Bubble Tea At home

My husband and I love this 3:15 brand roasted milk tea* with these 5 minute boba since were eating at home out of an abundance of caution during the first few months of the pandemic. Each roasted tea bag contains 11g of sugar. I use cold water instead of steeping the tea bag in hot water. Therefore, for the best flavor I use 2 roasted tea bags and 1 cup cold water per drink with ice which I mix together using a cocktail shaker.

Since it’s not as cost effective to use 2 roasted tea bags I’ve been using 1 roasted tea bag with 1 stick of OWL 3-in-1 instant tea mix**. I’ve also tried steeping the tea bags in hot water and letting it cool in the refrigerator in advance but the taste is similar it from cold to start.

* I recently bought a box of 10 3:15 brand original milk flavor tea bags for $4.29 at my local Chinese grocery store. I also noticed that a box of 12 in the original flavor is $5.99 at HMart via instacart. The original milk tea flavor contains 12g of sugar and the flavor tastes good but it’s a bit more watered down. Again it tastes best if you double up on the tea bags per 1 cup of water.

**Alternatives to the OWL tea mix that I’ve also tried are 1 packet of this GINO milk tea powder (my husband prefers this powder to the OWL tea mix), 2 tablespoons of this Milkman’s milk tea powder or 1 tablespoon of this Bossen milk tea powder.

In my opinion, the Bosson milk tea powder (available via Bossen’s direct website here) smells like Lipton’s iced tea mix . UPS Ground shipping for purchasing directly from Bossen is $10 which is almost the price of one 2.2 pound bag. Using 3.5 tbsp of the Bossen powder for 1 cup of cold water plus ice tastes decent to me but the powder has a strong tea taste and it doesn’t taste not very sweet even though one serving of the Bossen powder mix contains 44g of sugar. It tastes sweeter if you use 1 cup of 1% milk in place of water.

I’ve also tried uinsg two sticks of this OWL 3-in-1 instant tea mix (each serving has 10g of sugar) which tastes best with 1 cup of 1% milk and ice. Note that when I ordered the OWL tea mix via Amazon I was able to purchase 3 packs for $29.99 (each package contains 30 sticks so 90 sticks for $29.99) but it looks like this option is currently sold out. Update 5/5/20: You can watch this video on TikTok to see the exact steps on how I’ve been making our drinks at home. I have since cut down to 1 stick per drink so that we consume less added sugars.

If I had to choose only one tea mix to recommend then I prefer the 3:15 brand roasted milk tea because the flavor rivals that of my favorite Taiwanese bubble tea chains. Bubble tea is very personalized and my usual in store order is oolong milk tea, 0% sugar and herbal jelly (also known as quilinggao – I like the Chin Chin brand) and less ice.

If you still prefer store bought bubble tea, you can download the Kung Fu Tea app using my referral link to receive a free $4 credit towards a drink. Thank you in advance for your support!

Bubble Tea at HomeBubble tea using 2 roasted tea bags + 5 minute boba

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