LOFT Flash Sale Alert + How to Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50+

LOFT Flash Sale Alert + How to Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50+

******** Update 10/30/17 ********

The FREE shipping on $50+ workaround is back at LOFT!
Thanks to @tam1065 for the heads up!


Get $50 off your purchase of $100+ at LOFT. LOVELOFT cardmembers get $60 off your purchase of $100+. Use code FLASH. Applicable on full-price styles and online only. Also get an additional 60% off sale styles. Sale ends 8/28 at 10AM ET. Shop my sales picks here:

I don’t usually dedicate an entire post to LOFT flash sales but I received a few questions in response to my Instagram stories about how I got free shipping on my order. I figured it was easiest and quickest to share this tip on my blog. Even if the current flash sale ends you’ll at least know how to get a lower minimum shipping for future reference. 

LOFT has been testing the minimum free shipping threshold since early July. They’re randomizing the minimum free shipping via the browser’s session cookies. Therefore, you can clear cookies (or use private browsing) and check the top of the website until you see a lower minimum to qualify for free shipping . Results are randomized and I’ve personally seen free shipping at $125+ (default), $99+, $75+ and $50+ (lowest).


I ordered the above two tops tonight and I added a pair of sale socks in order to get free shipping on my order over $50. Below you can see the per item breakdown after $60 off since I have a LOVELOFT card. You’ll also notice that I received free shipping since my grand total was just over $50+ with the pair of socks.

LOFT Flash Sale Order 8/27/17 Order

You have to repeatedly clear your browser cookies until you see the desired minimum free shipping displayed at the top of the site as shown in the below screenshot. It usually takes me a couple of tries. If you are using an iPhone, go to the Settings menu, select Safari and click on ‘Clear History and Website Data’. 

How to Get Free Shipping for $50+ at

I chose to share this online shopping tip even though deleting cookies means that I may not get credit for a sale that I influenced. I use rewardStyle affiliate links which means that I only receive credit (in the form of a small commission) if my link is the last one you clicked on before making a purchase. If you use this tip and you would like to give me credit then you can do so by clicking on any of the product links on my blog before completing your order. Thank you for your support!


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