/25 short

Thanks for reading!


  1. what.jess.wore
    March 6, 2015 / 1:05 am

    these BR jeans all look great! i can barely see any difference betw. them side-by-side. You make me want to buy one just to try out, but I already have 2 ON rockstars which are fantastic jeans already. The funny thing w/my 2nd pair of rockstar is the fitting is loose than my first rockstar–yet both are exact same style and size. 🙁 Anyway, so you prefer the BR leggings over the skinny ones, right? And you'll buy the leggings rather than the skinny ones on BR F&F event?never heard of that brand dstld….cant wait to see your review on that purchase…i'm also on the lookout for a pair of white jeans which i think are harder to shop for. hope ur week has been good…weekend already tomorrow….cant believe it's already march. lol

  2. what.jess.wore
    March 6, 2015 / 1:29 am

    Thanks Madie! For the F&F I have a bunch of jeans in my cart including the indigo denim legging jean. If I get another skinny jean then I will try the ankle length version (Marine Skinny Ankle and Medium Wash Skinny Ankle Jean) as recommended by a follower on Instagram. I prefer the BR leggings (despite the bleeding) over the skinny ones because they're stretchier and more comfy. I still love my ON jeans but except for size 2S the size 4 thighs are baggy on me (noticeable when I sit).The DSTLD white jeans felt very nice/luxe to the touch but their white ankle jeans were on the thin side. I'm hoping that due to the stretchiness I felt in the size 25 the size 24 will not be too tight and will still look flattering and appropriate. They're $85 but I just got a code (LASTCALL) for 40% off but using the promo code means it would be final sale. The code is good until March 13th so I hope I get the new size soon so I can order more if I like them.Happy Thursday! I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday and we're that much closer to spring.

  3. what.jess.wore
    March 7, 2015 / 12:11 am

    thanks for doing this review! I think i'm gonna try the leggings next. The ankle jeans were a perfect length but the only slight flaw I found was the stiffness of the denim. I also have my eye on that draped blouse but am disappointed to find out that it's sheer! Wish BR would use more opaque fabrics for their white tops.

  4. what.jess.wore
    March 9, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    You're welcome! Yes, for the stiffness I will just stick to the one pair I purchased and hemmed. I wish the draped blouse was less sheer too and I wonder if the other colors are less sheer. By the way, I had the opportunity to try on the black skinny jeans (they are really stretchy so I may need them in 00P) and marine skinny ankle jeans this past weekend. For the Marine skinny ankle jeans the petites was slightly too short on me (more ankle length). I will try to order the short version during the F&F and hope that they're somehow a tad longer even though the website says they're both the same length.

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