Review: LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress & Fitting Room Update

LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress
(Follow the Instagram comments here on the in store availability of this dress.)

Update 3/17: As of midnight the dress scallop crop illusion dress is now available for purchase on the LOFT website in regular (style# 354384) and petites (style# 363947) sizes. See it on the lovely Kayla Gross here and styled here with a statement necklace by Montage Fashionista.


Update 4/5: Here is what size 00 regular looks like on me:

@loft scalloped crop illusion #dress in 00 regular. Debating if I should get the bust darts fixed in order to keep this cutie. However, I think it's a tad wide on me due to the generous cut of the dress. #liketkit #loveL

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress, size 00 regular
Bandolino Mikea Sandals*
*Runs true to size to 1/2 larger; black available here and here; similar here and here

Size 00 regular measurements:

32″ chest (measured pit to pit)

28″ empire waist

34″ hips

34″ total length 


The LOFT scallop crop illusion dress from their recent mailer (see here) is now available online! It’s marked as sold out online but I just saw this dress in petites at the Wareham Crossing open mall and in regular missy sizing at the South Shore Mall today. I also called customer service and one of the stores today and they both said it was available for pre-order . Hopefully the current sold out status is just their way to mark it as a placeholder online until they flip the availability. In the meantime you can use the style numbers (regular style# 354384; petites style# 363947) to call your local LOFT and snag this dress while it’s still 40% off.

LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress size 00P (left) and size 0P (right)

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress in strawberry ice, size 00P (left) and size 0P (right)

I personally fond that this dress runs at least one size larger since I fit size 00P even though I usually take size 0/XSP in LOFT dresses and sometimes 00/XXS regular. Refer to my size reference here. I usually carry a small retractable measuring tape in my purse unless I left it at home so I took quick measurements of both sizes in the fitting room.

Size 00P:
32″ chest (measured pit to pit)
33″ total length

Size 0P:
34″ chest (measured pit to pit)
34″ total length

LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress - details

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress

The adorable back detail is held together by a small clasp and it looks like a little scalloped cape. When you’re wearing the dress the back is meant to be a little open showing just a peek of skin while still covering your bra straps because it’s a normal sheath shift dress underneath. I tried on both 00P and 0P below and I like the fit of the sheath dress for size 00P but the length of the crop top for size 0P. I have a smaller chest (I wear a 32A or 30B bra) so the bust darts in both sizes didn’t lay properly on me in either size. It’s harder to tell with size 00P picture below but I had to thrust my chest forward more for it to look like how it should fit but the crop top just doesn’t drape well over my bust. If you have a slightly fuller bust then this dress should work for you but I wasn’t able to fill it out properly. The bust darts should be an easy thing to fix if you can sew or you can take it to a tailor but given my own sizing issues I decided to pass on this pretty new arrival.

Note: As I’m typing up this post I also just noticed a similar poplin crop illusion dress appear online in fiesta yellow so I’m pretty sure LOFT is updating their website with new spring styles. It wasn’t there in the Google search results about an hour ago while the scalloped crop illusion dress was.

LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress, size 00P

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress, size 00P (see another picture/view here)

From the back of size 00P you can see that the sheath dress skims my figure while size 0P makes me appear much wider. Conversely when comparing the the front crop portion of the dress you can see that size 0P drapes better but the bust darts are to the on the far side of my chest.

LOFT Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress, size 0P

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress, size 0P

Here are some of my other fitting room try-ons. I’ve never been to Wareham, MA before but I accompanied my husband since he was in the area for something work related. The ladies at this local LOFT store were very nice and the store has a pretty good selection of regular and petite items as well as Lou & Grey.

LOFT Striped Hi-Low Sweater, size S

Striped Hi-Low Sweater in forever navy, size S regular

This striped hi-low hem sweater reminds me of my favorite mesh trim sweater (seen here) from last year. I tried on size XS (above in forever navy) and size S (below in whisper white) and I liked the slightly oversized fit of size S on me for the longer length due to the cropped fit.

LOFT Striped Hi-Low Sweater, size XS

Striped Hi-Low Sweater in whisper white, size XS regular

LOFT Lapeled Light Chambray Softened Shirt, size XXSP

Lapeled Light Chambray Softened Shirt, size XXSP

I came across this lapeled light chambray shirt and in the clearance racks (it’s currently final sale for $14.93 after discounts online). Size XXSP fits me really well but I just bought the drapey chambray softened shirt in this post.

LOFT Tweed Stripe Sweatshirt, size XXSP

Tweed Stripe Sweatshirt, size XXSP

I also found this tweed stripe sweatshirt in the clearance rack and tried it on for size. It’s actually surprisingly cute on but the arms are way too tight for me in XXSP so I would probably need this in XSP. It’s currently final sale for $23.99 after discounts online.

