Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler Review

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler Review (From a Hair Novice POV)Conair Unbound | Pictured above are curls in one direction

I was influenced by Vivian of @your.richbff to try the Conair Unbound which is currently available at Amazon for under $60. Her brief demonstration here convinced me that I needed to try it out as soon as possible. I have the over hyped Dyson Airwrap (review here) but I agree with Vivian that if you’re not skilled at doing your own hair then an expensive hair tool isn’t going to be helpful. The Dyson Airwrap was my regret purchase of 2019 and I kick myself for not sending it back within the return window.

As someone who is embarassingly unskilled at all things hair I’m pleased to report that the Conair Unbound is easy to use. It’s easy to switch settings, it’s lightweight,  I don’t have to remember which way to hold the tool, I haven’t burnt myself and it’s cordless. I wish each full charge lasts more than a few uses although I admittedly was trying to film a tutorial more times than I care to admit so I left the device on longer than I was actually using it. It’s more of a self annoyance when I forget to charge it and I want to use it but a shorter/quick charge does last one use.

It’s quick to heat up and it takes 8-10 minutes to style my whole head. I have thin, uncolored hair and I use 320°F which is the lowest temperature setting. 6 seconds is the shortest timer setting which results in tighter curls than I prefer. I’ve been practicing for two weeks and I prefer the looser waves when I slowly let go at 4 seconds instead of waiting for the beeps at 6 seconds.

Carefully selecting each section of hair takes me longer than actually curling each section but I’m sure I’ll become faster and more adept with practice. The end result looks neatest and more uniform when you don’t have to go and curl any tiny sections of hair that you missed on your first pass. Since I have thin hair I do about 4-6 sections on each side.

I guide each section of hair into the curl chamber with the opening facing inwards as shown here but you can also use it with the opening facing outward as shown in this clip. Whichever way the opening faces doesn’t affect the end result of the curl. Also since the device sets the curl direction it doesn’t matter if you’re right or left handed. I was testing how much hair I could insert and this clip shows how the device stops and beeps only once. I was able to easily release the section of hair and my hair did not get stuck in the device. Update: My hair got stuck once when I tried to release the section while the device was still trying to wind the hair (I chose the wrong curl direction but it was too late to change it by the time I realized it). It’s best to let the device finish winding before you attempt to release the section otherwise it will only tangle your hair. The one time I made this mistake it kept twirling my hair as I tugged to release it but I should have let it finish winding and then redo the section.

You can choose from L (left), R (right) and mix for the curl direction. If you prefer the style your hair in one direction then you should set the device to L when styling the right side and to R when styling the left side. The mix option below results in a fuller look than styling all the curls/waves in one direction as shown at the beginning of my post.

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler Review (From a Hair Novice POV)Mixed curls using the Conair Unbound (click here to see a clip of both types of curls)

I tried using a heat protectant but I stopped using the bottle of Eva NYC Mane Magic that I ordered. I realized that it was making me break out which I was able to easily remedy by applying my favorite CosRX pimple patches overnight. I normally don’t use any product in my hair and I didn’t change anything else in my daily skin care routine so I was able to narrow it down to the heat protectant. I’m not concerned about getting split ends since I don’t plan to curl my hair every day and I’m only using it on 320°F for 4 seconds. The heat protectant also made my hair look greasy and the product weighed down my thin hair.

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To conclude this post, I’m so glad that I gave the Conair Unbound a try and now I have an user friendly hair tool that doesn’t require much time for effortless curls or waves. For my hair type and texture the waves last at least two days since I prefer to wash my hair every other day. If you try the Conair Unbound I would love to hear your thoughts!


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