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March 22, 2017

LOFT Spring 2017 Fitting Room Reviews

LOFT Spring Fitting Room Reviews on

According to the latest spring catalog I recently received, the next 40% off everything + FREE shipping for cardmembers starts March 22. 30% off everything for non-cardmembers starts Thursday, March 23. Use code SPRING17 on If you didn't receive the latest LOFT Flower Power (Spring 2017) catalog in the mail here is a sneak peek of some of the new arrivals coming soon. Note: These items appear 'sold out' but they definitely haven't hit the website yet.

There are so many gorgeous spring things at LOFT and some of my recent favorite purchases include this daisy bell sleeve blouse (see it on me here), this daisy embroidered pintuck blouse (I took size XXSP), this cherry blossom infinity scarf and the shimmer floral flounce dress (reviewed below). I've been meaning to update my blog with these fitting room reviews so thank you for your patience!

 LOFT Shimmer Floral Flounce Dress, size XSP

I picked up this floral flounce dress this past weekend with my remaining LOFT cash cards. I tried it on the previous weekend in size XSP and I couldn't stop thinking about it. The fit is loose and forgiving so I may try belting it. It hits a few inches above my knees. The dress comes with a slip inside which you can easily remove since it's loosely attached to the dress so that it stays in place. I may try using my own slip underneath to see how it looks. The dress comes across looking wide in pictures but it looks better in person where you can see the movement as seen in this clip. The details of the fabric are really pretty as seen here. Each dress is slightly different depending on where the larger flowers are positioned so you may want to try on a few different dresses in order to pick the one you like best.

 LOFT Shimmer Floral Flutter Off The Shoulder Top, size XSP

When LOFT comes out with a really good print they always offer it in other items such as this pretty off the shoulder top. (I got this cherry blossom infinity scarf which is a very similar print.) I don't wear off the shoulder tops so I found that this one also looks good worn on the shoulders. Refer to this picture for the off the shoulder look. The elastic stays on your shoulders and doesn't appear to slip or move around too much. I'd say that this top runs true to size for a flowy, relaxed fit. I may try this top in size XXS regular for the extra overall length.

 LOFT Camellia Lace Dress, size 0P

I originally tried on this dress in size 0 regular as seen here and here so I was sure that I needed this dress in size 0P which I found this past weekend. It fits true to my usual size at LOFT and it is lined but still a bit thin/sheer so nude undergarments are a must. I'm not sure how much I would wear this dress so I passed on it for now.

 LOFT Gilded Garden Top, size XSP

This embroidered top appears to be a favorite. It pictures well but it runs really wide and baggy/poufy as seen in the picture on above left and here. It looks okay when my arms are down at my sides but it fits like a loose sack as seen from the side view. Size XXSP looked much shorter so I couldn't size down without sacrificing the extra length which is my preference. It is also a bit sheer as other online reviews have noted. I've seen most people wear this top paired with a cardigan likely to hide the fit issues. I would suggest going down at least one size for this top and/or also trying on petites if you normally take regular missy sizes for the best fit.

 LOFT Lace Cami Dress, size 00P

This lace dress looked amazing in the store window display but it was pinned back on the mannequin. I tried on both size 0P here and 00P pictured above but this dress runs big and the fit left something to be desired for me. There is some ruching at the waist that adds bulk where it isn't welcome on me. You can see this issue on the first picture in their online stock image as well. If you really love this dress then you may want to consider having the tailor take it in for a more flattering fit.

LOFT Cold Shoulder Sweater, size XS regular
LOFT Cold Shoulder Sweater, size XS regular (review of size S regular here)

I finally found size XS regular to try in this cold shoulder sweater and it fits me better but I don't really love it on my small bust so I passed. The v-neck is also deep and I feel a bit exposed especially in the back. I really want to love and embrace the cold shoulder trend but so far most tops this style  make me feel like I have broad shoulders.

 LOFT Bell Sleeve Sweater, size XS regular
LOFT Bell Sleeve Sweater, size XS regular

I like this bell sleeve sweater and it runs true to size. I tried on size XS regular but I would prefer it in my usual size XXS for the best fit since the v-neck is a little low on me in size XS. Refer to this clip for another view of the sweater on me. It looks really cute paired with the shimmer floral scarf as seen here.

