Walmart Pet Haul & Daily Care Tips for Our Shih Tzu


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Walmart Pet Haul

I’m pleased with my latest pet haul on for Ralphie. Enjoy 2-day shipping and free shipping and returns on online orders of $35+.

Walmart Pet Haul - Vibrant Life Gingham Bow Tie Collar

I love bow ties on Ralphie and how cute is this dainty gingham bow tie dog collar by Vibrant Life? Ralphie took size small and he is a 16 pound Shih Tzu. Click here to see a short clip of the above photo.

Walmart Pet Haul - Restocking my dog's treat cart

For this online order I restocked some of his favorite treats from brands we love such as Greenies and Milk-Bone. Click to view this short clip if you enjoy the sound of restocking empty containers. Note that I split larger, higher calorie treats such as Greenies (teenie size) and his favorite P-Nuttier biscuits in half to avoid over treating so everything will last a long time.

Ralphie has renewed interest in food ever since we switched to a low protein home cooked diet to preserve his remaining kidney function. I spread out his daily portions and treats throughout the day and for reference treats are about 10% of his daily caloric intake. To prevent hunger pukes I supplement his diet with Purina Pro Plan dog food (prescription kidney function dog food is available at WalmartPetRx) since he’s always hungry in the middle of the night.

Walmart Pet Haul - chicken and banana flavored mini treat by Jinx

I was happy to find this low calorie and low protein chicken and banana flavored treat by JINX. Click here to see a short clip of Ralphie enjoying this new star shaped mini treat.

Ralphie used to wipe his face on the rugs after he eats which irritates his sensitive eye area so I provide soft dog mats (such as the above bear shaped dog mat) or baby tummy time mats to use which are much gentler. They’re easy to throw into the weekly sanitary wash along with the rest of his most used toys.

Walmart Pet Haul - Pet Life dog shampoo and conditioner

Ralphie is used to having is paws washed after walks outside as seen in this short clip. I like smell of the Pet Life dog shampoo and conditioner (with a convenient foaming spray feature). I thoroughly wash his paws after walks so that he doesn’t track in outside contaminants, lick germs off of his paws or scratch his ears with dirty nails. Tip: Always follow up with a paw balm. I also shave the fur in between his paw pads to reduce the amount of dirt that gets trapped.

Walmart Pet Haul - Vibrant Life Training Pads

I ordered a large box of training pads after trying the smaller 50 pack since Ralphie drinks tons of water and he produces a lot of urine – a symptom of of Chronic Kidney Disease. I often have him go on the pads (as seen in this short clip) inside his designated indoor potty area (I use a small pet play pen with a silicone raised edge pee pad liner/holder to protect our hardwood floors) before we go out otherwise he will mark up the neighborhood with epic puddles or extra long squiggles of pee mail.

Walmart Pet Haul - Pet Water Bottle (12 oz)

I make sure that I always have a travel pet water bottle whenever we go out since it’s important that he stays well hydrated. Click here to see a short clip of Ralphie using this water bottle. It doesn’t leak in my bag and it has a wide opening making it easy for Ralphie to drink from.

Walmart Pet Haul - Time & Tru Tie Shoulder Knit Stripe Dress

This $16.98 striped dress has bow ties on both shoulders and it’s available in 4 colors. I took size XS which is a looser fit on me so I plan to try and shrink it in the dryer. For size reference I’m 5′ 2.5″ and currently 117 pounds. Fun fact: As a dog owner in our neighborhood I often bump into the lady in the background but I only know her dog’s name.


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