The Neu Co. Growth Phase Hair Supplement: 3 Month Review

The Neu Co. Growth Phase Hair Supplement

I started using The Neu Co. Growth Phase Hair Supplement on May 21, 2022 after becoming increasingly self conscious of my thinning hair. My pony tail felt thinner and thinner, there were noticeable gaps between sections of my hair and the receding hairline at the temples (on my right side) was very pronounced.

I’ve been using The Neu Co.’s hair supplements for almost 3 months and I wanted to share my experience so far. There were a few days when I skipped taking the capsules and I also skipped them for a week in mid July when we got Covid. I counted the remaining the capsules of the third bottle I’m on and I’ve used half the amount so I’ve gone through a 2.5 month supply within 3 months.

In full disclosure, I paid for these supplements myself so this is not a sponsored review. I could have tried another brand of hair supplements such as Nutrafol or Vegamour but I like that The Neu Co. uses clean ingredients. Their lack of ubiquitous ads and sponsored posts with influencers made me curious about the efficacy of their hair supplement.

The Neu Co. Growth Phase Hair Supplement

Each bottle comes with 90 capsules and you need to take 3 capsules in the morning with food.  There’s a lot of beta carotene in the daily dose so your body will get rid of the excess in your urine (don’t be alarmed if you see bright yellow urine). I haven’t noticed any other adverse side effects after taking these supplements for about 3 months.

The coating around the capsules is thin and I don’t have an easy time swallowing larger capsules so the coating often melts before they go down. Lately I open the capsules and I mix the powder inside with water if I don’t want struggle with swallowing the capsules. The taste is tolerable but I’m not sensitive to the herbal taste of the powder inside. (I did not chose the popular Nutrafol hair growth supplements because you need to take 4 capsules daily and I already struggle to take 3 capsules daily.)


After two and a half weeks (June 8, 2022) I started noticing light fuzzy new growth (as seen in this clip) at the temples which is receding especially on the right side.

6 weeks versus 3 month update6 week vs. (almost) 3 month update

At 6 weeks (July 2, 2022 pictured above) the fuzz grew longer and they started to stick out like crazy whenever I tied my hair into a bun or pony tail. (During this time frame I also did one Clear + Brilliant treatment end of July and I will share my experience in another post.)

9 week update9 week update (July 27, 2022)

At 9 weeks I could see a difference (as seen in this clip) when I let down my hair because the new growth finally covered up enough of the receding hairline on my right temple.

Short wisps of hairShort wispy pieces in front (as of August 21, 2022)

At 12 weeks/3 months I’m halfway through my third bottle and my hair feels fuller and some of the newer growth looks like short wispy fly aways as pictured above. Most of the new growth is shorter than this so my hair still looks like a crazy birds nest with lots of baby hairs sticking out all around when I put up my hair. However, within the last few week weeks I noticed a slight increase in shedding when washing and blow drying my hair as pictured below. Sometimes the clumps are twice the amount of what’s pictured below. I had Covid in mid July so it’s possible the slight increase in shedding is due to getting Covid (as explained in this article).

Daily sheddingLEFT – Daily shedding from washing my hair.

RIGHT – Daily shedding from drying my hair. (Excludes a few strands that also end up on the floor.)

From my experience the supplements do not prevent daily shedding which is normal but they work to promote new hair growth with noticeable results in 2-3 months. The supplements seem to have no effect on my eyebrows or eyelashes.

I see visible growth with The Neu Co.’s Growth Phase hair supplements so I’m going to continue taking them until I’m happy with the volume of my hair. I’ve been ordering the supplements from Sephora but their direct website offers a 25% discount if you sign up for a 6 month subscription ($293 instead of $390). You can also select a refill pouch to cut down on the carbon footprint.

Within the last few weeks I started taking collagen and eating 1-2 Brazil nuts daily to make sure I get enough selenium in my diet after watching this YouTube video by Dr. Berg. I do not use any of his products but he shares a lot of helpful health information in his YouTube videos. I noticed that selenium is not one of the ingredients in The Neu Co.’s  formulation which is why I started supplementing my diet with Brazil nuts. I had Graves Disease/hyperthyroidism since 2004 and I’ve struggled with shedding on and off over the years due to my thyroid condition and stress (I tend to internalize everything). Thankfully my thyroid levels are finally under control the last few years and I’m no longer on thyroid medication.

Update 12/2/22: Shortly after this review I finished the last of my third bottle of the supplements. After 3 months of not taking the supplements I noticed a bit more daily shedding since my hair returned to its normal growth and shedding phase. I’m happy that I replenished my supply since I lost a bit more volume all around. I recently purchased the 6 month subscription of the Growth Phase hair supplements via their direct website for $217.55 after discounts and tax. They were offering 30% off during Black Friday/Cyber Monday which was stackable on top of their 25% discount for the 6 month subscription. This came out to about $36 for a month’s supply instead of $59 monthly since I had previously purchased one bottle for 3 months via Sephora. I also received a few samples including a full size of their Barrier Culture Moisturizer which I’m excited to try.

The Neu Co Review - 6 month subscription of Growth Phase and free samples

Have you tried hair growth supplements before and if so which brand would you recommend?

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