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Old Navy Relaxed Breathe ON Twist-Hem Cropped Top for Women, size MOld Navy Relaxed Breathe ON Twist-Hem Cropped Top for Women, size M | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I first saw this twist hem tee, hoodie and leggings in stores but I didn’t try them on in the fitting room so I ordered them online.

Old Navy Dynamic Fleece Zip Hoodie, size XS Old Navy Dynamic Fleece Zip Hoodie, size XS | Old Navy Relaxed Breathe ON Twist-Hem Cropped Top for Women, size M | Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Powersoft 7/8-Length Side-Pocket Leggings, size S | Soludos Ibiza Sneaker (also available in nude, review here) | Click here and here to view the clips from my try-on

Old Navy Relaxed Breathe ON Twist-Hem Cropped Top for WomenOld Navy Relaxed Breathe ON Twist-Hem Cropped Top for Women, size M

Size M of the twist hem tee looked more like size XS so I ordered the size I saw in store and I like the looser fit. In my opinion size M fits like a relaxed size XS on me as seen here. The black color has a slub knit texture to it so it is not solid black. I also ordered the tee in grey and white to try after receiving the black color. The 24.5″ sleeves are just little long (the sleeve scrunches a little at the ends at the wrist where I wear my watch) but not too long to look sloppy so I’m curious how the petite size would fit for the overall length and sleeve length. The measurements of size M regular are as follows: 35″ chest, 33″ along the bottom hem and 21.5″ total length. Since I’m 5′ 2.5″ the length is not cropped on me unlike the online stock image featuring a 5’9″ model wearing size S.

Old Navy Dynamic Fleece Zip Hoodie, size XSOld Navy Dynamic Fleece Zip Hoodie, size XS

I was impressed by the material and simplicity of this hoodie in store so I ordered it to try. I didn’t love the regular size XS on me. It’s definitely not the white color they show in the online stock image and the creme de la creme color is an ivory color in person. The material is substantial enough that it’s not too thin. Size XS is a relaxed fit on and the hoodie also comes in petite sizes which may be a better fit for me. The measurements of size XS regular are as follows: 40″ chest and 30″ along the bottom hem.

Lastly, I ordered the 7/8-Length Side-Pocket Leggings in size S based on the online reviews to order one size up. The measurements of size S regular are as follows: 24″ waist (with plenty of stretch) and 25″ inseam. If you’re petite like me and prefer a more cropped look then you should order the petite size instead. In my opinion these leggings are thin and they show your panty line so I will keep looking for a more substantial pair of leggings.

Zella Girl Twist Front Hoodie, size LZella Girl Twist Front Hoodie in green urban heather, size L (review of size XL here) | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I ordered this twist front hoodie in size L when it went on sale for $23.40 since I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the grey color I bought in size XL during this year’s #nsale for $24.90. Size XL is a very relaxed fit on me (review here) so I finally ordered size L to compare. Size L is shorter in the back (doesn’t cover my rear) at 22″ and more fitted across the chest. Size L has a 32″ chest and 33″ along the bottom hem. I do like the closer fit of the 22″ sleeves of size L compared to the 23″ sleeves of size XL which are too loose. I’m always folding the end of the sleeves in size XL to ensure that they stay in place if I need to wash dishes since they’re so loose that they won’t stay in place when I try to push up the sleeves.

Starter Women's Waterproof Breathable Jacket, size XSStarter Women’s Waterproof Breathable Jacket, size XS (also available in black, grey and blue) | Click here (unzipped) and here (zipped) to view the clips from my try-on

I ordered this white jacket to try using my monthly Amazon gifting promotion code (check out my Amazon shop here). I’ve ordered a few items with my monthly gifting codes but I either return the items or give them to my sister-in-law if I don’t love them since I do not have the closet space to keep a bunch of clothes I don’t love. I like this simple white jacket since it’s thin and lightweight and size XS fits me well. You can cinch the bottom of the jacket to block wind from going up. I haven’t tried the jacket in the rain yet so I can’t confirm if it’s waterproof. I felt nice and toasty wearing this thin jacket and a sweatshirt with temperatures in the 50’s. The mesh-lined side entry pockets have zippers so I’ve been zipping my keys inside to keep them from falling out when I walk Ralphie.

