Review: Ann Taylor Margo Leather Sandals

 Ann Taylor Margo Leather Sandals

Ann Taylor Margo leather sandals (sold out, similar here)

DEAL ALERT! I posted these Ann Taylor Margo leather sandals the other day in this post and they’re now on special discount for $59.50 in stores and online along with the rest of their shoes (this sale ends today). If you’re ordering online then you can use the stackable code ANNT3BE for an additional 25% off your entire purchase. That brings the price down to $44.62 after discounts which is almost 68% off the original retail price! I got the wet stucco and classic tan colors pictured above.

I originally tried on size 7.5 in store and I think they fit true to size to a half size larger as size 7.5 was a bit big in the back of the foot bed so I’m glad I went with my usual size 7. I had to buckle the straps on the very first loop of the buckle so if you have slim ankles then these sandals may not work for you as they may have too much gaping around the ankles. The leather straps are very soft and comfortable so hopefully they will not cause blisters.

They were quick to ship because I received both sandals in the mail yesterday and I measured the heels at 4″ so they’re definitely not 3.25″ as noted on the website. This video shows you how I measured the heel height. You can also refer to the updated videos I saved from my Snapchat (username: whatjesswore) of how they look on my feet here and here. Due to the higher heel height there is pressure on your toes as noted by one of the online reviewers but the foot bed is soft making them more comfortable. I think these shoes may run a half size larger because the arch of my foot isn’t flush against the foot bed unless I scoot back my foot a little bit.

Update 6/12: I wore these sandals for a full day yesterday and today and while the first day was comfortable to tolerable the second day proved to be too much for my feet. I couldn’t last more than an hour in these sandals before the pressure really got to me causing my feet to appear red and flushed. The straps are soft so I didn’t get a single blister but in my opinion these sandals are only meant for days when you you’ll be doing more sitting than standing/walking around.

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