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Ann Taylor Scalloped Top, size XSPAnn Taylor Scalloped Top, size XSP | c/o Ann Taylor Frayed Sculpting Pocket Skinny Crop Jeans In Black, size 25/0P | Banana RepublicLow Block-Heel Slingback Pump (review here)

I’ve been curious about this scalloped top and I ordered it to try since it’s free shipping and free returns lately with the stores closed. My usual size XS petite is a relaxed fit and the material is not too sheer. In person the winter white is an off white color. I ordered the below pajama pants and matching top (sold out) but the top was cancelled since my size sold out before they could fulfill my order. However, the scalloped top and pajama pants are a very cute and comfy combination for at home wear. I like not having to change into comfy bottoms by starting and ending the day in comfy pants these days as we all work from home.

Ann Taylor Scalloped Top, size XSPAnn Taylor Scalloped Top, size XSP | LOFT Cozy Pajama Pants, size XXS regular | LOFT Faux Fur Slide Slippers (sold out, similar here)


Here are some of my weekend sales picks:

LOFT – Get 50% off your purchase using the code SPRING (excludes spring steals). This sale also includes items from the sneak preview section too which rarely happens!

Ann Taylor – Get 60% off spring picks and save an extra 60% off sale styles. Use code SOGOOD. Many items I recently reviewed and featured are part of this sale. Refer to all of my Ann Taylor reviews here (and here if you want to search by photos). 

Ann Taylor Factory – Get an extra 20% off a lot of sale styles that are already marked down using the code EXTRA.

Get free shipping and free mail returns across all Ann Inc. brands (for more details refer to the COVID-19 page).


Grooming Ralphie at HomeClick here for at home grooming tips

I have been adhering to social distancing by staying at home with my husband and Ralphie. I haven’t cooked at home this much in a long time but I have to say that I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone is eating.

Pesto Chicken PastaPesto Chicken Pasta


1 package of Barilla thick spaghetti pasta (but any pasta will suffice)
3/4 cup broccoli florets (more broccoli is always good)
4 mini red sweet peppers diced
5 large garlic cloves minced (more garlic is always yummy)
1 beefsteak tomato diced
5 chicken tenderloins strips cut into small pieces
Costco Kirkland pesto sauce (to taste, I used 4 big heaping spoonfuls)
Black pepper to taste


1. In one pot cook the pasta according to box.

2. Cook the chicken until well done with olive oil and sprinkle some corn starch. Set aside chicken until you’re ready to toss everything together at the end.

3. Cook broccoli florets for 3 minutes in very shallow water (it should be just enough water so that it evaporates within this cooking time for crisp broccoli). Set broccoli aside.

4. Add oil to pan and once the oil is heated add minced garlic to the pan.

5. Add back cooked chicken, pasta, broccoli to the pan.

6. Add 4 heaping spoonfuls of pesto sauce and mix everything in the pan well.

7. Season with black pepper to taste and mix well.

8. Add diced tomatoes last so they do not become overcooked and mushy. Toss everything together in the pan and mix well.

Top each serving with black pepper to taste, sprinkle with Trader Joe’s Colonna Parmesan & Romano grated cheese and squeeze a wedge of lemon.

Occasionally I will also make this pasta with a few pieces of bacon cut into small pieces and baked little potatoes.


We placed our first Amazon Fresh order this week when I noticed it was free delivery on orders of $35+ and an elusive delivery window opened up. We also tried Instacart when a delivery window opened up for H-Mart and I managed to edit the time to a delivery window this afternoon when I checked my order first thing this morning. Instacart prices are a bit higher but I found that it’s easy to use since you can edit the items in the shopping cart until a shopper is putting together your order (you can also chat with the shopper to add or edit items as needed). We temporarily joined the Express feature for $9.99 per month to offset the delivery fees and for lower service fees. Note that Instacart shoppers are only paid an hourly wage so a generous tip will help those that are out there shopping for you while you remain safe at home.

You can use my referral link here for $10 off your Instacart order.

Update 3/12: I managed to secure a delivery window for BJs Wholesale Club for Friday night (4/3) which is pretty awesome since this means that you can shop via Instacart without a BJs membership. I personally prefer Costco since we have a membership but a delivery window hasn’t come up when I last checked. Update 3/13: I was able to update our BJs order delivery time to this afternoon. The out of stock items were refunded and taken off of the total order since I didn’t opt to replace them with similar items. I’ve still had no luck replenishing our toilet paper supply but we should still be okay for a few more weeks.

Update 4/5: We were finally able to replenish our toilet paper supply since I secured a Instacart morning delivery window atCostco. In chatting with the shopper assigned to our order I found out that Instacart shoppers can begin shopping at Costco as early as 6:30AM. If we were assigned a later delivery window then it would probably have been out of stock.

I’ve noticed that toilet paper is being restocked via Amazon so if you check frequently you will see the option to order now for delivery later in April/early May. I cancelled two backup orders that I placed since one pack of toilet paper from Costco will last my husband and I for many months.


Bubble Tea at Home

We love this 3:15 brand roasted milk tea (I noticed that a box of 12 in the original milk tea flavor is $5.99 at HMart via instacart) with these 5 minute boba since we have been eating at home out of an abundance of caution. For each drink I use two roasted tea bags and 1 cup cold water (or 1% milk) with ice which I mix together using a cocktail shaker. Shake until your arms burn but also do not over-shake too vigorously since the roasted tea bags are somewhat delicate.

Alternatively, I use one roasted tea bag and 2 tablespoons of this Milkman’s milk tea powder or this Bossen milk tea powder. The Bossen milk tea powder is currently sold out on Amazon but I found that it’s available via Bossen’s direct website here although UPS Ground shipping is $10 which is almost the price of one 2.2 pound bag. Using 3.5 tbsp of the powder for 1 cup of cold water plus ice tastes good but it’s not very sweet. Note that one serving of the Bossen mix is 44g of sugar. It tastes a bit sweeter if you use 1 cup of 1% milk instead of water.

I’ve also tried two sticks of this OWL 3-in-1 instant tea mix (each serving has 10g of sugar) which tastes best with 1 cup of 1% milk and ice. Note that when I ordered it I was able to purchase 3 packs for $29.99 (each bag has 30 sticks so 90 sticks for $29.99) but it looks like this option is currently sold out.

If I had to choose just one tea mix to recommend then I prefer the 3:15 brand roasted milk tea bags. Bubble tea is very personalized and my usual bubble tea order is Oolong Milk tea, 0% sugar, herbal jelly and less ice at Kung Fu Tea (download the Kung Fu Tea app using my referral link to get a free $4 credit towards a drink).

Bubble Tea at HomeBubble tea using 2 roasted tea bags

We finally started to watch Game of Thrones (on HBO) but we took a break to watch Tiger King (on Netflix) after seeing everyone else mention it on social media. I know staying home days on end isn’t easy but thank you for doing your part to help to flatten the curve.

Please stay safe and healthy!


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