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Uniqlo BLOCKTECH Coat, size XSUniqlo BLOCKTECH Coat in light gray, size XS (review of size XXS last year here) | LOFT Striped Pointelle Puff Sleeve Sweater Tee, size SP | Similar white skinny ankle jeans here and here | Sophia Vegan Leather Caged Convertible Crossbody (available in 4 colors, review here) | Schutz Arissa Flats in tan/honey beige (available here and here) | Click here to view a clip of the outfit on me

I love this rain coat for the warmer weather since it’s very lightweight. The BLOCKTECH material works really well against the rain. My husband has the shorter version in Men’s in gray, navy and black. The women’s version is a light grey but I was hoping it was the same shade of gray as my husband’s jacket.  Last year I took size XXS but it’s now a bit snug at the waist/hips so I took size XS this year. I didn’t wear the khaki color jacket as much so I plan to list it on Poshmark along with a few Rothy’s sandals I don’t reach for.

LOFT Striped Pointelle Puff Sleeve Sweater Tee, size SPLOFT Striped Pointelle Puff Sleeve Sweater Tee, size SP | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I thought this colorful sweater tee was so pretty on Melissa Garcia and I took SP which is the same size she took and I was happy with the relaxed fit.

LOFT Side Tie Midi Dress, size XSPLOFT Side Tie Midi Dress, size XSP | Polene Cyme Mini in camel (review here) | Jack Rogers Canvas Savannah Sandals | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

This midi dress is thin and perfect for the summer heat. I like the slit on the side since it’s not too high. You can cinch the ties at the waist if you need more waist definition and my usual size fits me well. Update 6/16/22: I just ordered this dress from Old Navy to try in two colors since it also has the ties at the waist but it has short sleeves and it hits above the knees.

LOFT Pom Pom Handle Crossbody BagLOFT Pom Pom Handle Crossbody Bag (this color is sold out online but the navy color is still available)

I thought this pom pom bag looked so cute online that I ordered it to try but it’s very flimsy so I returned it. I recommend using it with a bag organizer like this one to give it more structure (as seen in this clip). I didn’t like it on me in person as shown below. I also ordered the larger tote in a more recent order but the color was a lighter color than the small crossbody bag and the tote was also flimsy and too overwhelming for a petite frame. (This more expensive pom pom tote is another summer bag I ordered to try but I returned because it didn’t match as many outfits as I hoped.) This organizer (in the large size) fit inside the larger LOFT straw tote but the height tote is a couple inches taller so it still flops over on top. I also saw this small straw crossbody bag in the lighter color in store and the faux leather strap looked really cheap. I wish LOFT would make more substantial woven/straw bags but it’s been a disappointing selection this season.

LOFT Pom Pom Handle Crossbody BagFlecked Turtleneck Poncho Sweater (sold out old favorite) | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I was wearing a sweater above because I shot these photos a few weeks ago but I never got around to blogging and posting my review until this weekend.

Jack Rogers Canvas Savannah SandalsJack Rogers Canvas Savannah Sandals | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I love the scallop detail and shimmery thread on these canvas sandals and I’m thrilled to add them to my summer shoe rotation. I found them to be true to size and comfortable. If you have wider feet the gap between the two straps may feel like a slight pinch as you walk but it wasn’t bothersome for me. The bottom straps have an elastic band in the instep so the straps have a slight give/stretch so they’re not too too snug but still stable and stay on your feet when you walk around.

1.25 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring in 18k Gold Over Silver1.25 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring in 18k Gold Over Silver | Click here for a close up clip of the ring in natural lighting

As mentioned in this previous post I did end up getting this moissanite ring as a treat to myself. Moissanite is a great diamond alternative and I like the way the stone shines in the sunlight. I got the ring in size 6.5 to wear on my right ring finger. I would love to get a ring from Olive Ave but for now I’m pleased with this ring which is $149.99.

I’ve been updating my Insta Shop periodically but hopefully I’ll find some free time to share reviews of some of my other recent purchases next week since it’s a long holiday weekend. Work has been super busy and I’ve been prioritizing rest and taking care of Ralphie. I’m happy to report that his kidney levels are stable at Stage 2 since being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease this year. His UPC ratio has gone down to 0.5 which is down from 1.1 in the beginning of March. He’s now on Semintra (to manage his blood pressure) and Omeprazole (his latest full blood work suggests he may have some internal bleeding resulting in lower RBC, hematocrit and hemoglobin and slightly high reticulocytes).

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