Polène Numéro Sept Mini Review + How To Fix A Detached O-Ring

Polène Numéro Sept Mini Review + How To Fix A Detached O-Ring

I recently purchased the Polène Numéro Sept Mini in the textured chalk color from Vestiaire Collective. I purchased it on January 9th and it shipped promptly from France and arrived at my Massachusetts residence on January 11th. I’m fickle when it comes to Polène bags (I resold a few styles through Poshmark) so I didn’t want to pay full price ($420 instead of $360 after a recent price increase), shipping ($20) and foreign transaction fees. I received $30 off my first order through Vestiaire Collective and I paid $292.27 after taxes and fees. I saved at least $127 compared to purchasing the bag through Polène’s direct website.

I thought this listing was for a bag that had already been repaired by the brand since I somehow overlooked the second photo which shows the defect. The 5th and 8th photos show the bag being held  by the shorter strap which is attached to the metal handle bar and the O-rings appear to be secured on both ends. However, I received the bag with the O-ring detached at one end of the metal handle bar. (Doubling back on my online research of Polène bag defects, albeit after my questionable purchase, I found a few others also mentioned the same defect for the larger Polène Numéro Sept in this reddit handbag thread.) 


Polène Numéro Sept Mini Review + How To Fix A Detached O-Ring

Watch how I fixed the issue step by step here or in this Instagram reel.

The detached O-ring stud (the female part) can be reattached to the end of the metal handle bar (male part) using a hammer (with a  rubber cover to avoid scratching the hardware). I also applied Gorilla super glue at the tip. Only 1 drop is needed per square inch so do not over apply it like I did since it doesn’t dry clear. You can wipe off the excess with nail polish remover but it’s very difficult to clean up between the tiny holes for the O-ring. I also covered the hardware with a cotton cloth to prevent scratches before I firmly tapped the O-ring stud back into place with the hammer. I tested my handiwork by tugging on the little O-ring a few times and I’m happy to confirm that the O-ring is securely reattached to the metal handle bar.

Polène Numéro Sept Mini Review + How To Fix A Detached O-Ring

Note that the O-ring stud on the opposite end  should also be covered with a cloth and the purse should be placed on top of a raised but sturdy object to accommodate the half inch indentation and steady the bag. For example, I rested the other end of the bag on top of the flat metal part of a pair of pliers (I have the pliers from this exact IKEA FIXA set) after I realized that a thick oven glove wasn’t sturdy enough to steady the bag. 

Polène Numéro Sept Mini Review + How To Fix A Detached O-Ring: Steadying the bag on top of a pair of pliers

I’m not sure how often this issue happens but I wanted to share this DIY repair tip in case anyone else wants to take the risk of fixing a detached O-ring on their own. Polène offers to fix defects upon receipt as noted on this page of their site but with international shipping (and risk of lost packages) it will be a while before you get your bag back from repair. I own the Polène Numéro Sept crossbody wallet which also uses a metal handle bar with the little O-ring studs on both ends which didn’t have this defect although I use the crossbody strap with the Cyme mini (review/how to here). I can see the little O-rings detaching from the metal handle bar with very forceful tugging, if the bag (especially the larger Numéro Sept style) is filled with heavier items causing extra pressure on the parts and/or lack of quality control if the O-rings were not stress tested after the bag was assembled to ensure that they’re securely attached.


Celine Pico Belt Bag versus Polène Numéro Sept MiniCeline Pico belt bag versus Polène Numéro Sept Mini in chalk | Click here to see a video side by side comparison of both bags

I had been eyeing the Polène Numéro Sept Mini since it’s a similar size and structure as the Celine Pico belt bag which is my favorite mini bag. The chalk color is light gray color in person so if you’re looking for a true white bag then I would pass on the chalk option. I’m glad I did not pay full-price for the bag since the recent price increase tips the scale on the affordability of the bag. Aside from the detached O-ring the rest of the bag appears to be well made. I’ve been using their crossbody wallet for six months and the textured leather material doesn’t show any scratches and wears well. The crossbody strap is 40.5″ for a 20.25″ drop which is petite-friendly since I’m 5′ 2.5″.

Oversized Sweater, size XSOversized sweater in pink, size XS | HeyNuts High Waisted 7/8 Leggings with 25” inseam, size XS (review here) | Polène Numéro Sept Mini in chalk | New Balance 327 Sneakers in white/grey/black (I went down half a size) | 30″ Storage folding ottoman in light gray | Click here to view a clip of the outfit on me


What's inside my Polène Numéro Sept Mini

I have the regular size iPhone 12 which is 5.75″ so it fits comfortably inside the middle of the bag which is 6.5″ wide. I also tested with my husband’s iPhone 13 Pro which is 6.25″ (with a cover) and it also fits inside the middle of the bag. The inner dimensions of the Sept mini will not accommodate the larger iPhone Pro Max. Due to the accordian-like folds your phone will serve as a divider in the middle so you’re limited to what else you can put inside.

The bag is 6″ tall measured just below the metal handle bar on top. I can fit their crossbody wallet (at 4.5″ this is the tallest item I can fit while still being able to close the flap), keys, a Baggu bag (shown above with a folded baby Baggu) and a few smaller items inside the Sept mini. The  front and back panels of the bag are stiff but the sides have more give.

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