LOFT Lace Hem Tee, size XS

Lace Hem Tee, size XS regular (similar here)

As I mentioned in this post LOFT outlet has a similar lace sleeve/hem tee but I tried this lace hem tee on for size. I found the regular LOFT version to be too sheer and to be honest the white actually seemed kind of dingy in real life so I wouldn’t recommend it. The black color option seems okay but the LOFT outlet version is far superior with the cute lace details on the sleeves. I also saw this similar striped lace hem tee below but it wasn’t very flattering on me. Unlike the solid version above I think the scoop neck is a bit lower, rounder on the striped version unless you layer with a cami or don’t mind flashing cleavage.

LOFT Striped Lace Hem Tee

Striped Lace Hem Tee, size XS regular

LOFT Denim Jacket in Aquamarine Blue, size XXSP

Denim Jacket in Aquamarine Blue, size XXSP

LOFT henley (old)

Denim Leggings In Center Blue Wash, size 24/00P

Update 3/15: I tried on this denim jacket in aquamarine blue since I’m always on the look out for the perfect jean jacket. I like this wash a lot and the sleeves fold up and look really cute but since I rarely wear the three that I already own I passed on it for now. Last year I got a light wash jean jacket at LOFT in XSP but it’s a bit too wide and boxy on me so I ended up not wearing it no more than a few times. I also got a white linen “denim” jacket from LOFT but my cleaners actually got a light stain on it when I had it cleaned and stored away for the end of the summer. The year before I found one from J.Crew but the sleeves are too tight for layering or folding up comfortably.

LOFT Denim Jacket in Aquamarine Blue, size XXSP

Denim Jacket in Aquamarine Blue, size XXSP

LOFT henley (old)

Denim Leggings In Center Blue Wash, size 24/00P

I was disappointed that all the jeans I wanted at Banana Republic were BR Picks so they were excluded from the Friends & Family event this weekend. I headed to LOFT which was right across and tried on these denim leggings in center blue wash in size 24/00P. This pair runs big since it fits me (refer to my size reference here) and I’m usually a 25/0P or 26/2P in bottoms. In fact all of LOFT‘s bottoms seem to run big due to vanity sizing. The material of this pair is really stretchy and for once the length wasn’t too short but at the same time they were a bit too long (likely 28″) on me causing more bunching at the bottom than I would like. Due to the very tapered ankles it didn’t look quite right folded.


Thanks for reading!


  1. what.jess.wore
    March 16, 2015 / 1:06 am

    Jess, amazing. lol….You dress up looking girly in pink and scallops to looking like a tough motorcycle-riding chick all in one post. Love it. πŸ˜€ ahhh, sweaters Jess….thank you for the reviews. hehe, you know me too well that I like sweaters too much.Yes, that hi-low striped sweater really reminded me of the mesh one you own…though I much really prefer your mesh striped sweater b/c it's classic thin stripes with a twist. *want* Actually i've been scouring through ebay looking for yours w/no avail ever since that post. I gave up. lolTil next time!

  2. what.jess.wore
    March 16, 2015 / 2:53 am

    That was unintentional I swear! πŸ™‚ I went to a Banana yesterday but they had no petites so I tried again today at a different location only to find out the jeans I wanted were excluded from F&F. I ended up ordering only two pairs online for 40% off (one more indigo legging jean and the black jeans I mentioned to you).The hi-low striped sweater is wide in the chest area for me in size S but size XS is too short. I hope you caught the link to the picture I sneaked in at the end of this post where I'm wearing it the LOFT legging jeans I reviewed. I tried on that sweater again today since I was trying to decide if I should get it but again I passed. I have to be pickier and not give in each and every sale they constantly run… I will be doing some closet clean up soon. I keep saying that but it will be spring soon so time to cull my closet and also drag out my spring and summer things from under the bed. If I ever tire of that mesh striped sweater I'll let you know. I actually haven't worn since November/December I think since I hoard LOFT. It's like Pokemon. Gotta catch 'em all… but not. lol

  3. what.jess.wore
    March 16, 2015 / 3:43 am

    yes, i saw that comparison! so helpful as usual! I thought the BR I went to had such poor selection of petites since it's in a college town. So it must be true for almost any brick-n-mortar BR store even in the big city. I think BR online stock runs out fast esp. on sale. I think you did right choice getting those jeans even if not included FF sale. Also jeans are not easy to shop for…at least for me.No, you dont need that hi-low stripe sweater. πŸ™‚ Besides, yours is much unique, cute yet chic…no comparison. You will definitely wear yours again when the cold season returns….but for now warmer days are ahead and your wishlist is brimming with some interesting pretties that got me a-drooling. :P"""""""""" lol

  4. what.jess.wore
    March 16, 2015 / 6:04 am

    scallops everywhere! love it hehexojoycewww.teawithmd.comHealth & beauty blog from a dermatologist!

  5. what.jess.wore
    March 17, 2015 / 2:23 am

    Thanks Joyce! πŸ™‚

  6. what.jess.wore
    March 17, 2015 / 2:29 am

    The BR in Boston Prudential center has the best selection of petites but the small sizes can go quick since it's also a college town. I used to be BR obsessed before becoming LOFT obsessed. πŸ˜‰ I think I find a pair of jeans I love every few years so yes they're very hard to shop for. Thanks for keeping an eye on my wishlist. I removed a few items I changed my mind about. I'm excited to get the two pretty tops I ordered from F21.

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