 LOFT Maze Riviera Pants in Marisa Fit, size 00P

The maze print is really eye catching so I tried on these Riviera pants for sizing and I found they fit one size bigger. I suggest going down one size from your usual size at LOFT. I usually wear size 0P in pants but size 00P fit me. Refer to this clip for a better view of the pants on me.

 LOFT Inked Floral Pleated Shorts, size 00 regular

The print on these inked floral pleated shorts are so adorable as seen here. I found that they fit true to size since size 00 regular fit me pretty well as seen here. My True Fit profile recommends size 0 petite but I prefer the regular missy size for the extra length. I wish they were made out of polyester but these shorts are 100% rayon so I will pass since they will likely shrink in the wash. I will keep an eye out for the online reviews just in case.

 LOFT Back Pleat Trench, size 00P

I like the simplicity of this back pleat trench and it runs about one size bigger so I took size 00P which is still a loose fit. I have longer arms than most petites so the sleeves are bracelet length on me. Refer to this clip for another view of the fit on me. I also finally found size 00P in the modern trench (review here) so I exchanged size 0P for size 00P. Interestingly, both sizes have the same shoulder width and similar waist size but the sleeves of size 00P were about half an inch longer which works out perfectly for me. See size 00P on me here. Note that the side profile picture on the right looks odd because there's an X sewn at the very bottom of the back pleat that is keeping it closed.

 LOFT Striped Lace Up Ruffle Shell, size XS regular

This ruffle lace up shell is adorable but it does run at least one size bigger. I tried on size XS regular but I would probably need size XSP for the best fit. The material is thin but not see through with a nude bra.

Striped Ruffle Henley Shell, size XSP

I have a similar style ruffle henley shell from last year and I love the light blue stripes for this year's version. The material is thin and therefore see through in this print. It has a relaxed fit in my usual size XSP.

 LOFT Tie Waist Button Skirt, size XS regular
LOFT Tie Waist Button Skirt, size XS regular (now offered in pine, botanic, islander and vine prints) 

This skirt looked adorable on one of the sales associates at my local LOFT. Size XS regular fit me but I would prefer size XXS regular so I'd say it runs true to size. I passed on this skirt since I have a straight up and down figure with no waist definition. I feel that skirts and shorts that cinch at my waist do not do my figure any favors.

 LOFT Pocket Scalloped Skirt, size 0 regular
LOFT Pocket Scalloped Skirt, size 0 regular

Size 0 regular has a 27" waistband and it was about 17.75" in length. I had high hopes for this scallop hem skirt but the skirt is too wide along the bottom which is also my issue with the sunny lace skirt which I finally received in size 0P. It's too bad because I love the color and the style of both skirts but I'm trying not to settle on fit this year.

 LOFT Striped Ruffle Cold Shoulder Tee, size S regular
LOFT Striped Ruffle Cold Shoulder Tee, size S regular (review of size XS here)

This ruffle cold shoulder top has a snug fit so I tried on size S regular since I had previously tried on size XS regular. Size S was too loose and long on me so I probably need this top in size XSP or SP for the best fit.

 LOFT Cropped Skinny Chinos, size 0P

I tried on these cropped chinos to share the fit with my insta friend Su. I haven't owned a pair of chinos since college so I'm on the fence about these pants but I love the color options. Refer to this clip for another view of the fit on me.

I wanted to try on the new striped pleated skirt but size 0 regular was too loose on me and it looked ridiculous. I need to try size 0P to see if it's a better fit and overall length on me. It has the same exact waist size as the popular sunny lace skirt as seen here. Both skirts have a slightly stretchy waistband which is comfortable. Refer to this post for my review and measurements of size 0 regular.

LOFT Pearlized Leaf Necklace

I had my eye on this pretty pearlized necklace and I also love the matching earrings. I've been acquiring more costume jewelry than I usually do so I may let go of a few pieces that I haven't reached for. Hopefully I can snag this set on a good sale. I'll have to try on the earrings because I rarely wear anything other than my usual pearl studs.

 LOFT Pearlized Leaf Drop Earrings

Happy Shopping!

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