LOFT Sale Alert: 50% Off Full-Priced Dresses (In-Store Only), 40% Off Everything + Last Day For Additional 25% Off Full-Priced Purchases Online

LOFT Sale Alert 3/31/15

Lasercut Scallop Shell
Cuffed Broken In Tee
Eyelet Stripe Chambray Tee
Windowpane Tunic Softened Shirt
Wild Cat Flippy Dress

Update 4/1: I just checked and the additional 25% off stackable code below still works online. This is no joke! 

Get 50% off full-priced dresses (in-stores only) and 40% off full-priced styles at LOFT in-stores and online. No code needed. Lou & Grey exclusions apply. As mentioned in my previous recent posts (here and here), use the stackable code INSIDER832B online (today 3/31 is the last day/night) for an additional 25% off full-price purchases of $100+ (excludes Lou & Grey merchandise). That’s a total of 55% off after discounts on full-priced items!

I’ve been trying on A LOT of items in-stores because 55% off everything is unheard of. Placing a lot of orders online without a lot of thought and then returning them if they don’t work out can be quite a hassle. I don’t enjoy being that customer holding up the line returning all the things plus I’ve been burned twice their return policy/ban if you make excessive returns. I’m not sure if they still scan your license along with your in-store returns but if your local store does this then beware of not being able to make any returns for 90 days if you reach the return limit. Ordering online only sizes and/or styles and then not being able to return something due to fit, quality or if you don’t like it just sucks. Putting my experience out there may be over sharing but I do not work for LOFT and I simply enjoying blogging and sharing their clothes. 🙂 It’s a miracle I still like to shop at LOFT after that negative experience but their clothes are really cute and personally fit me well as long as I can snag an item in the right size.

LOFT Wild Cat Flippy Dress, size 00

Wild Cat Flippy Dress, size 00 regular (similar here)

During my in-store perusal tonight I came across this wild cat flippy dress on the racks in the regular missy section. I’m not usually one to ever gravitate towards animal print but I liked the shape of the dress which reminded me of the flattering Ann Taylor mini daisy flare dress (review here). I tried it on and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the regular 00 fit me. The dress was on sale and an additional 40% off in store (compared to final sale online) so this was the only item that went home with me since I plan to order the rest of my wishlist online for better savings.

LOFT Wild Cat Flippy Dress, size 00

Wild Cat Flippy Dress, size 00 regular

LOFT Cuffed Broken In Tee, size XS

Cuffed Broken In Tee in morning aqua, size XS regular

I ordered this cuffed broken in tee in size XXS regular (an online only size) and it should arrive on Friday. I tried on size XS tonight because I wanted to see how it fit and it’s a little loose and relaxed on me so I am pretty sure size XXS should work out perfectly. The embroidered vented split hem is such a cute detail and I got this in morning aqua pictured here and peach melba.

LOFT Windowpane Tunic Softened Shirt, size XXSP

Windowpane Tunic Softened Shirt, size XXSP

A while back I tried on this windowpane tunic softened shirt in regular XXS and it was huge! I was about to head into the fitting room when I spied this shirt in size XXSP so I tried it on for size. This gingham shirt runs about 1 size bigger in the petites version so size down. I personally prefer a full button down gingham shirt so I passed.

LOFT Eyelet Stripe Chambray Top, size XXS

Eyelet Stripe Chambray Tee (online exclusive), size XXS regular

I tried on this eyelet stripe chambray tee in regular XXS since I was excited to see this size returned to the store. It’s not see through despite the eyelet detail but it’s a bit boxy and wide so I passed but I was tempted to get it because of how cute it was. Note the hi-lo hem which is blocked by my arm in the right picture.

LOFT Lasercut Scallop Shell, size XXSP

Lasercut Scallop Shell, size XXSP (review of size XS here and XSP here)

For my final repeat try-on, I’ve been obsessing over this lasercut scallop shell because I love the details on the hem but after trying on all possible sizes in store (except for XXS regular which is online only and out of stock) I can’t order it as part of this sale. Hopefully my size will pop up online if someone returns it or I’ll find it in store. Size XXSP arm holes fit me perfectly but it’s just a bit too tight and short for my preference.

I just spotted this etched shirtdress online (final sale) and I’m so curious if it fits like my favorite stripeblock shirtdress (review here) since the style looks so similar.

Note: I also tried on this dot lace sweatshirt not pictured but I’m only mentioning it in passing because I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s gorgeous to look at but the lace material makes crunching noises which is very strange and I couldn’t get past it. It does run true to size.


Thanks for reading!


  1. what.jess.wore
    April 1, 2015 / 11:48 pm

    Nice finds, Jess! I too sway away from animal prints but the fitting of this dress is fab…hard to find a dress that fits right. good purchase! gotta get a kick of the name 'wild cat'….sounds like clubbing clothing. LOL-How is the fabric of the windowpane soften shirt? is it see-thru? thin? -wrinkle prone? -Think it can be wearable in 80 degrees? probably too hot for 90 deg. weather, huh? -Also do you think size xxsp can accommodate 34b bust size….looks like there's some fabric lee-way at the back? I am in need of a classic gingham shirt since i got rid of my old massive one. I wonder why Loft called this windowpane when their windowpane styles were mostly 'squares' design reminiscent of those bold 80's designs…for me at least. lol Had you not posted this, I would have missed it online. 🙂 Thank you Jess! Hope your work week has been treating you well.

  2. what.jess.wore
    April 2, 2015 / 2:20 am

    Thank you so much, Jess for the 4 pictures!! Both you and Megan should be Loft models…i tell you clothing looks better and sellable on you gals vs. loft always go above and beyond when helping out! 🙂 No wonder you're my fav blogger.gonna add xxsp to my w/l. Most gingham tops i've seen are thin, wrinkle-prone….like the jcpenney one i owned. lolDont worry, Friday is around the corner. Just hang in there.i'll talk to you later this weekend. 🙂 oooh and Happy Easter in case I cant comment timely on your posts here.

  3. what.jess.wore
    April 2, 2015 / 3:00 am

    You're welcome Madie! You're so sweet. <3 Megan works for LOFT and LOFT girls at my local store recently started an Instagram account. They are always such style inspirations. They're also the reason I've tried on or bought a few things I would have otherwise passed on because it always helps to see something on a real woman instead of their tall, thin and unrelatable models. Thanks so much for your support and wishing you a Happy Easter. 😀

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