Old Navy Cozy Pointelle-Knit Romper for Women, size XSOld Navy Cozy Pointelle-Knit Romper for Women, size XS | Old Navy Printed Tie-Belt Micro Performance Fleece Robe, size XS-S (old favorite from last year, review here) | Bunny Slippers (gift from Annie) | Click here and here to view a few clips from my try-on

I ordered this adorable grey romper the moment I spotted it online since it was $24.99 full-price. It’s currently sold out online and I had updated my Insta Shop earlier in the week as soon as I received it in the mail. Size XS fits like size XS petite. I like the modest v-neck but the rise/inseam may be uncomfortable if you’re taller or have a longer torso. The romper is short and I threw on my favorite short robe from last year for reference. The material is thinner so it shows panty lines and bumps. I am curious how size S would fit in comparison but I can’t even order it to compare unless sizes pop back if people make returns. Click here to see what it looks like without the robe over it.

I also ordered this cozy hooded tie-belt robe but there is nothing plush about it. In my opinion the off white color looks cheap (it also comes in grey which I haven’t seen in person) due to the thin, slinky material as seen here. Click here to see size XS on me (please ignore the rolling laundry hamper behind me). It’s a longer length and not petite friendly.

Soludos Darby Ballet FlatSoludos Darby Ballet Flat in sand| Click here to view a close up of the flats

I ordered these neutral ballet flats hoping that they would be a hit but I didn’t love the texture of the suede material in the Sand color which looks cheap. The thin minimalist bow is stringy/scraggly. The flats felt well-cushioned and true to size and the seams/finish did not seem to rub my feet anywhere inside the shoe.

Soludos Darby Ballet FlatSoludos Darby Ballet Flat | Click here to view a clip from my try-on

Rothy’s came out with square toe flats which I’m waiting to be available in more colors although the current colors seem to have sold out like hotcakes. I currently have The Point in Ecru in a half size up from my usual size (review here) but after wearing them a few times I feel like they’re still too narrow in the toe area. Every time I wear them I feel like my toes are crammed against the seams of the pointed toe box which is not a pleasant feeling. Perhaps I need to go up a full size in The Point but I’ll have to clean my pair and list them on Poshmark. Since Rothy’s are so popular I was able to resell my pair of The Mary Jane on Poshmark due to sizing issues to justify getting another pair. It looks like I’ll have to do it again if I decide to get another pair in the future.

It seems that patience and persistence is required to figure out which size and style Rothy’s works best for your feet. We’re going to be on staycation next week so hopefully I can stop by their Boston store to try on a full size up to save myself the headache (in case I don’t like the square toe style) and guess work (in the event that size 8 is too snug).

If you would like to purchase a pair please consider using my referral link here for $20 off your first Rothy’s order. I will also receive a $20 reward from them if you make your first purchase using my link. Thank you in advance for using my link since I was able to earn $80 in referral credits thus far. I had used $40 of the credits towards my second pair of The Point in Ecru, I sold my other pair for $80 (after the 20% Poshmark’s seller fee) so I paid an extra $25 to try another style of Rothy’s in the next half size up.

Update 12/13/20: I was able to stop by in store today to try on a few styles in different sizes and here are my brief thoughts on the sizing. The Sneaker runs true to size for me but I went up half a size for comfort since they have a slightly narrow fit. My feet swell so I wanted the extra room in the toe area. The Loafers have a narrow fit and they were still a bit snug when I went up half a size. I didn’t ask to try them on in a full size up for comparison. The Square flats fit similar to The Point and a full size up (size 8) was loose but not too loose that they’d fall off my feet. They were more comfortable than The Point due to the square toe box but the store didn’t carry any light neutral colors. I completely forgot to ask to try on The Point in a full size up since I’ve had them in my usual size 7 and a half size up (size 7.5) but both sizes are too snug on my slightly wider feet.

J.Crew Factory Wide Button-Collar Tunic Sweatshirt, size XXSJ.Crew Factory Wide Button-Collar Tunic Sweatshirt, size XXS (also available in yellow, olive and blue, review and measurements here) | Click here to view a clip of the outfit on me

I’ve been reaching for this cozy funnelneck sweatshirt but I wish it came in petites since the overall length is very long on me.

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