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 LOFT Striped Shirttail Tank Dress, size XSP

LOFT Striped Shirttail Tank Dress, size XSP (see size XXSP on StylishPetite, review of size XXSP and XSP here)
Vintage Gucci Crossbody from The Bargain District

Bandolino Mikea Sandals*

*Runs true to size to 1/2 larger; black available here and here; similar here


  • Get 50% off select full-price styles and extra 50% off sale styles at LOFT. Shorts and crops are on sale as well. Valid in stores and online. Since no code is needed use the stackable code INSIDER538 online for an additional 25% off full-price purchases of $100+ (I noticed it also works on Lou & Grey). That’s 62.5% off full-price styles after discounts! Also, redeem your LOFT cash cards to save $25 on every $50 you spend on full-price styles today through 6/14. Note: Call customer service and place a phone in order to use multiple cash cards. I don’t think they’ll let you use the stackable code since it’s one code per order though but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
  • Get 30% off select full-price styles at Ann Taylor. While this sale is unimpressive on it’s own you can use the stackable code ANNT3BE for an additional 25% off full price purchases of $100+. That’s a total of 47.5% off select full-rice styles including this mini pebbled signature tote (review here), graphic lace tee (review here) and this collarless tipped jacket I reviewed below in 0P and in size 2P in my previous post. Update 6/6: If you want to order a single item over $100+, use the stackable code ANNT5KM for an additional $50 off (expires 6/10). This code excludes sale and clearance items. Note that the collarless tipped jacket is a better deal when you use this code and I paid for shipping ($8.95) too but it was still $70.25 or almost 56% off the retail price.

FITTING ROOM REVIEWS (refer to all of my LOFT reviews here)

 LOFT Fluid Tee

LEFT – LOFT Fluid Tee in washed seafoam, size SP
RIGHT – LOFT Fluid Tee in washed seafoam, size XS regular
Banana Republic denim (old wash from 2011)
Cole Haan Jenni Buckle Ballet Flats

I haven’t been excited about a lot of the most recent new arrivals at LOFT but my coworker was wearing this fluid tee the other day and I really loved how it draped on her. This washed seafoam color is gorgeous in real life and it was almost out of stock in both stores I visited. I definitely need size XSP or XXS regular (for extra length) after trying on sizes XXSP (below), XSP, SP and XS regular for size. 

Update 6/28: I washed the icy peach fluid tee before vacation but left for a weekend trip before I could see what it looked like when it dried. We just got back tonight and I double checked the shirt in comparison to the black and seafoam colors that I didn’t wear/wash yet and noticed a big difference in the length. The sleeves didn’t shrink that much but the front which was double layered shrunk so much that it now looks odd because the front most layer is sheer. The shirt no longer drapes the same way so I don’t like how it looks on me anymore. I’m really disappointed because I was hoping this shirt would be a great wardrobe staple but I wouldn’t recommend this top at all and will be returning the other two colors I bought. You can also sort the online reviews by the lowest rating since I had the same experience as the reviewer from Baton Rouge, LA.

 LOFT Fluid Tee in icy peach, size XXSP

LOFT Fluid Tee in icy peach, size XXSP

The fluid tee also fits me in size XXSP but my mom fed me really well when I was on vacation last week so I feel more comfortable with the drape of size XSP (pictured below). See a comparison of size XSP and regular XS on the hanger here.

LOFT Diamond Fluid Tee, size XSP

LOFT Diamond Fluid Tee, size XSP

 LOFT Tank Midi Dress

LEFT – LOFT Tank Midi Dress, size XXSP
RIGHT – LOFT Tank Midi Dress, size XSP

I also tried on this tank midi dress in sizes XXSP and XSP for comparison and the dress runs large so you may want to size down. Size XSP fit better me at the chest and the straps covered my bra straps better even though the side by side pictures above show a similar fit. Here is another picture of size XSP on me here. I wish the dress had adjustable straps and came in more colors since the grey color makes it seem more like loungewear. The material is very soft and the dress also has pockets. On the racks size XSP is about one inch longer than size XXSP. You can also see a Snapchat (username: whatjesswore) clip of size XXSP on me here. Apologies for the blurrier than usual video quality from my iPhone 5 but my iPhone 6 was running low on data and unpublished snaps tend to disappear if I try to queue them up until I get home.

