Review: New Balance for J.Crew

 New Balance for J.Crew Review

When New Balance for J.Crew hit the website the other day I couldn’t wait to see the pieces from the collection in person. I love the fun yet classic mix of polka dots and stripes and the blue, white and yellow for a pop of color were calling my name. I wasn’t disappointed when I visited the store today and saw the dedicated setup in the middle of my local store. I like the excellent quality and the fun mix and match options across the entire collection. The price point is admittedly higher than I would prefer to pay but I know I will get a lot of wear out of the pieces I took home. I haven’t purchased a single piece of althleisure or cute workout clothes in years if ever so I figured it was time to treat myself. I need motivation to workout on a more consistent basis.

 New Balance for J.Crew in-transit long-sleeve T-shirt in polka dot, size S regular

New Balance for J.Crew in-transit long-sleeve T-shirt in polka dot, size S regular

New Balance for J.Crew running short, size XS

New Balance for J.Crew 711 mesh sneakers in navy

I tried on this long sleeve shirt in the polka dot print and I found the length of the shirt closer to tunic length on me so I wish it came in petites. I prefer my shirts to be more loose fitting so I grabbed size S to try on which fits me very well. It’s also available in a stripe version here.

The navy running shorts fit me perfectly in size XS but the polka dot version didn’t look as good since they seemed to plaster across my lady parts in an unflattering way. I also liked that the leg opening of these shorts aren’t too voluminous because my thighs are on the smaller side.

 New Balance for J.Crew performance capri leggings in stripe, size S

New Balance for J.Crew performance capri leggings in stripe, size S

I tried on these capri leggings in stripe and size S fit me perfectly. They may not work out for the very tall ladies since I’m 5’2 1/2″ and the length fits me as pictured in their stock image. The waist of size S for these capris fit like size XS of the running shorts pictured above for size comparison. I love how these capris hug your curves (notice the lack of a bump for the shirt in the above photo versus when I paired them with the running shorts) and they also hide panty lines due to the stripe placement. I thought the colorblock print with the polka dots was really cute but you’d have to be really comfortable with your figure to flaunt it. I found the colorblock version to be a bit more form fitting (visually) than the striped version.

I wanted to try on the solid version of these capris but the sales associate misunderstood and handed me size S of the performance leggings which were very form fitting. The fit of the leggings are too exposing/tight so I passed on them. The length is also not petite friendly but they actually looked okay when I folded them up 3-4″.

Lastly, I love and would recommend the 711 mesh sneakers. I tried on both navy and bitter melon which is a cheery yellow pictured above. I got the yellow for a pop of color but I may get it in the navy color too since I love them that much. They run true to size so I took my usual size 7 and they’re very comfortable off the bat. Update: They are now available in pink!

Shop my favorite pieces from the collection here (J.Crew is currently offering free shipping on all orders for a limited time):

I recently tried using the weighted hula hoop in the gym and I really liked it so I ordered these arm hoops and my own weighted hoop to use in the comfort of our home. My little sister’s wedding is in under a month and I have to wear a one strap sleeveless dress so I’ve been aggressively working out in addition to watching what I eat. Jump roping is my favorite way to burn calories quickly. I have to be careful to stretch out before and after since I always tend to injure my foot and ankles when I first start out after a long hiatus.

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