This page contains links to some of the things we use for our Shih Tzu puppy Ralphie. He was born on June 11, 2019 and we brought him home on August 25, 2019. At 3 months he weighs 5.24 pounds.

Ralphie loves water, steamed broccoli, Sam’s Yams (cut into thin french fry strips which helps keep the hair on his front paws cleaner), oranges and apples. He will also eat bananas, kiwi (he will only eat a few small pieces at most), green beans, chicken (cooked with no oil and no seasonings), Greek yogurt (blueberry flavor) and creamy peanut butter. We also just started to give him Greenies (Teenie size) as his teeth come in. As with all human food I would err on the side of giving a tiny piece to sample and first consult with the proper resources to ensure that they’re safe foods to consume for your breed.

Other Items:

This dog crate attaches to this exercise pen.

Stay put bowl & mat set – To slow down how fast he eats I pour his food along the sides of the mat.

Crate water bottle

These dog pads fit this silicone pad holder perfectly.

Thanks for your support!