1. 100% Rayon – Usually I avoid anything that is 100% rayon but some tops and dresses are 100% rayon because it will often shrink after laundering. If you find that your 100% rayon (or 100% viscose) garment has become a bit shorter (as seen here) then you can try steaming it from top to bottom thoroughly. The hot steam should relax the fibers and stretch it back to the original length (as seen here).

I use the J-4000 Jiffy Garment steamer with the plastic steam head. The full size steamer was given to us by my brother in law since he didn’t have room for it. I’ve used it since 2014 with no issues. It takes 10 minutes or less to heat up if you have the water completely filled. I don’t empty the water between uses but I haven’t had any issues with the water. It has a very strong stream of steam so it’s the easiest steamer I use to release more stubborn wrinkles. A lower water level can cause it to splatter water droplets all over the floor so that’s a sign that you should refill the water tank. It’s best to keep it filled instead of trying to use every drop of the water in the tank. One of the only cons I have with this steamer is how much space it takes up. Prior to having the Jiffy steamer I had this handheld Rowenta steamer but it’s so weak that it has been collecting dust in a drawer.

Update 6/23/21: I use this handheld steamer since it heats up faster than my Jiffy steamer but I now need to find a better one because it pauses and reheats itself every few minutes. It used to work well producing a steady stream of steam for the first year or so that I had it.

2. Remove Unsightly Pilling – If you don’t have a sweater shaver then you should get one to try. It’s a simple but effective tool that you’ll reach for in the fall and winter for removing the pills from sweaters. Use the shaver with caution on thinner fabrics (t-shirts) as they can snag the fabric and cause little holes. Do not press down hard as too much pressure can also cause the device to snag on your garment.

3. Give shapeless tops and dresses some waist definition – As shared in this old blog post from 2014, my mom uses the “cheaters way” to gather the back of the top (as seen in this clip). It’s a quick and cheap alternative to give shapeless clothes some waist definition and without the need to wear a belt.

My mom helped me sew an elastic in the back to create more shape in this empire top from @loftirl.
LOFT tile print empire waist top, size PXXS

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