Dudley Stephens Review of 3 Styles (Greenpoint, Putnam, Binney) + 25% Off Code

Dudley Stephens Putnam Pullover in Striped Fleece, size XSDudley Stephens Putnam Pullover in Striped Fleece (in natural blush/white), size XS | HeyNuts High Waisted 7/8 Leggings with 25” inseam, size XS | Banana Republic Sneaker (true to size, also eyeing these sneakers in tan/gold) | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

I received a Dudley Stephens catalog in the mail recently and I noticed that they have code HOMECOMING for 25% off (one time use) through January 15, 2023. I last ordered from Dudley Stephens back in November 2019 but it didn’t work out but I checked out their website to see their current styles. I ended up ordering this striped pullover which is on final sale (and excluded from the promotion code) for $42 (originally $168) so there are limited colors and sizes left. Size XS is a relaxed fit through the body and it has a drop sleeve shoulder but the sleeves are more snug at the wrists than I prefer. I find that the 3.75″ neck is a more comfortable when folded down and/or partially unzipped. The measurements from size XS are: 41″ chest, 38″ along the bottom hem, 24″ total length, 23″ sleeve length, 11″ upper arm circumference, 6″ wrist circumference. For size reference I’m 5′ 2.5″ and 115 pounds.

Since it’s gifting season I also received 3 reusable tote bags for each fleece which was unexpected.

Dudley Stephens Greenpoint Turtleneck in Vello Fleece, size XSDudley Stephens Greenpoint Turtleneck in Vello Fleece in natural blush, size XS | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

The Greenpoint’s 4″ turtleneck is higher than I prefer and looks awkward on me so I probably should have gone with the boatneck collar instead. I ordered size XS but I returned it since I would prefer size S for a more relaxed fit through the shoulders and chest.  The measurements from size XS are: 15.75″ shoulders, 35″ chest, 39″ along the bottom hem, 23″ total length, 23.5″ sleeve length, 10.5″ upper arm circumference, 6.5″ wrist circumference. The Vello fleece material the used for the Greenpoint feels softer/smoother than the fleece they used for the Putnam and Binney styles.

Dudley Stephens Binney Boatneck in striped fleece, size XSDudley Stephens Binney Boatneck in striped fleece (in natural blush/white), size XS | Click here to view the clip from my try-on

This Binney pullover is sold out but it was on final sale for $32 (originally $128). The Binney style is a boxy, relaxed fit with drop shoulders, loose sleeves and a curved him in the back for a comfortable fit. I don’t love the oversized fit on me after wearing it twice so I’ll list it on Poshmark the next time I wash and hang it to dry. The measurements from size XS are: 42″ chest, 40″ along the bottom hem, 20″ total length in front, 24.5″ total length in back, 23″ sleeve length, 14″ upper arm circumference, 8″ wrist circumference.

I’m currently eyeing these styles but I really wish their sale styles weren’t final sale:

It would be helpful if they provided measurements for all of their sizes in the description so that customers have more confidence about their sizing. For now I pay attention to where the item hits at the hips on their models which are all a lot taller than me.

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