 LOFT Fluid Tee in frosted heather (size SP) & Lou & Grey Checked Shorts (size XS)

LOFT Fluid Tee in frosted heather, size SP
Lou & Grey Checked Shorts, size XS regular

I tried on the fluid tee in frosted heather and the Lou & Grey checked shorts together and realized after the fact that the set matched perfectly as a lounge outfit at home. The shorts fit me well in size XS regular and they’re currently 50% off plus an additional 25% off with the code I shared at the top of this post. The shorts fit true to size and size XS regular should fit those that usually take size 00/0 in LOFT shorts.

 LOFT Lacy Tee, size XS

LOFT Lacy Tee, size XS regular

I went to two local stores looking for this lacy tee in XSP since I had four LOFT cash cards to spend but both of them didn’t have it out on the sales floor yet in etites so I tried on XS regular for size. Sara said she thought regular missy fit boxy and I agree with her because I found that SP (which usually fits very similar to XS regular) fits much slimmer (refer to my review of SP here). I suggest trying on this tee in petites if your store carries it should you come to the same conclusion.

 LOFT Gingham Sailor Riviera Shorts, size 0

 LOFT Gingham Sailor Riviera Shorts, size 0 regular

I tried on these gingham sailor riviera shorts in size 0 regular yesterday and they actually fit true to size since I usually take 00 regular in LOFT shorts. These shorts have a hidden zipper on one side. I was tempted to get them but I rarely wear shorts so I resisted the urge. I also tried on 00 regular in this pretty seersucker skirt and found that it runs truer to size than usual LOFT vanity sizing as it sits very high on my waist/ribcage and it was a bit tight when I tried to zip it up.

Ann Taylor Collarless Tipped Jacket, size 0P

Ann Taylor Collarless Tipped Jacket, size 0P (review of size 2P here)

LOFT Heart Vintage Broken In Shell, size XSP (review of size XSP here and XS regular here)
Zara Flat Chain Sandals in gold (item no. 2660/001, review here, similar here)  

Update 6/6: I stopped by the Ann Taylor on Newbury Street today after strolling around the city with my husband and I was able to find and try on size 0P in this collarless tipped jacket. See the Snapchat video I saved here but size 0P definitely fits me much better than size 2P which I reviewed in my previous post.

 Ann Taylor Embroidered Moto Jacket, size 0P

Ann Taylor Embroidered Moto Jacket, size 0P
Lasercut Scallop Shell, size XSP (review of size XS here, size XSP review here)

I spotted this embroidered moto jacket and since I gravitate towards white I had to try it on to satisfy my curiosity. Size 0P fit me true to size but I didn’t like it halfway zipped or fully unzipped on me so I passed.

 Ann Taylor Graphic Sweater, size M

Ann Taylor Graphic Sweater, size M regular (similar here)

This graphic sweater was featured on Ann Taylor‘s Instagram feed in early March in a very chic outfit as seen here. I tried on size M regular since it looked small and boxy and it was the smallest size left in the sales rack. The current sale yesterday wasn’t appealing otherwise it would have come home with me but that’s okay because I wanted to try on size S for comparison anyway.

 Ann Taylor Breezy Sweater, size MP

Ann Taylor Breezy Sweater, size MP (as seen on ExtraPetite)

I spotted this breezy sweater in the sales rack as well and grabbed MP to try on. It’s 100% linen and I wasn’t sure how well the material would do in the wash so I passed but I have it in my shopping cart in case the price improves after discounts. The current sale for 30% off the sale price of $69.99 isn’t anything to get excited over. Ann Taylor tends to fit short and boxy on me so I usually go up one size from my usual size 0P/XSP for their sweaters.

 Ann Taylor Dressy Tee in ocean fog, size XSP

Ann Taylor Dressy Tee in ocean fog, size XSP

Lastly, I tried on this dressy tee in size XSP and I loved the fit and draping but the one I tried on was completely ruined (you can sort of make out the defect in the LEFT picture) due to lots of handling and abuse by other customers. I didn’t think it was too sheer with a nude bra but it’s a close, dressier contender with the LOFT fluid tee which I’m currently coveting in washed seafoam and icy peach.

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