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JULY 15, 2019

Amazon Prime Day
Today is Amazon Prime Day (deals start midnight ET)! I love Amazon Prime and I enjoy Amazon Prime free shipping and free returns. I decided to sign up for my own Prime account so that we can try out the other Prime features such as Prime Video (can be shared with other adults in your household), Prime Music (cannot be shared with other adults in your household but I like the easy to use interface), Prime Reading, and Amazon Drive which gives you unlimited photo storage.

I used to enjoy Amazon Prime through a friend who took advantage of Amazon Household! I told my cousin about the ability to share Prime during Thanksgiving one year and he kindly shared his Prime delivery benefits with my sister when she mentioned that she didn’t have Prime. When sharing Prime each adult keeps his or her personal Amazon account while sharing the benefits at no additional cost. I always look for items clearly labeled ‘prime & FREE returns’ to make sure the entire transaction is a breeze even if I change my mind.

An Amazon Prime membership is $119 per year but if you’re willing to share your account then you could split the cost of the membership with other family members or friends!

If you’re a student a Prime student membership is $6.49 a month and they’re offering a 6 month free trial.

Amazon Prime is much more than just free shipping. Read more about all of the amazing benefits here.

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