3:15 Roasted Milk TeaJuliska Acrylic Tumbler (18 oz) – I prefer the Le Cadeaux Milano tumbler over Juliska

My husband and I love this 3:15 brand roasted milk tea* with these 5 minute boba since we’re eating at home out of an abundance of caution during the first few months of the pandemic. Each roasted tea bag contains 11g of sugar.

You can use cold water instead of steeping the tea bag in hot water. For the best flavor per drink, I use 2 roasted tea bags and 1 cup cold water mixed well using a cocktail shaker.

If preparing with hot (boiling) water then I use 1 roasted tea bag and 1 cup of hot water. I always over steep the tea bag mixture since I prefer the strong taste of tea. I wait until it’s cooled down before shaking the mixture with some ice in a cocktail shaker.

* A pack of 15 is currently $6.99 via Weee! and  comparable prices at local Asian grocers. The original milk tea flavor contains 12g of sugar and the flavor tastes good but it’s a bit more watered down.

I prefer the 3:15 brand roasted milk tea because the flavor rivals that of my favorite Taiwanese bubble tea chains. Bubble tea is very personalized and my usual in store order is Oolong milk tea, 25% sugar with herbal jelly (also known as quilinggao) and less ice.

Companion Herbal JellyCompanion Taiwanese style herbal jelly

When making bubble tea at home I like to use the Companion brand of Taiwanese style herbal jelly which is very soft and silky compared to other brands such as Chin Chin which has a firmer texture. The jelly also tastes good on it’s own served chilled with sugar/honey flavored water.

If we eat out our favorite bubble tea shops are Shinmio Tea (local), Kung Fu Tea and Chatime.

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