J.Crew Factory Chelsea Sweater Blazer + A Few Denim Reviews

J.Crew Factory Chelsea Sweater Blazer, size small petiteJ.Crew Factory Chelsea Sweater Blazer, size small petite | Ann Taylor Ruffle Peplum Top, size XXS regular | Ann Taylor Ecru Skinny Ankle Jeans (old favorites, similar here) |  c/o Ann Taylor Mila Leather Pumps (review here) | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I ordered this sweater blazer in a size up since the reviews mentioned the tight sleeves. Compared to the J.Crew Sophie open front sweater blazer (review here) this factory version has full length sleeves and a comfortable shawl collar. It’s not too oversized/sloppy by sizing up but the sleeves are still a little snug. It works layered on top of the above top since it’s a thin polyester material. Size SP measurements are as follows: 15.5″ shoulders, 40″ at the chest, 22.5″ sleeves, 11″ upper arm circumference, 7″ wrist circumference and 28″ total length. The material is 100% cotton and machine washable.

J.Crew Factory Chelsea Sweater Blazer, size small petitePolene Cyme Mini in camel (review here) | Click here to view a clip of the outfit on me

I recently got this new Polene bag after I went back and forth on the color and size and I love the camel color. I hope to review it in more detail in an upcoming blog post but I spilled bubble tea in the purse today and luckily I was able to clean and dry it without any staining on the inside lining. Sometimes I live dangerously and balance a drink inside my bag while heading up with stuff in my hands but then again my other bags have a flat bottom while this bag has a unique shape due to all the folds/pleats.

Ann Taylor Ruffle Peplum Top, size XXS regularAnn Taylor Ruffle Peplum Top, size XXS regular | Ann Taylor Ecru Skinny Ankle Jeans (old favorites, similar here) |  c/o Ann Taylor Mila Leather Pumps (review here) | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I ordered this blouse and it’s thin and unlined but it’s not see through. My usual size fit me well. The elastic at the wrists is snug and I haven’t yet worn it all day yet but I hope I’ll be able to wear it to work this week.

Casual Work OutfitLOFT Reversible Open Sweater Jacket, size XSP  (old favorite, review here) | AYR The Sno Cone tee, size XS (review here) | MOTHER The Looker High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in the Switch It Up wash, size 25 | Celine Micro Belt Bag | Cole Haan Caddie Bow Loafer (review here) | Click here to shop this look

My workplace finally has us back in the office for two days a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we have to do weekly Rapid Tests as well. I also finally had an excuse to use my Celine Micro Bag since I’ve only been carrying the Pico size I bought for my birthday this April. I wanted to wear something comfortable so I splurged on these MOTHER mid-rise jeans (it hits below my belly button as seen here) since the online reviews mentioned a petite friendly inseam and they are very stretchy (even the waist doesn’t cut into me after a full day of sitting). They’re made in USA and the material is 93% cotton, 6% polyester and 1% elasthane. They’re very stretchy so I’d be curious to try them in a size down since they do stretch out after a few wears but I’ve yet to wash them. I currently weigh 114-116 so some of my other more work appropriate bottoms can be too snug for all day comfort. Some of my less stretchy jeans from before COVID won’t zip up so I’m a size up in bottoms unless the material has stretch. Anyway the measurements of size 25 are as follows: 27″ waistband (stretches to 31″), 9.25″ rise, 10.5″ ankle opening and 25.5″ inseam. The ‘Switch It Up’ wash is a very casual medium wash denim and I wish this cropped style came in other colors. An online reviewer mentioned that these jeans were part of the anniversary sale in July but I paid full price since I was getting a bit desperate.

Update 10/31: I tried to wear out the MOTHER jeans after washing and air drying them but they’ve stretched out too much. Usually if I wash jeans they’ll fit fine for at least one wear to two wears. However they’re now too loose through the thighs and rear to be flattering. I’ll have to see if it is possible to return them otherwise they’re a very expensive regret purchase.

MOTHER The Looker High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in the Switch It Up wash, size 25MOTHER The Looker High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans in the Switch It Up wash, size 25 | Soludos Ibiza Sneaker | Click here and here to view the clips from my try-on

The Pop in the magnolia wash, size W 26SThe Pop in the magnolia wash, size 26W x 25L | Click here and here to view the clips from my try-on

I was able to order these jeans in the white color over a week ago and I reviewed them in my updated AYR reviews here. I went up one size in The Pop in the magnolia wash based on the other online reviews and I’m glad that I did. In person it’s a soft white (similar to ecru) versus a bright white. This style is very stretchy and comfortable and it’s 96% cotton, 2% polyester and 2% polyurethane. Size 26 has a 9.5″ front rise, 28″ waist and the waistband stretches to 31″. I don’t like the fact that the front pocket lining shows through and it’s a detail I thought that they would think of for a pair jeans in this price point. The stretchy denim material is thinner so it’s more suitable for spring, summer and early fall.

I cringe at designer denim prices and I prefer a good deal so I’m also eyeing these Banana Republic jeans in petite and I wish I had ordered them during a Friends and Family sale since they have sales less frequently now. They look so chic styled with these loafers in ivory suede. I recently ordered these Ann Taylor boot crop jeans to try but they didn’t have any stretch and they were such an odd/cropped length in petites. The ecru color had a tinge of grey that I did not prefer. If you are interested in the jeans I would recommend ordering them in the regular sizes so that they hit at an ankle length.

Update 10/26: I ordered these skinny jeans to try in a size up after reading other online reviews during the FRAME sample sale since it says that they have a 26″ inseam.

New Patio Doors/Windows

We had our bedroom window and patio doors/windows replaced on Thursday (saved to my IG highlights here if you click through to the end). The doors that came with our condo had a thin single layer of glass, a broken sliding screen door and we would lose a lot of heat in the winter since they were drafty. They were also leaky due to the age of the seal around the glass so during heavy and windy storms some water would leak onto the hardwood floors and we’d have to lay down towels. The new windows are double layered CRYSTAL glass and the new glass technology makes looking outside a completely different experience. We live near the hospital and close to the main street so it’s a nice change to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest without hearing the road noise. As you can see from my above try-on photos I even moved my desk near the window now that I don’t have to worry about a cold draft. We didn’t turn on the heat and our condo has stayed a toasty 74 degrees even though it’s in the 50’s at night.

Peloton BikePeloton bike (use his referral code E8NBRG for $100 towards accessories with your purchase) | Finley Home Tranquility Wooden Shutter Room Divider

My husband got the Peloton bike for his birthday last month which is the covered object that’s reflected in the window in the middle. He’s been using the bike almost daily and so far he’s gone on 17 rides in about 3 weeks so I’m glad that it hasn’t become an expensive coat rack and collecting dust. I really should use the bike too but I only tried it once just to see what it was like to snap in/snap out with the special bike shoes and I took one of the short scenic rides. He’s 5′ 11″ so if I started using it too then we would need to adjust the bike between each use (yes, I catch myself making excuses so hopefully I will stop being lazy soon). I had his bike covered so it wouldn’t get dusty while the team that worked on the doors/windows but they were good about using plastic to protect our furniture. Our place still got quite dusty from the windows being open all day and the residual spray of debris due to the light fall breeze so I had to wipe down and dust quite a bit after work. I was impressed that they finished the job done in almost one day and they also had another team that worked on my brother in law’s unit next door (there were enough units in our building that wanted to get new doors/windows so we got a 5% discount). They had one guy come back the next morning to finish the brown caulking for our bedroom window.

No doors view

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