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1. How tall are you?

I'm 5' 2.5". Refer to this page for my fit reference.

2. I'm new to your blog. How do you use your site?

- Please refer to the sale alerts page for daily changes in sales, coupon codes, cardmember offers and shopping tips.
- Refer to my Insta Links page for daily updates or follow me on Instagram @whatjesswore. I also share daily updates via my Instagram stories.
- You can also use the  labels tag in the right sidebar to read my reviews organized by retailer (this option is only available in the desktop view of my site).

3. How do I know if you reviewed something?

You can search my blog by the exact item name. Alternatively, google 'whatjesswore' + the exact item name. If I reviewed the product then my review is almost always appears in the top search results.

4. Do you blog full-time?

I work full-time in a tech related field and blog in my spare time. I try to commit to at least one new blog post per week. In between blog posts, I share daily updates via my Instagram stories @whatjesswore, Facebook and/or via my Insta Links page.

5. Do you work for LOFT?

I am a fan of LOFT's clothes and I have never worked in retail. You can read about my LOFT shopping experience here. I earn commission on online sales that I influence using via my rewardStyle links (affiliate links) which you can read about here.

6. I make a lot of returns at LOFT. Do you know what their return limit is?

Refer to item number 7 in this FAQ.

If your local store does not scan your ID on returns with a valid receipt (this is done in order to deter excessive returns) then you have nothing to worry about. Based on my experience, LOFT stores that use The Retail Equation's system for return authorization are more likely to scan your ID for returns on merchandise that has been purchased in-store versus returns for merchandise that was purchased online. If you receive a return ban you can continue to make purchases. The 90 day return ban applies to in-store returns only so you can make returns via mail which go back to the fulfillment center.

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